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Another Chunky Knit. The Last One This Season (Promise)!

Good evening from my sick bed. Yes I've finally succumbed to the dreaded lurgy. Ok so that's dramatic but I do feel as if I've swallowed a scouring pad and my ears are throbbing. Fitbit resting heart beat is up a couple of beats a minute too.  That's not normal is it? I mean I'm not stressed or anything. The family think I've gone totally round the twist as I'm addicted to checking how many steps I've done (oh the thrill of the vibration on your wrist when you reach your target), how many times I woke in the night (as if I don't remember) and how many flights of stairs I've climbed (useless information if ever there was any).

Anyway, out of the kindness of my extra two-beats-a-minute resting heart, I thought I'd let you know about a cosy little number that I've bagged from ASOS. Yes my one and only sales purchase (I'm really not the best January shopper).

So providing you

a) don't mind acrylic (don't go lighting the fire in this)
b) you love oversized
c) you like bell sleeves

then this is for you.

ASOS Chunky Jumper With High Neck and Moving Rib now half price £21

Cooler skin tones may struggle as it does have a warm hue. It's true to size so don't size up. Haven't a clue what 'moving rib' means in the title - any ideas? I'm flummoxed.

The bell sleeves are unusual, I don't think I have a knit like this at all. And I love the fact that the back isn't overly big.

I wore mine for the first time today with black skinnies and animal print ankle boots. I should have felt nicer than I did but my head wasn't all about today so I refuse to post the dreadful picture on here. Pop over to Instagram if you want to have a look - nb. it did look better in real life - I think.

I'm working on a very special guest appearance on the blog next time (if I can get him to stand still for long enough for photos).

So for the time being, I bid you farewell, hoping that you've had an amazing Christmas and wishing you a wonderful new year.

Thanks for stopping by in my little world.

1 comment on "Another Chunky Knit. The Last One This Season (Promise)!"
  1. Oh you poor thing. Get better soon & wishing you & yours a very happy new year. (Love the sweater apart from one detail - that sleeve shape would drive me mad. I can already see myself dipping the sleeves into everything!!)