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Another Chunky Knit. The Last One This Season (Promise)!

Good evening from my sick bed. Yes I've finally succumbed to the dreaded lurgy. Ok so that's dramatic but I do feel as if I've swallowed a scouring pad and my ears are throbbing. Fitbit resting heart beat is up a couple of beats a minute too.  That's not normal is it? I mean I'm not stressed or anything. The family think I've gone totally round the twist as I'm addicted to checking how many steps I've done (oh the thrill of the vibration on your wrist when you reach your target), how many times I woke in the night (as if I don't remember) and how many flights of stairs I've climbed (useless information if ever there was any).

Anyway, out of the kindness of my extra two-beats-a-minute resting heart, I thought I'd let you know about a cosy little number that I've bagged from ASOS. Yes my one and only sales purchase (I'm really not the best January shopper).

So providing you

a) don't mind acrylic (don't go lighting the fire in this)
b) you love oversized
c) you like bell sleeves

then this is for you.

ASOS Chunky Jumper With High Neck and Moving Rib now half price £21

Cooler skin tones may struggle as it does have a warm hue. It's true to size so don't size up. Haven't a clue what 'moving rib' means in the title - any ideas? I'm flummoxed.

The bell sleeves are unusual, I don't think I have a knit like this at all. And I love the fact that the back isn't overly big.

I wore mine for the first time today with black skinnies and animal print ankle boots. I should have felt nicer than I did but my head wasn't all about today so I refuse to post the dreadful picture on here. Pop over to Instagram if you want to have a look - nb. it did look better in real life - I think.

I'm working on a very special guest appearance on the blog next time (if I can get him to stand still for long enough for photos).

So for the time being, I bid you farewell, hoping that you've had an amazing Christmas and wishing you a wonderful new year.

Thanks for stopping by in my little world.


Blog Hijack And A Smashing Outfit From Damart

Ok, a long overdue appearance by my Mum today. Honestly I'm sure she's hankering after her own blog. Seasoned pro or what! A 4 minute shoot and it was done and dusted. It's a wrap she called.

She's been quite poorly recently, necessitating an operation with follow up treatment in January. I know, I know, it's hard to believe looking at this photo. Anyway, when Damart got in touch with a possible collaboration I knew just the person.

Mum + Online shopping = A very happy lady. She's a demon with an iPad.

She totally 'get's her colour palette. Her wardrobe is made up of strong, cool colours such as bright pink, cobalt blue, purple, black and white. I wouldn't dare advise her!!! Her steely grey hair gives her a very strong look. She moved from the Soft palette to the Cool one many years ago. It suits her yes?

She chose a beautiful sequin embroidered sweater and jacquard jacket.

Let's look at the top first.

Sequin Embroidered Sweater £39

Stunning isn't it! A beautiful dressy, fine knit with embellished sequins and mesh trim at the neck. Fabulous for Christmas but equally lovely for any night out. I know she'll wear this lots. Her necklace is by Yosa (more on this later). She ordered the 14/16 and it fits perfectly, very true to size.

Jacquard Jacket £39

Got to love the "oooh what's on the bottom of my shoe" pose. Told you she's a seasoned pro.

Anyway, I saw this jacket for the first time today and was totally bowled over how beautiful it is in real life. And what a fabulous price! A black and white animal print with a slight stretch in the fabric for comfort. This I can see transcending across all age groups. I'd wear it with black pleather skinnies (obvs given I'm so predictable), but it would work equally well with cropped wide leg trousers, culottes and any kind of skirt that you care to think of. She ordered a size 16 and again it fits like a dream. And teaming with black trousers, Mum has created a column of black. Uber slimming.

This has been declared her 'Boxing Day' outfit - a perfect choice! I think she looks stunning but then I'm biased!

Worn with her Crystal Masterpiece necklace from Yosa. Sadly this is no longer available but the Show Stopper is similar and would work equally well. I have this one and it's simply stunning (see post here).

Bag and shoes are both old. Funny really, we don't see eye to eye with shoes. Mum opts for comfort over style. I don't get that and definitely go for style first and then moan all day that my feet are killing me. And, I have a similar love/hate relationship with my own daughter. She thinks my footwear choices are 'minging'. I can't understand why anyone would choose to wear ugly shoes - life is too short!! We all have different opinions. Mine are the right ones of course! Her trousers are soft Ponte ones from Wallis.

Check out those nails Patricia! And let's hope that a certain someone doesn't recognise the bag. You know you should have returned it many years ago!!!!

And because this blog post has been hijacked, I felt it only appropriate to leave you with Mum's top picks from the current stock of Damart. These are her words, not mine.

Metal Button Coat £79

This is a lovely coat which could be worn in the warmer autumn and spring months and layered up in the colder ones. I love the colour - it comes in 2 other colour ways too.

Printed Tunic £25

Winter really isn't my favourite time, I prefer sunshine and this is such a jolly top. I have several pairs of white jeans and trousers and this look would be so easy to replicate. The colours are fresh and the stripes at the bottom are really unusual.

