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Let's Talk About Colour (again)

Hello again, how is everyone? Enjoying the unseasonally warm weather I'm sure (even though it's been somewhat grey these last few days).

I haven't shared much of my wardrobe this autumn have I? Lots of consolidating on what I already have and steadily building up a really wearable collection. I promise to share this with you soon. There's lots of neutrals; greys and navy and blush pinks and probably far too much black, camels and tans too. As a Soft palette, I get lots of neutrals and I know that I look my best in soft, muted colours. 

A company that 'get's colour is Kettlewell. Have you heard of the brand? Believe me, the guys there have colour running through their veins. When I was actively consulting, I always had a stash of Kettlewell catalogues to hand out to my clients because every item that they sell is categorised. Even better, they work with both House of Colour (the seasons approach) and, Colour Me Beautiful (the tonal approach). It makes it so easy to select a colour in your palette. Even if you haven't had your colours done. Have a look at this and for a really interesting read, check out Kettlewell's blog here. Probably the best blog I've ever read about colour. Well except for mine that is (lol, I'm joking, they are far more eloquent than me). 

Anyway, I was chatting to the guys over at Kettlewell about something else and they asked if I would like to road test the website.

So first of all, you can shop the conventional way by selecting a category from the Clothing drop down menu. Or  you can shop the look by clicking on one of the stock photos. You can also shop by colour by selecting a shade that is in your palette (if you know it) or that you just love. 

Here, I selected soft berry and it brings up two items. Bear in mind that these will be precision dyed so the colour really will be soft berry. How many times have you ordered what you think is one colour and when it arrives it's a totally different shade? Not with Kettlewell.

But it doesn't stop there. You can also shop by your palette using the drop down box;

Here, I've clicked on the Deep palette 

Love it! You can explore your own palette too. If you're unsure which one you fit into, click on any of the pictures of celebrities on the right hand side of my blog or have a look at Kettlewell's blog here

Phew! That's a whistle stop tour of the website - go and have a bit of fun with it. It's a whole new way of shopping. 

So, I shopped by colour (of course) and chose my Soft palette. Now it would have been so easy to choose a neutral that I would normally wear but that would have been unfair on Kettlewell given that they work so hard to provide perfect choices every time and it would have been a very safe bet on my part. So, I clicked on a colour that I have very little of in my wardrobe, forest green marl.

And these are the items that are available in this colour.

I chose the City Ponch and Ribbed Scarf and this is how they look on. 

City Ponch - Kettlewell
Ribbed Scarf - Kettlewell
Blouse - FRNCH (similar)
Leather Front Leggings - Ichi (similar)
Ankle Boots - Toga Pulla
Leather Hobo Bag - M&S (similar)

I'm totally bowled over by the colour and I need more of this in my life. Both items are made from 100% Italian merino wool. The poncho drapes beautifully and I love the fact that you can move it around to find the best 'drape' for your figure. 

I've already got 5 outfits planned around the poncho. Ideal for this 'meh' weather over a top, perfect for a car to bar cover up and when the weather gets a little cooler, I shall be layering it over a thick knit. And the scarf will add a little something to my plain navy and charcoal coats. 

I've removed the scarf here to show you how the poncho drapes around the neck - gorgeous isn't it. 

And of course I match the trees. It was of course planned.

I lie.

There were workmen on the roof of my neighbour's house and I was too embarrassed to take the photos in the usual spot so the balcony it was. Do you know how embarrassing it is to stand in front of a tripod and try to look natural (blogger woes).

I popped to the post office today with about 20 eBay parcels (following a huge wardrobe purge) and a lady stopped me to ask where I'd bought the lovely poncho from. Chuffed I was which can't be said for the steadily lengthening queue behind me as the parcels were processed. Of course being the nice person I am, I turned around sweetly and apologised explaining that I'd be there again tomorrow at the same time if they wished to avoid the wait. Mwahahahahaha!

Anyway, I'm totally thrilled with my new additions. And as you can imagine, I had such fun on the website. Kettlewell produce fabulous quality, building block pieces. You're not going to find full on high fashion but you will find simple, basic pieces in amazing colours that will last for many years to come. That I can promise!

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to work with you Kettlewell. I loved playing with the website and adore my cape and scarf xx

Eagerly awaiting the children's Christmas lists (not). Please be gentle on me. I recall running around like a possessed woman one year trying to find a Po from Tellytubbies. Somehow my mum ended up ordering and receiving 11 from a catalogue (she placed an order by phone religiously every day for 11 days) except they were all Laa Laas so back to the drawing board I went. This year, it appears I may be hunting down a Supreme rucksack - overly inflated prices for average gear but nope, the son won't listen. Beam me up Scottie and set me down on Boxing Day.


5 comments on "Let's Talk About Colour (again)"
  1. Oh wow!! Love the poncho. I am a soft & warm, having had my colours done last year I have totally reinvented my wardrobe. Might just have to invest in one of their ponchos! P.s. Can u tells us your eBay name? Would love the opportunity to buy some of your cast offs ;-)

    1. Thank you Kathryn. So we're the same colouring then, soft and warm. It really does make a difference if you apply the rules doesn't it. My eBay name is flapper-doodle (don't ask, I can't even remember how I chose that one!) x

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  3. I really like that Donna, I'm not really into Ponchos but I would wear that one as ut doesn't look bulky. Lovely colour too.

    1. It's not bulky at all Lorraine and yet still warm - the Merino wool does all the hard work. I was tempted to buy the chestnut marl one but I snoozed and I lost - it's out of stock now (sob) x