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Orange Is The New Black. Apparently!

Well, it's not hard to miss is it? Even Sainsbury's Tu is awash with the colour. We had a small spring/summer collection delivered on Friday and guess what, lots of orange. Not the easiest of colours to wear, granted but let's embrace it for now.

I can't even link the above as they're not on the Glamorous website yet - hot off the press or what!!

Love it or loath it, there's a certain freshness about orange when teamed with white which seems to be the way to go this year. It's certainly a fashion colour as opposed to an investment piece. It looks lovely and vibrant right now but give it a few months and we'll be sick of the sight of orange. Oh fickle us! So my top tip would be; don't spend lots of money on orange stuff, use it to update your current wardrobe by injecting one or two cheap pieces.

So how do we wear orange?

Well, rather than looking at the normal 6 palettes, I'm going to split us up in to 2 camps; warm skinned and cool skinned. Your skins surface tone may be light medium dark etc but the tone underneath will be either warm or cool. You can have the same skin 'colour' as someone else but a different undertone.

The simplest test is the jewellery test: if you suit gold tones, you're probably warm skinned and if you suit silver, you're probably cool.

More advanced testing is to look at the colour of your skin and this can be broken down as follows:

Warm: peach or golden undertone
Cool: pink, red or bluish undertone

If you have a yellow undertone (sometimes called sallow or Mediterranean), the common misconception is that you are warm skinned. WRONG. Warm colours have yellow undertones and will only serve to increase the yellowness of your skin. Cool colours have blue undertones and will dilute the yellow of your skin making you look fresher. So you will fall in to the cool category also.

Ok, so once we've worked out our skin undertone, we can then work out how to wear orange. That's the easy bit...

Warm skinned: you wear orange really well. Ladies with red/ginger/warm tones to their hair often shy away from orange but honestly it can look amazing as it really complements the lovely golden look that you have.

Cool skinned: you might find wearing orange next to your face difficult particularly if you are really cool skinned (grey/steely hair colour). So stick to accessories.

What's out there then?

Starting with a simple plain t-shirt. What could be better, for the price of a nice bottle of wine, you've got an immediate wardrobe update.

Oasis The Multi-Tasking T-Shirt £14

Ideal to add a pop of colour to your jeans now and white trousers in a few months. Love the idea of wearing it with white jeans and tan accessories in the summer. And what's not to love about the super flattering curved hem.

And looking at all the fashion mags at the moment, they're touting stripes but not of the Breton variety.

Oasis Compact Stripe Jumper £42

Crikey I'm sure I threw something similar away recently. Cropped black pants and the Kola Mule Loafer from Top Shop for a grown up look.

Top Shop Kola Mule Loafer £59

A leftover from last season now which means a bargain for sizes 10, 12 and 14. It's a shock horror crop top but hang on before you groan, it doesn't look THAT cropped on the model. More of a sitting on the waist length and providing you don't anticipate doing a Stayin' Alive boogie, I'm guessing it will be just fine.

Finders Keepers 3/4 Sleeve Crop Top (was £90) now £22.50

A dress from Next, shame it's not slightly longer as I suspect the length could be a bit naff on some. A couple of extra inches would have cracked it. Ok so you could order from the tall range but then it's going to be longer in the body too.

Next Print Sliced Dress £40

And a total, total bargain from Baukjen next. I have several of their dresses and one very similar to this. What can I say, other than they are ACE. And there's an extra 10% off today using code HOORAY.

Baukjen Kilton Jersey Dress (was £95) now £28

And the Newhall Ponte which is possibly an easier style to wear.

Baukjen Newhall Ponte Dress (was £139) now £49

Me thinks, Baukjen peaked too early with orange as there's quite a lot in the sale. Snap it up now at these prices.

Baukjen Callington Wrap Jumper (was £95) now £47

Moving on to coral now and it's probably fair to say, a much more wearable shade of orange.

Hush Lotti Jumper £80

Not a look I have a cat in hell's chance of pulling off but I love every element of this Hush outfit.

Accessories are a great way of updating your current wardrobe (and perfect for cool skin tones who want to partake in the current trend). Starting with shoes. Are shoes accessories? No, I'd say they're pretty essential but you know what I mean. And adding new shoes to an existing outfit can bring it bang smack up to date.