But of course we have the cold, dark months to get over first of all so this would cheer me up no end.

Jacquard Cardigan £45

I'd love to try a shot of red or purple underneath the cardigan with simple black trousers.

My final pick is this unusual cardigan

Printed Cardigan £29

I'd lift the print with my Crystal Masterpiece necklace or something similar and team it with a black camisole similar to the model.

**Donna's bit**....

I've worked with Damart a couple of times and have been really pleasantly surprised with the quality of the items chosen and at very reasonable prices. Mum is of course a convert and has since drooled over several pieces.

I'm not sure if I'll manage another post before Christmas so hope you enjoyed this hijacked one. Mum really does take her role on the blog seriously (lol). So from both of us, we wish you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.



Spreading The Love With A Tassel Jumper

A quickie...

I bought this Jovonna jumper a few weeks ago and I really do love it. It makes me smile!

70s Show Jumper Dress £60 (it's so not a dress)

There's a few left in M/L at Top Shop (see link above) which I'd say is a 12/14. But when I was buying for a boutique last week, I saw this one and managed to trace it to ASOS (I won't tell you what it costs at the wholesaler - it would make you weep).

Spiritual Hippie Jumper With Faux Suede Tassel Details £35

The quality and fit impressed me so I thought I would share. It's banging for £35 and dare I say it an alternative Christmas jumper? Don't ask me why, because there's nothing remotely Christmassy about it other than it makes you feel happy when you wear it.

That's it. Told you it's a short post.


I Have Enough Shoes Said No One Ever

It was a big gig at the weekend. Full on Christmas glitz dresses in all shapes and sizes. Long ones, short ones, sparkly bodycons, baby doll shifts (ugh), classy ones and not so gracious numbers. All 1350 of them crammed into a giant size marquee. Actually divide that by two as I didn't see many of the male species sporting a dressy little number.

And what did I wear? Trousers! Yep I well and truly let the side down.

It wasn't actually planned that way. On the night, I really wasn't feeling in a dress mood. I'd kind of formulated a plan a few days before so there was a black Baukjen dress in the running (still with tags on after 6 months - oh the shame) and trousers. When it came down to it, the pants won. To be fair, it wasn't a corporate do, more a glitzy party. 

Regardless, the only thing I knew for certain was that I needed new shoes. I say needed, you could read that as wanted. To me it's the same thing. For no other reason that I fancied some new ones. The brief: high with an ankle strap, must be black. Easy! And there were a fair few to choose from but I kept coming back to a cheap as chips pair from ASOS

Bargainous and surprisingly comfortable! And I've since noticed they come in pink too

What's not to like! I think I used to be a bit of a shoe snob spending extraordinarily more on these items than anything else. But they just end up languishing in their shoe box, I mean have you ever tried walking in a pair of Louboutins. Sheer agony, I can tell you. And there's always gravel to contend with. Oh yes, you can be certain if I'm wearing a pair, gravel will feature. Don't get me started on refurbishing the red soles. These days I like any price point if they are things of beauty. In my eyes, these are. Note to husband: pink shoes = stocking filler??????????

Obligatory bedroom shot (sorry, I was on the last minute push again)

This is my economy outfit totalling £75. The trousers were inspired by Frances over at School Run Style last year.

Pop over and have a look at her instagram feed. She's utterly gorgeous. I'm absolutely positive I didn't dream that she wore them with wellies in the lake district (I think). A step too far for me but Frances nailed that look.

And then Queen of the finds, Does My Bum Look 40 (Kat) found these sequined trousers in H&M in black. Also available in gold - whoop whoop.

Another fabulous Insta feed. Go check it out. 

Thanks girlies for the inspiration!

A close up of the shoooooeeeees!

The top is a sample piece by Ichi, cost me a tenner. Told you it was a cheap as chips outfit. 

And as always, I never seem to time my hair appointment with the hairdressers so on the advice of my wonderful hairdresser, Jo (her instagram feed is here - a lovely lady), I chucked it up into a low bun. 

Waiting for the official photos to come through (there may have been props involved, including a village idiot and a Tommy Cooper but here's a rare one of me and t'other half who is being equally rebellious not wearing a tie (shock horror). Serves him right, when he took his shirt off later, the whole of the bedroom floor was covered in confetti. The dope was stood right next to the confetti machine!

So peeps, please give me permission to buy the pink pair as well (or at least email Mr B above to 'suggest' he might like to order them (size 39). I know exactly what he'll say....you don't need another pair of bloody shoes. Pah what does he know.

How's the Christmas shopping coming along? I'm getting there slowly but on the upside, what I've bought is wrapped and either under the tree or in the case of the 20 and 14 year olds, sent over to Santa.


