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My Next Mission: Black Ankle Boots

I only have one pair of black ankle boots. I know. I know. How have I survived this long. I should point out that it doesn't include shoe boots by the way (x3) because they are 'filed' under the category of shoes in my wardrobe so they don't count.

My one and only pair of proper ankle boots aren't particularly comfy either. Mind you, they owe me nothing. Providing I chose my moments to wear them (i.e. when I'm not expected to walk for more than 500 yards in one go), I can't complain, they're a few years old and come out every season.

I was thinking of spending a little more than I would normally on a pair of everyday boots (which is silly really, surely I SHOULD be spending MORE money on something I'll hack on daily) but there's not much out there that's tickling my fancy. There's no point in spending several hundred pounds on a pair of tassel boots that will be banished to the back of the wardrobe come next season.

I really, really love the Alvy boots from Isabel Marant.

Isabel Marant Alvy Military Leather Ankle Boots

Not quite what I had in mind for an every day boot but I can't stop drooling. Now someone find me a similar pair for £300 and I'll be one very happy bunny.

Initially, I envisaged a flatter, plainer pair but the longer length (not to mention the military detail) have kind of won me over. I always feel a bit of a clompy dork in flat boots.

This post may well take you and me all over the place - it kind of mirrors what's going on in my head (I really don't have a clue what I want). I was kind of hoping that you lovely people could come up with some alternatives that I may have missed. Or put another way, I'll sit back and you can do the leg work!!!! Ha see what I did there, leg work...gosh I'm funny.

I still love the shape of the Ash Jalouse but my Midnight blue ones aren't particularly comfortable. Everyone suggests sizing down (even the website). They're agony to break in and are only marginally more comfortable 12 months down the line. But they are reduced!

Ash Jalouse in black now £125

So these are a no then.

Mind you, I do love the simplicity of the Ash Ivana

Ash Ivana in Black £129.95

But they're going to hurt aren't they?

Nine West (on the Kurt Geiger website) are offering us an absolute bargain pre-Black Friday and not similar to the Rag & Bone Newbury.

Nine West Hollie Black Mid Heel Ankle Boot (reduced from £139 to £69)

And these have caught my eye from Kurt Geiger purely for their simplicity and the longer length.

Kurt Geiger Denning in black £195

A purse friendly option now (but not leather)  and with more than a designer vibe. They're a bit good New Look footwear people aren't they.

New Look Black Multi Strap Heeled Boots £34.99

But these are leather from New Look and bloody good value as well.

Black Leather Pointed Chelsea Boots £39.99

And a retailer that I haven't really explored too much this season (other than buying and recommending the faux leather leggings and if the number of emails I received are anything to go by, there's lots of you enjoying them as much as me). It's Next.

Next Black Leather Square Top Strap Boots £80

They are squarer toed than they look here and I'm quite liking the change.

I think if I'm going to go with a heel though, the higher ankle boot is the one for me.

Russell & Bromley Runway Heeled Half Boot £275

I like them but I don't love them for £275 and in my little mind, I don't look at them as being less than half the price of the Marants, more, at £275 and almost half way there!! I'm just weird!

Saving the serious contenders until last are these from Top Shop and very purse friendly which leaves me lots left over for something else.

Top Shop Magnificent Sock Boots £79

At first glance they're pretty plain and dare I say it a bit weird looking. But, the thing that appeals to me is the tight fit at the top (I have skinny ankles and legs - it's a nightmare shopping for boots). So I'm thinking they'll fit quite snug under cuffed jeans. And would I be brave enough to wear a dress?

This is probably going to be another Donna boots marmite post isn't it!

So the dilemma:

1. Save up a little more for the IMs
2. Buy the Top Shop ones and have cash left over from the ankle boot budget
3. Explore the flats (my heart isn't in it - I prefer a heel)
4. Do nothing

I'll sleep on it.

A lovely day at home today. Well other than the early morning dog walk in the pouring rain. Husband did a rare supermarket shop. I say rare, I mean it was probably this time last year that he last ventured in to a supermarket). And of course he HAD to see so many people that we know. So now the rumour is what a super husband I have. Let me make it public now. The only reason he was in there in the first place is to pass on sometime whilst his car was valeted. A packet of cheese strings, a bottle of cherry diet coke and a Wispa bar does not constitute a weekly shop. I think we've set the record straight there.

We didn't manage to get out to see Spectre but holed up in our own cinema room to watch yet another Liam Neeson film (quite a hero in this house he is).  Hope you've all had a good one and are looking forward to I'm A Celebrity as much as we are (yep we are very sad but Ant and Dec make us laugh).

Oh and if anyone has seen any nice ankle boots this season, do feel free to share with me. It's doing my head in.

3 comments on "My Next Mission: Black Ankle Boots"
  1. As much as I would love to have the budget to splurge on the IM's I don't think you could go far wrong with the Topper's boots Donna! Having recently bought a pair of black ankle boots from there I think they represent great value for the money and they are always bang on trend! I did have to size up though! Look forward to seeing what you end up with! xx

  2. I have no time for IM and think all her stuff is madly overpriced. I love the Nine West ones ... would still leave you with money left over! I bought some black ankle boots with tassels while in the US last week, but like you I reckon they'll be gone next season, so I only spent a measly $50 on them ... last of the big spenders, eh?!!

  3. amazing ankle boots and looked so beautiful