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I Have Enough Shoes Said No One Ever

It was a big gig at the weekend. Full on Christmas glitz dresses in all shapes and sizes. Long ones, short ones, sparkly bodycons, baby doll shifts (ugh), classy ones and not so gracious numbers. All 1350 of them crammed into a giant size marquee. Actually divide that by two as I didn't see many of the male species sporting a dressy little number.

And what did I wear? Trousers! Yep I well and truly let the side down.

It wasn't actually planned that way. On the night, I really wasn't feeling in a dress mood. I'd kind of formulated a plan a few days before so there was a black Baukjen dress in the running (still with tags on after 6 months - oh the shame) and trousers. When it came down to it, the pants won. To be fair, it wasn't a corporate do, more a glitzy party. 

Regardless, the only thing I knew for certain was that I needed new shoes. I say needed, you could read that as wanted. To me it's the same thing. For no other reason that I fancied some new ones. The brief: high with an ankle strap, must be black. Easy! And there were a fair few to choose from but I kept coming back to a cheap as chips pair from ASOS

Bargainous and surprisingly comfortable! And I've since noticed they come in pink too

What's not to like! I think I used to be a bit of a shoe snob spending extraordinarily more on these items than anything else. But they just end up languishing in their shoe box, I mean have you ever tried walking in a pair of Louboutins. Sheer agony, I can tell you. And there's always gravel to contend with. Oh yes, you can be certain if I'm wearing a pair, gravel will feature. Don't get me started on refurbishing the red soles. These days I like any price point if they are things of beauty. In my eyes, these are. Note to husband: pink shoes = stocking filler??????????

Obligatory bedroom shot (sorry, I was on the last minute push again)

This is my economy outfit totalling £75. The trousers were inspired by Frances over at School Run Style last year.

Pop over and have a look at her instagram feed. She's utterly gorgeous. I'm absolutely positive I didn't dream that she wore them with wellies in the lake district (I think). A step too far for me but Frances nailed that look.

And then Queen of the finds, Does My Bum Look 40 (Kat) found these sequined trousers in H&M in black. Also available in gold - whoop whoop.

Another fabulous Insta feed. Go check it out. 

Thanks girlies for the inspiration!

A close up of the shoooooeeeees!

The top is a sample piece by Ichi, cost me a tenner. Told you it was a cheap as chips outfit. 

And as always, I never seem to time my hair appointment with the hairdressers so on the advice of my wonderful hairdresser, Jo (her instagram feed is here - a lovely lady), I chucked it up into a low bun. 

Waiting for the official photos to come through (there may have been props involved, including a village idiot and a Tommy Cooper but here's a rare one of me and t'other half who is being equally rebellious not wearing a tie (shock horror). Serves him right, when he took his shirt off later, the whole of the bedroom floor was covered in confetti. The dope was stood right next to the confetti machine!

So peeps, please give me permission to buy the pink pair as well (or at least email Mr B above to 'suggest' he might like to order them (size 39). I know exactly what he'll say....you don't need another pair of bloody shoes. Pah what does he know.

How's the Christmas shopping coming along? I'm getting there slowly but on the upside, what I've bought is wrapped and either under the tree or in the case of the 20 and 14 year olds, sent over to Santa.

10 comments on "I Have Enough Shoes Said No One Ever"
  1. You look A-mazing.
    Love the trousers. I have been hankering after a pair for years & came close last year with a jumpsuit with sequinned top!! Its like my search for a green sequin dress that started mid November...It's never gonna happen. Anyways you look fabulous,outfit, hair etc. Sounds like a great night xx

    1. Mwah thanks Tracey. Always in my comfort zone in a pair of trews x

  2. Ive just taken the plunge and ordered these, thank you for the code....I hope they look as good on me as they do on you! x

  3. You look amazing Donna, absolutely fab, I adore those shoes too, thanks for the inclusion, super flattered xxxx

    1. I've had that vision of you in your wellies for months. Totally insane but totally amazing. I so won't be copying though - I'd just look like a tool xx

  4. Don't you look gorgeous? Love the shoes and well jell that you can walk in heels that high :( (And now I know who Ashleigh looks like!!!)

    1. I was born wearing high shoes I swear. Does she really? I've never been able to see it but people say that we do xx

  5. You sooooo have to buy the pink ones. It would an absolute crime if you didn't!!!!

    1. I so do don't I. I've dropped a hint to the hubby for a Xmas pressie. Struggling to find anything I like this year so these would be a perfect stocking filler xx