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Red Bag Or Telescope: Which Camp Are You In?

Oh I was all over it like a rash last week when I heard that the John Lewis ad was due out. Lucky for me, I had a special preview email from them (well, me and every other JL card holder). I'm sure EVERYONE has seen it now but if you haven't, hello, where have you been. Here's the link

The John Lewis Christmas Ad 2015

There was a mixed reaction to it on my last blog post. I love it and now I'm seriously considering investing in a top end telescope - see, told you I'm a sucker. 

Gosh that sounds impressive (well I'm impressed anyway). This is the ACTUAL one used in the John Lewis ad so I'm assuming we'll see the man on the moon. And it's only £99.95

And then of course there's the Mulberry ad that came out a couple of days before. 

Totally brilliant. I know there's been quite a lot of controversy over it, but for me, it's an absolute corker.

And guess what, I now need a red bag. Oh it never entered my head prior to the viewing. I'd kind of fallen out with Mulberry a few years ago when prices seemed to shoot up overnight. I've been working so hard to build up a wardrobe of neutrals - navy, grey, black, white, stone and nude and then this b*gger sticks it's nose in.

Mulberry Bayswater in red

I've never really been bothered about the higher end bags - shoes are my weakness. 'Several' impossibly high heels that are totally impractical and reside in their box for 364 days a year.

But the more I think about it, the more this bag could really work with my wardrobe. A pop of colour to brighten up a sea of navy or black.....ringing the changes and all that.

Or would a darker shade of red be more practical and have much more longevity? I probably wouldn't tire of the colour so quickly and more importantly, I wouldn't get those knowing glances, "ah she's seen the advert then".

Hello Little Oxblood Number 

But then I have a similar sized oxblood from Karen Millen which incidentally must be ready to earn it's vintage stripes being over 10 years old.

Actually, I think I'm more in love with the advert than the bag, there are better red bags out there to be had. Oh the power of advertising.

I do keep coming back to the Mulberry Lily though. Google assures me that I've visited the Mulberry site 9 times over the last few days (mainly to view this bag). There's something really rather lovely about it and I have zero coloured bags in my small handbag collection.

Lily in Poppy Red Natural Leather

Or the Oxblood

Lily in Oxblood Natural Leather

Or the croc print?

Lily in Oxblood Deep Embossed Croc Print

Ohhh hello Christmas Day. Hubby bought my last Mulberry, wonder if he's up for another? Just to help him along, I LIKE LILY NO. 1 AND NO. 2 EQUALLY.

But maybe I'll get a telescope instead! Or maybe a kaleidoscope - oh yes, he's a very funny man my husband.

At least I'm not loving the Tesco ad, I mean I could end up with a turkey or something!

Do you love Christmas ads as much as me? (Very disappointed with the M&S offering this year).

6 comments on "Red Bag Or Telescope: Which Camp Are You In?"
  1. I absolutely love the Mulberry ad! I am saving my pennies for a classic tan Bayswater when I am back in Feb. The great thing is so few people have them over here!

    1. We must have watched it half a dozen times or more in this house (well Ashleigh and I have). That's a lovely choice and of course very exclusive in the States x

  2. I love the Mulberry ad, not the JL one unless it's the Poke 'dark side' parody : )

  3. Ha, you've still not changed your mind. I love them all (well M&S is a bit limp this year. Sky is just brilliant). I love Christmas ads I do x

  4. I haven't seen either, (and I'm such a miserable git that I manged to get to something like Christmas Eve before I saw last year's offering), so I have no clue what you're talking about, but obvs it'd be the bag for me. Good luck! :-D xx

  5. Thought the JL ad was 'meh', laughed at the Mulberry ad ... and frankly, I'd be happy with ANY Mulberry bag under the tree this year!!!!