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When Is It Acceptable To Wear PJs Outside Of The House? Now....

As the son pointed out earlier, it's Christmas Eve a month today.


Not with excitement but in pure primal fear. Other than two tiny things (we're talking minuscule), I haven't bought a sodding thing. But, I've started a list, that's progress yes?

Funny though, the son has bombarded me with Christmas requests since the 16th August, I kid you not, but committing pen to paper is a totally different matter. I've requested perhaps it would be easier to use just one mode of communication as he has a tendency to ping off What'sApp messages, texts, emails, FB message, verbal (nagging). In fact anything that's at hand when he thinks of something. Totally tiresome when trying to piece it all together. So far, we've had 6 different pairs of football boots (he can't make a decision for his life). And I don't care whether the Nike Magista Obra Ag-Rs will help him play better football, at £230 a pop, it ain't happening. Not whilst his feet are growing anyway. I swear he plants himself in a grow bag overnight. Sis isn't happy that she's now the small one in the family.

I'm hoping my latest What'sApp might get the message over to him (which incidentally was sent when we were sat opposite one another. That's the way we tend to communicate!).

Anyway, I didn't really pop on here tonight to moan about Christmas, more to give you a heads up on some perfect pyjamas that I've found.

Ok, they don't look that much on the website (good 'ol M&S, some things never change) but really they're actually rather special.

Colour Block Pyjama Top £19.50

Colour Block Pyjama Bottoms £22.50

Made from a thickish jersey material with chiffon arms (ok, we're talking pretty much all polyester but they feel nice), perfect for loungewear and lovely to sleep in. I no longer have a fear of breaking down 10 miles from home on the early morning school run; pjs, bobble hat and coatigan and I'm good to go. Obviously I'd rather not break down but at least I wouldn't be arrested by the fashion police. A really unusual combination and a perfect Christmas gift.

I wish M&S would produce another colour way as I'd snap that up too! My only problem is getting them washed and dried fast enough!

And to prove that I lounge in my loungewear (from 6pm every night regardless of whether I have to do my mummy taxi duties)...

Love 'em.

Ok, so back to the Christmas list (or not in the case of the son, he still hasn't sent his). Is it me or does everyone think that Black Friday is pretty pointless for retailers. I'm waiting, fingers at the ready along with everyone else to crash the websites later this week (I won't order anything before for fear of missing out on a bargain). It's their busiest time and they're starting their sale? I don't get it. Mind you, I might have popped a cheeky order in to Boden as their BF has started with 30% off EVERYTHING (code 7H9S). Link here

Black ankle boot update: I can't get those Isabel Marant Alvys out of my head and seem to have searched every website in the Universe (ok, in the UK, I didn't fancy the postage charges from Mars). Harvey Nichols had £100+ discount (woohoo) meaning that the price started with a 4 instead of a 5 (gulp) but limited sizes which have since sold out. I'm hoping other retailers (although my size is in the main, sold out) might follow this week. Be mine Alvys, be mine. I popped into our local John Lewis to have a look what they had to offer (nothing) and on the way out, saw a woman wearing them. After getting over the fact that I wanted to scratch her eyes out, I decided it was a lucky sign!?!?

2 comments on "When Is It Acceptable To Wear PJs Outside Of The House? Now...."
  1. #enabler here! I would order the boots and scratch the itch Donna! xx

  2. I'm sitting on the #enabler bench with Michelle. Order the boots!
    And thanks for the pj recommendation - my sis has requested the 'perfect pair' for Xmas. No pressure there then ...