Boden Lille Heel (was £129) now £38.70

I bought the flat orange Lille lace up shoe from Boden last year because being a blogger who has her finger on every trend button, I knew orange was going to be big. Of course I didn't! I have all on worrying about what to wear this season without looking ahead. I bought them because I loved them. Lucky me! For once I'm ahead of the game. Anyway, if you're a heel wearer, for less than £40, you can bag yourself a nice pair of orange shoes.

And looking waaaaaaay ahead to the summer, mules. But you need to have tiny feet as only small sizes left. I'd buy them purely for the name...

ASOS Fiddlesticks Suede Slippers (was £25) now £15

***Jeans Alert. I love these jeans. Sod it, not my size.

Oh bloody hell, these have got everything going on. They missed the memo, less is more but I kind of like them with black skinnies and a black pin tuck shirt that I have. They can only be from River Island can't they. Just a hint of orange thank goodness.

River Island Orange Caged Tie Back Heeled Sandals £65

An orange bag is an ideal way to add a pop of colour to an all black outfit (I'm going to be talking about how to work a one colour outfit soon). Or with jeans and a plain white shirt. This leather saddle bag fits the bill nicely and is another bargain.

Zatchels Saddle Bag (was £60) now £30

And if Lulu Guinness is your thing,

Burnt Orange Leather Mini Paula Cross Body Bag (was £248) now £95 

A little bit pricier now so I'm breaking the rule I set above but in my defence, this Karen Millen bag would I feel, have much more longevity than say the Lulu above. It's more of a burnt orange which we could class as a neutral. Yes?? Well, it does go with lots more than the brighter oranges.

Karen Millen Santa Monica Leather Bag £170

So unusual with the silver chain too.

Back to Baukjen for another bargain. This is a perfect example of how to wear a colour that isn't in your palette. I defy any cool skinned woman not to be able to pull this off.

Baukjen Kendal Striped Poncho (was £119) now £35

So a bit of a peek at what we've got to look forward to (or not, if you hate orange). I'm going to try the orange jumper on tomorrow (you can just see in the first photo) and the little black dress that we put on  our Instagram. Minus the black ankle boots, that look doesn't work for me. I seem to develop knobbly knees and boney shins when I do the ankle boots and dress look. But I thought it might work with a pair of flat sandals for a daytime outfit for the hols.

Feeling very happy with my accomplishments this weekend. Nothing life changing I hasten to add but niggly (is that how you spell it, it looks odd) jobs that I've finally got around to doing. I picked up my new car last Wednesday. Remind me never, ever to have a 2 door car again. Fourteen months of absolute misery. Let's just say, the only way I could get out of my previous one was by rolling out of it. Back to a 5 door so one very happy girl. And I've just realised that between us, the hubby and I can carry a full football team and a sub as we both have 7 seaters. I saw his eyebrows raise in glee as I pointed that fact out. He runs a junior football club (as well as a grown up club) and oh yes I knew he was calculating how many tournaments he could book this summer. In your dreams mate, in your dreams.

Hope you've all had a lovely weekend too.


How To Layer Like A Fashion Insider

Pah who am I kidding! Forget that, I layer for warmth. Here's how I built my outfit today.

I'll show you the finished article for no other reason that this is the picture that comes up on Bloglovin and I look such a tool in the other ones  (my fellow blogger friends will understand what I mean).

Charcoal knitted dress - Mango (similar)
Black pleather leggings - Karen Millen (similar here & here)
Sleeveless jacket - daughteres! (similar)
Ankle boots - Boden (other colours still available here)
Scarf - Ebay
Hat - old (similar)
Bag - old (similar)
So I start with the basics, a knitted jumper dress and pleather leggings. What you don't see is a vest top underneath. If Ladybird did vests for adults, I'd be buying multi packs. Oh and a long sleeve top too.

Oh and socks are Tesco!!!!

Sorry for the poor quality photos, no excuse offered. Anyway pretty boring don't you think?. But we're  not done yet.

Add cosy boots and a bit of arm candy.

A favourite scarf gives the flat colours a bit of interest.

One little sleeveless jacket borrowed from the daughter's wardrobe (she has 3 almost identical ones, so she won't miss this one).

A hat and bag.

And voila, I'm ready for whatever is chucked at me today. And at least I'll be snug as a bug.

1. I really do need to get some camera skills
2. I don't know why I have mad starring eyes like Haywire in Prison Break
3. Hair and make-up not done so I look scary (I wouldn't want to meet me down a dark alley)
4. The daughter will probably shout at me for borrowing her jacket
5. Why has the daughter got 3 almost identical jackets
6. See number 1

Have a lovely weekend. A bit of a quiet one over this way (punches air).


