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Sensible Boots (That's Very Painful To Say)

I'm not normally a sensible soul when it comes to feet fashion. I'll be the one wearing heels for a heavy night out with friends which is totally unnecessary given that most of them are much smaller than me. Their flats and my heels doesn't make for great conversation particularly when we're stood up at the bar!

I own one pair of Uggs that I've had for a gazillion years or so (ok 6). They're my car shoes. Slip them on with the pyjamas for the morning school run or the sleety wet food shop in the depth of winter (my insistence of parking the car at the far side of the car park so it doesn't get pranged can often mean a right old trek to and from the supermarket). I don't particularly like my Uggs but then I don't hate them either. They're just....necessary.

I do own a pair of biker boots which are also sensible but at least you can create a half decent outfit with them. I'm at a loss what to do with Uggs when I don't need the pyjamas. But oh....I got them out the other day and the leather has split at the crease. That will be the bin then.

So it pains me to spend money on sensible stuff especially footwear when there's so many other nice things to buy. I spotted these in Boden when I was searching their cashmere. I think they're going to be a bit marmite. I mean, she looks totally cool doesn't she, I don't for one minute think I could look like this even though I do have all of the elements.

Now had I seen the boot shots below, I know I'd have overlooked them. My nan used to wear similar with zips running up the front and big chunky soles. She had no qualms about wearing them with dresses and skirts (really???). She'd have been on Pinterest these days for sure.

Cosy Knit Boots in Praline £109.65

Cosy Knit Boots in Faded Fatigue £109.65

Cosy Knit Boots in Navy £90.30

I think they'll do very nicely for dry dog walking days when wellies aren't required (a.k.a. a quick road walk because it's too cold to traipse for miles over fields) and all other occasions when sense and sensibility is required if you see what I mean.

Well we'll see. I've ordered the navy and the Praline (tan) as I can't decide which ones will work the best. They seem infinitely easier to style than the good old Ugg. And they're cheaper too. Ugg seem to have upped their prices again this year...£155 for the classic short!

And if I don't like the Boden ones, I could always order one of the new additions to the Ugg family.

Oh dear! They look like my bed socks.

Isla Knit Boots £125

I'll report back.

We're off to the south coast tomorrow - it's a big day for our little football team who have drawn Portsmouth in the FA Cup. Please everyone cross your fingers and toes for us - we need all the luck we can muster. And then Sunday, we get the dog back. My sister and brother-in-law looked after him whilst we were on holiday for a few days last week. Except those few days seem to have stretched to 3 weeks. Can't say I've missed the early morning dog walks but I do owe my family...big time.

Did you see the John Lewis Christmas ad which premiered today. I sobbed and sobbed and then watched it again. Husband said he prefers the Mulberry Ad. I feel this fact needs exploiting.

Have a great weekend. Looks as if it's going to be a wet one.

5 comments on "Sensible Boots (That's Very Painful To Say)"
  1. I prefer the Mulberry ad too! I think I read too much of the hype before watching the JL one and was just left with too many questions. Suddenly a 6 year old having a pet penguin was way more believable.
    Jury's out on the boots - they look ace on the model but I would look anything but! Please report back with pics! xx

  2. I'm with SchoolGateStyle on the JL ad. Looking forward to seeing your boot report. I have some boots a bit like that, they look ok with jeans.

  3. Getting these sort of boots to look stylish as well as practical is always a bit of a challenge....They do look cool on the model though look forward to seeing them on you too!
    Helen xx

  4. I like the boots actually, look forward to seeing them on. The JL ad did nothing for me, I'm also tired of the hype surrounding them. Lynne xx

  5. Hmm, I think I'm going to wait for your show and tell before I pass judgement on the boots. I do think you could pull off that Boden look though, you've got the legs for it! Hope it went well for you yesterday, I haven't seen any results yet this weekend (I know, what's that all about?! Don't tell me the City score, I'm waiting for motd! :-D ) xx