Prosecco, Pork Pie & Christmas Pressies

Golly gosh where does time go? I've been meaning to sit down all week to write a blog post and every day, something else has taken priority. Well, I'm on my own tonight as all the family are out. I've spat my dummy out as there's no kindling to light the fire and I can't be bothered to go out to get some. Mind you progress has been made. I posted our two nude Christmas trees on Instagram earlier in the week. Well now we have lights on one of them. Husband done good. I mean really good, think he has a talent. Look...

It's taken all week to get this far, no idea when it will get properly decorated. Calling any shoemakers who have surplus elves that they could rent out??? No?

Last weekend I spent a couple of days with my Mum, Aunty and Uncle in London. It's really not my Dad's bag, not when Saturday offers a full day of spectator football so he stayed at home. Normally, I would travel by train, it's 1 hour 50 minutes door to door from Macclesfield. Pretty amazing really given that it can take me an hour to get in to Manchester which is only 17 miles away. Anyway, this was an organised trip by some colleagues at the hospital that my Aunty works at so coach it was. Now this is not a mode of transport that I frequent very often but if this is the general standard....OMG, I'm travelling by coach every time. Out and out luxury it was. Foot rests, leg rests, tables, fluffy towels and toiletries in the loo. Is this the real deal or what?

We'd been on the coach for ooooh 5 minutes and out came the Prosecco followed closely by the scrummiest pork pie I've tasted in years. Proper, proper pork pie with a crust to die for. I'm not sure it was intended be eaten with the Prosecco but hey don't knock it until you try it. I did. At 8am. Delish it was.

We decided to explore Little Venice, an area of London I'm not that familiar with. It was lovely to see something different.

And dive into the nearest bar for 'refreshments'.

We decided to brave Harrods in the afternoon where I picked up a couple of Christmas presents. Sadly not this...

The Chanel Embroidered Python Boy Bag. Price on application. Gulp.

It was mad busy around Haymarket and Piccadilly. I don't think I've ever seen it so manic.

And let's not even talk about the tubes.

Lucky for us, our hotel had a big 'do' on and we were able to sneak in for a bit of a dance in the evening which rounded off a full on day.

Me at 1am Sunday morning and no I didn't have a headache the following morning.

Struggling to remember where this top was from, it must be 10 years old but it's one of those items that keeps coming out of the wardrobe because it's a perfect colour (charcoal not black), a perfect length, and it doesn't need ironing (whoop). Worn with coated black leggings, Armani cuff, Coach bag and black ankle boots (not seen).

And on Sunday we visited Camden spending a very pleasant few hours mooching around the craft stalls and markets.

Phoebe Coat -  Jovonna 
Dublin Scarf - Great Plains
Black Coated Leggings - Next (Similar)
Honey Lo Trainers - Adidas
Austen Crossbody Bag - Modalu (Similar)

I haven't a clue why my coat looks like a dressing gown. Certainly my two female companions didn't point it out! It's probably better fastened (note to self for future wear). There's some great reductions on Modalu bags on both the John Lewis website and Modalu itself. I have three of these and they're great quality for the price. The Dublin scarf has been super useful over the last few weeks. It's warm but not bulky and the neutral shades really work well in my current wardrobe. Finally check out the trainers - 8 months old and still shiny white. Go me!!!

Hubby has been nagging daily for a Christmas list. I did contemplate not giving him one this year and let him work it out himself but that's tantamount to playing Russian roulette isn't it. I keep seeing gift ideas on other blogs but nothing is floating my boat. I honestly don't need anything. Well, I do love the bag above but that's not going to happen. Price on application tags seem to send him running in the other direction. Would it be wrong to ask for a new mailbox? The lock on ours is broken. I'd love a shiny new one that actually doesn't leak water resulting in soggy letters. Yep, I'm the one that dries the credit card bills out on the radiator. God how boring am I asking for a mailbox. Well, I haven't asked for it yet but it did cross my mind.

So, if you were expecting a blog post about gorgeous Christmas present ideas, you're looking in the wrong place - soz boz.

And regarding buying pressies for others, I had a cracking two days around Black Friday. A demon on the laptop I was (and I saved oodles of pounds). It's all kind of come to a grinding halt though, the initial burst of enthusiasm has all but disappeared. Mind you, pat on the back, I haven't been proper shopping at all...yet. There's a certain sense of satisfaction taking delivery of your parcels whilst other poor souls are battling the High Street. Smug me?

One of our big nights out tomorrow. We're off to Tatton Park. I think the whole of Cheshire and beyond go there at Christmas as they have regular party nights throughout December in a huge marquee. This year it's an Alpine theme with entertainment, a casino, disco and dodgems. Dodgems? I.Am.So.Excited. The Prosecco is ordered, the outfit chosen and after several (strike that, many) texts between my friends and I lifts have been sorted. Of course the men will just turn up unaware of the organisation that's taken place. Oh to be a man.

Hope your plans are coming along nicely. Not long now until the big man arrives. Ho Ho Ho.

Back over the weekend sometime with a special guest appearance by my Mum. Yep she's back and she's got a couple of cracking things to show you.

Have a lovely weekend.