Plain & Simple Frocks

Well I'm all over the place, I am. Sorry to keep banging on but this holiday is becoming a bit of a headache. I woke up on Sunday night, well 3.17am to be precise. Bingo, I thought! I'll have a look what's in our summer stockroom at the boutique. We've got a huge room of Glamorous samples waiting to be put out in a couple of months. I normally steer clear of this brand as it's  definitely for the younger girl but hey desperate times call for desperate measures right?

Thing is, I don't want to spend lots of cash on stuff that I won't wear again. The Glam samples are perfect as they're really keenly priced (or they will be when we the weather warms up and we can put the parkas and furs and ruddy bobble hats away). So off I trotted up the 5 flights of stairs (it's actually 3 but Mr Fitbit tells me it's 5 so I'm going with that number) and pulled out a few things. It immediately became apparent that this would not be a cohesive well planned wardrobe. We're talking full on patterns and vivid colours - so not me. Anyway, I've got my name on one maxi dress that's ok. I'll let you know if I decide to keep it.

So this evening, I've decided to revert back to Plan A. And that's to try and find something that's more 'me' and can be worn during the summer here too. Sounds far more sensible yes? I tried to chat it through with hubby but he had this vacant expression and his eyes glazed over. No sense there then. So back to the internet it was and what a difference a few days makes.

Where dresses are concerned, I tend to opt for very plain, well cut pieces. Bling and dressy up dresses aren't really me. I'd rather look for something more casual that I can add jewellery and heels.

I found a pretty perfect dress at an amazing price on the first page that I opened. It's in the new in section of Esprit. I bought a couple of beach dresses from Esprit last year for my hols and was pretty pleased with them so this has got to be worth a go.

Esprit Mottled Maxi Dresss In A Wool Look £45

This is the gunmetal but it also comes in navy. It's more midi than maxi and although described as a wool look, I think that's the marl in the fabric so I doubt it will be overly thick. Sleeves are 3/4s which means I can load up on the arm candy. And having a sleeve makes it much more wearable in this country too.  Teamed with my snake print sandals and a clutch, I reckon it's an outfit good to go. Feeling much more optimistic.

On a roll, I found this one at & Other Stories

& Other Stories Tencel Denim Dress £69

Denim hmmmmmm! Could be sticky. But, it's not as hot as we initially expected, and lots of the restaurants are inside which means pesky air conditioning. This will be fine, she says confidently, high or low sandals (depending on what we plan). Love those shoes by the way. And then back home, blazer and trainers or even better my shimmery gold flat form pumps that I bought today.

Gold shimmer flatform pumps - Pop Up Boutique £15

Am I vaguely cool? Please tell me I am....pop socks and all.

Moving on to Next. Now at first glance this is wrong wrong wrong. Too short for a start and it has see through arms. But cunning plan, I could order the tall version which would give me an extra inch or two. Got to say though, I love this length with the boots.

Next Black Lace Shirt Dress £45

And I'm not sure I'd want to wear a scarf cover-up thingy with long sleeves. Maybe this is a no but it's a corker of a dress. Perfect cut, exactly what I've been looking for.

Finally, a khaki shirt dress. I think I could do something with this. Gold sandals or even the snake print ones which means, less luggage, gold jewellery, a tan.....

New Look Khaki Double Pocket D-Ring Waisted Midi Shirt Dress now £19.99

I guess these dresses might be on the understated side for Dubai but they're much more 'me'. I seem to have far more success with something I can 'dress up' myself. Things are definitely looking up. I'll report back any successes.

Day in the boutique today, it's lovely to see the spring stock come through. See those bob hats in the small trunk. TWO left in navy, I say, just two. I'll be so cheering from the roof tops when the lot of them have gone. Mind you, we've still got a heck of a lot of people buying them.

And finally, here's what I wore. Day 2 of doing red, this time by way of a bag.

Jeans - Toxic (similar)
Denim shirt - Tommy Hilfiger
Pinstripe blazer - H&M  (similar)
Wool blanket scarf - Ichi (similar)
Wrist warmers - Johnstons
Honey Lo trainers - Adidas Originals
Bayswater bag - Mulberry
And now I have the lovely job of deciding between More or Canagan dog food. According to a doggy nutritionist at Pet's Corner, both will help our big fat old lazy lab with his (cough) flatulence problem.  Hey ho, things we have to do.


