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Not Quite What I Had In Mind But...

So some things don't work out, not meant to be and all that. As in the investment black boots. I've stalked a number of websites for a few weeks hoping that a) the Isabel Marant Alvys might be available in my size and b) that somehow they might be miraculously reduced (even 10% would be appreciated).

But no! And as with anything that I've lusted over for long enough, I get bored and move on. Well, that's not totally true. I mean if a pair were gifted to me this Christmas, I'd willingly take them but I'm over the drooling stage.

Anyway, on a whim I ordered these.

Boden Harper Boot In Aubergine Currently £71.40 (sorry I can't be bothered to work out the discount)

Oh I know they're not remotely like anything that I've been looking at but they'd be pretty useful in my wardrobe right now. I'm wearing lots of navy, grey, black and khaki.

They've arrived and I love them. The colour is slightly less intense than the photo would suggest, not actually a bad thing. I ordered a 39 my usual size and they're a good fit. Oh and did I mention the padded sole? My feet are going to love me.

And I also slipped this pair in.

Boden Harper Boot In Black £59.40 (40% discount)

Funny how the black are cheaper than the aubergine but I guess it's the wooden heel that's putting people off. Personally I like it as it's different to what I already have. It isn't as gingery as it looks in the photo above anyway.

So I guess I have my black ankle boot for this season. They're not the statement boots I envisaged but hey they feel nice and to be quite honest, I'm fed up of looking.

I also ordered the Bow Heel currently £97.30 (30% discount) but they're a tad too pretty for me so they'll be winging their way back to Johnnie B shortly.

Anyway, a very, very successful day at this end. Three solid hours of online Christmas shopping this morning. That's 16 ticks on my presents to buy list. Happy with that. A few hours with friends for a long overdue catch up over lunch and a lazy evening at home with a M&S ready made meal thingy. Bit of a lie in tomorrow (whoop) as the son has a pretty bad sore throat so no rugby for him (although his lunch of sushi seemed to go down well. Akin to eating cardboard if you ask me). Things are suddenly looking up (not the sore throat obviously).

Have you managed to bag a bargain today? I'd love to share mine but the kids sometimes look at the blog. In fact they've been known to go as far as logging on to my Amazon account to snoop. And search the house for presents. So naughty! Top tip: hide presents in locked suitcases and keep the key on your person AT ALL TIMES.

Note to children: all passwords have now been changed.

5 comments on "Not Quite What I Had In Mind But..."
  1. Ha ha. Mine still believe so they're not at the snooping stage. Thank goodness they don't pay any attention to anything as well as half of it's in the boot of the car which they throw their school bags in. Mind you, I have "covered" them up sort of.

    And I had to laugh at how you described the heel as "gingery". I have never heard that before.

  2. I'm going to have to 'fess up to all my recent footwear purchases pretty soon. Even the teen is looking at me and saying 'really??? ANOTHER pair of black boots?'
    At least yours are an interesting berry shade. And I like the wooden heel x

  3. You've just done me a favour Donna, and reminded me that somewhere I have a pair of wooden-heeled western Chelsea boots that I got in Next last year. I must go and dig them out! The aubergine are lovely, a fab colour. And crikey, your kids are very enterprising - I'm impressed by their commitment! :-D xx

  4. It's pretty hard these days to keep anything secret from kids as they are all so flipping clever with technology!! Love the boots Donna and can see they will be so well worn in your wardrobe! xx

  5. I've pretty much given up on the hiding the presents from the kids malarkey, they always bust me. This year I've got a whole load of boxes just sitting there and so far they seem to be ignoring them. Those boots are fab, the berry coloured ones in particular would be amazing with so much