A Wardrobe Transformer

As I've mentioned before, my wardrobe additions over the past 6 months have been of the neutral variety; navy, grey, black, soft white, camel and burgundy. Colour Me Beautiful demotes burgundy tones to fashion colours. I'd argue (quite forcefully) that it's most certainly a neutral. And I've got to say, it makes for very easy dressing. Everything goes with....well, everything. And it's been enjoyable making different outfits from what really amounts to a smallish collection. But inevitably, I'm getting itchy feet. I need a little colour and not any old colour either. Probably one of the most difficult ones to get right, red. 

I own very little red, just 2 items. One being the red Daria dress from Baukjen and the other, a pair of Mango trainers. Oh and a navy and red checked shirt from Fat Face but given it's predominantly blue, I don't count that. It's such a tough one to crack and as much as I break the rules with other colours (black), this is one colour I don't mess with. The mafia of the colour world it is. 

Let's get up close and personal with this rebel. Red can take on many characteristics. It can be vixen as in towering C.F.M. shoes (email me if you don't know what this stands for, I am so not putting it out on here). It can be Parisian, a pop of colour by way of a bag say. It can be summer teamed with white and winter teamed with black or grey. And of course it's the ultimate Christmas party season colour. But for me, it all comes down to the shade. 

Here's a quick round up of how Colour Me Beautiful recommend wearing red. And for what it's worth, I 100% agree.

(If you're unsure of your colour palette, click on the pictures of any of the celebs on the right hand side of the blog and it will take you to a post which explains this more).

Lights and Softs (I'm a Soft)

Your best shade is geranium. Think of the petal of the geranium plant. That's your best red. Soft and understated.

Deeps & Clears 

Your strong look demands a really vibrant scarlet and it will look wonderful on you.


You need to complement your rich colouring with warm shades of red so orangey-red and bittersweet shades are perfect.


The undertone of your skin demands a cool red which means it should have a lot of pink or blue in it. Think strawberry or raspberry shades. 

Having said all that, red seems to take on all sorts of different properties when photographed. Take the Daria dress that I ordered last year, I even went as far to ring Baukjen up to ask them the actual shade. I know, that's really sad isn't it? But as it turned out, something that looked quite scarlet in the photos was actually a much softer red in real life and much warmer than I had anticipated. 

Hint: if in doubt, order it anyway!!

So yesterday in the boutique, we had a delivery of 20 ginormous bags of Brave Soul samples. . Talk about sack surfing, the only way to go for a wee was to climb up and over them. You really never know what you're going to get in the samples. Let's just say. This drop was bloody amazing. Moncler style jackets which we've priced at £15 (yep you read that right, it's not a typo), long school run coats (stylish ones at that), £20. And knitwear. Oh the knitwear!!

As soon as I laid eyes on this gorgeous jumper in the perfect soft shade, I knew it had to be mine. Had it made it onto the shop floor, it would have been priced at £10. Pah! Staff perks, we get first picks. 

See what I mean about it being difficult to work out what kind of red from a photograph. It's much softer in real life. 

Jumper - Pop Up Boutique
Shirt - Husband's (shhhhhh)
Coated jeggings - Next (similar)
Boots - Boden (total bargain now)
Austen Crossbody bag - Modalu  (similar)

By the way, the Boden Harper boots are still available in clearance (some sizes in each colour). I have the burgundy and black and they're unbelievably comfy. Prices start from £35.70.

The husband (who seems to be getting his fair shares of mention on the blog recently) wasn't so keen on the shorter jumper. Hey, I said, you didn't say I looked nice today. No, he replied, I thought you looked a bit of a granny actually. Charming! 

For me, the red jumper can bring new life to black right now. Also with black trousers and camel coat. I plan on wearing it over a navy striped Breton top, jeans and trainers when it warms up. And of course with my beloved white. 

I've had a quick scout around the internet to see what's available although after the husband comment above, you might want to skip this section! And, as I've already mentioned, the colour could be very different in real life. 

Starting with another Brave Soul from ASOS. This looks very pinky to me so Warms would probably want to swerve this one. Great for cool skin tones though. 

As a direct contrast to the one above, this next one appears to have an orange undertone so will look fantastic on warm skinned women. It's actually maternity wear so if you're expecting AND you have a warm skin tone AND you're on a budget this is for you...

ASOS Maternity Jumper With V Neck Now £6 (all sizes with bump available)

Bit difficult to see what shade this Glamorous roll neck is. I suspect knowing Glamorous it will be quite vibrant. 

Love the shape of this one. It looks like a tomato red so perfect for Deeps with warm skin tones. It's a bit sludgy for Clears. 

Bit on the thinner side, more a top really but Next describe it as sweater so sweater it is. 

And a Mango offering, this most certainly has lots of blue added to the red so Cools, I can safely say this is a great shade for you. It's even called strawberry!

This Karen Millen jumper shows quite clearly why it's sometimes impossible to check a shade online. 

The flat image looks distinctly orangey-red, the model shot looks more of a cool red. Impossible to work out it's real shade. So, don't dismiss something that you really love in red. Order it, try it on in different lights and see what it does to your skin. If it makes you look tired and drawn, it's probably not strong enough. If it seems to 'wear' you, it's probably too strong. That said, I love the shape of this jumper. That curved hemline. Ohhhhh!!

And finally, a Boden offering. I'd probably size up in this for a more slouchy fit. Much more versatile as it can be layered underneath with a white shirt. 

So I have me a red jumper fix. Scratched that itch and it cost me pennies. I'm still looking for holiday dresses, I'll report back on my findings next time. 

I really should be putting the house back together following the departure of the decorator (who I have to say has been amazing). Popped in to our local HomeSense earlier to pick up some fabulous coat hooks for the downstairs cloakroom. Not that we need to use them, more accessories really (husband of course doesn't get it). Obviously they'd gone but I managed to bag these cushions for the kitchen. Down filled for £10 each. Bargain. And just 4 left. Obviously my day today. 

That's me done for tonight. Another episode of Prison Break awaits. Catch up soon.


Wrap Up Warm & Wrap London

The daughter and I have two things in common at the moment.

1. We're both Fitbit mad and competition is fierce. I can hear her pacing around her bedroom as I type which of course means that I need to get my steps up too. She beat me yesterday but only because she went to the gym - what a cheat! I'm going for the element of surprise from now on and not logging on to the Fitbit dashboard so it can't download my steps until the very last minute i.e. 11.59pm and then she'll only have a minute to do something about it. I shall take no enemies. This is war. Nothing to do with the fact that I'm very jealous that her's is a lovely burgundy one that has a cute pink backlight. It would go perfectly with my current wardrobe!


2. We're both struggling with our Dubai outfits. I thought it was just a Donna dilemma but it appears it's not. It straggles generations. There's nothing out there that is appropriate AND appeals.

Anyway, I sat down earlier with a cup of coffee and a few catalogues that have dropped through the door recently in anticipation of maybe finding a few contenders. Dubai was soon forgotten as I leafed through Wrap London. Let's just say it received more than it's fair share of dogeared pages.

If you're not familiar with the brand, it's based on New Kings Road in London producing beautifully crafted casual clothes in stunning fabrics. Very relaxed. Very comfortable. Now my style personality is nothing like this and indeed other brands offering similar collections never appeal but there's something about Wrap London that sets me drooling every season.

Patterns are understated as are colours.  Perfect for Softs and Lights and any woman who hates loud, vivid shades. Collections are very easy on they eye. Prices reflect the quality so expect to pay a little bit more than Boden.

The first thing to catch my eye was a really useful basic piece.

Pia Sweater in Ocean Marl

See what I mean about understated. Love the loose fit, the length, the everything.

Also available in Khaki Marl and Ecru Marl which for me at the moment would be more useful. Worn with my brown pleather jeans, camel coat and beige toga pullas. An easy go-to outfit. The Ocean Marl would come in to it's own in spring, worn with ecru jeans, blazer and trainers.

Check out the neck and arm detailing. Fabulous darling!

Sticking with knitwear, can't tell you how much I love this cardigan.

Lara Cardi in Fawn Marl

Of course in my head I'll look like the model and really was it necessary to spit out your coffee just then? I know, I know, I'll look nothing like her at all but indulge me in this fantasy for a few minutes. So easy to replicate this look. But also with blues and greys and blacks and...yep a totally versatile piece.

Also available in denim blue

Soft white linen tee, trainers and distressed boyfriend jeans and I don't care whether they're in this year or not. I'm still looking for the perfect pair. I'm not wild about the cardi with the flared jeans if I'm honest. So over flares (but may well explore wide legs this year - darn it, I threw all mine out last year).

Moving on.

Cashmere next and yes it does come with a price tag but ohhhhh!

Alicia Cashmere Hoody in Smoke

Just this, I wouldn't change a thing. Well, I'd put my head on top but that's it. I know I'd reach for this time and time and time again. What a brilliant travelling piece. Posh Totty Spice once said the airport is her catwalk. Well move over woman, I'd totally work Manchester airport in this. Hmmmm doesn't quite sound the same as L.A. and JFk.

Available in Oyster and Dusky Denim also. See, all the colours even sound soft don't they, marl, dusk, oyster.....

I'm thinking this could be a Dubai contender. It ticks the boxes right?

Chrissie Dress in Soft Khaki

I've got a lovely pair of khaki toe post sandals that I didn't even get out last year and a camel bag. A great daytime outfit. Can't make my mind up if it will be a dress that comes out only on holiday or whether it's one of those marvellous items that I reach for time and time again. I mean, I can think of lots of ways to wear it and the shape is good. Oh I don't know. I'll sleep on it.

Also available in navy grey which could be interesting. It looks more charcoal to me in the picture though.

Not just for summer this next one as it could be such a useful layering piece. It's loose not clingy. Win. Win.

Monica Vest in Grey Frost

Let me show you the lovely back. Simply adore this, it makes it so much easier to wear a bra.

Worn here with the Ana Shirt in Glacier Blue

This is so not me (I prefer a more fitted look) but somehow I'm drawn to it. Am I finally growing up? Can't say I'd do the white fleur trousers though. But I do love these...

Bailey Jeans (lots of colours but Dove is my personal favourite)

A change from my usual summer white, I definitely don't have any in this colour and I even ran upstairs to check. Nope. Ok I need them. Crisp white shirt, tan ankle boots or grey sweater and togas. As versatile as traditional blue denim...they'd work so well on every level, navy, black, burgundy, nude pink and take on a different look with each shade. Love the ankle grazer length but I'd need to check the rise (such a wimp when it comes to low ones).

Couple of pairs of sandals I think and then we'll leave it there for tonight.

Lucas Sandals in Tan

My favourite type of flat sandal. Will toe posts ever go out of fashion? Please no. Love these to bits.

Blaise Sandals in Chocolate 

A chocolate (not sludge) brown flip flop. Love them, so cool.

Arghhhhh I want everything. And I've just scrolled up this post and realised how lovely everything goes together.

Well that passed on a pleasant hour, there's sod all on the telly at the moment. I'm now on season 2 of Prison Break but finding it a bit gruesome. Most of it is watched through my fingers.

Do you get the Wrap catalogue too? Are you planning your spring/summer outfits already? By the way, this isn't a sponsored post. Wish it was, I'd love to do a supermarket sweep around their showroom. Think I'll wait for a discount code instead. Sigh.

We've had a lovely, lovely weekend. Mainly in the cold with my warmest coat on though. After a lazy morning yesterday, we dined at The Etihad and watched Man City (not my team) trounce Crystal Palace. It was all going so well until a waiter tipped a full glass of red all over me. He was mortified and I had a wet bum. At least I had claret coloured leggings on.

And then today, we woke up to a blanket of snow. Admittedly a thin blanket, more a sheet of kitchen roll really. So we got in the car and drove a few minutes into the Peak District and had a long, very blustery walk with the dog. He adores the snow more than anyone although spent most time hopping like a frog - it was so deep. Didn't help that hubby decided to go off piste (silly man) and we were literally up to our knees in the stuff. Wind chill factor minus silly figures. Swiftly followed by bacon and sausage butties and a mug of hot strong coffee.

Arctic it was even for us hardy northern souls.

I'd like to say that I zonked out all afternoon but sadly not. We've got the decorators in at the moment and the house looks like a bomb site so housework it was. Followed by a made-up recipe, chicken and veg pie. Oh god this no pie before Dubai commitment isn't going too well. At least I got plenty of steps on the Fitbit today. Which have to say, I felt it was mighty unfair that it only gave me one step per step when I felt I deserved 3 steps per step. Hard going in that snow it was.

Ok, need to go now, I can hear the daughter marching up and down her bedroom again so I need to do some running on the spot or something. I'd strap the wretched Fitbit to the dog but he's zonked out in his basket.