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I Have A Day Job, Have I Mentioned?

I've been promising to tell you about a little boutique that I'm involved with for ages now. It's called Pop Up Boutique in Macclesfield (on Chestergate) if you know the area. It's been around for about 10 months now and so the name needs to change (suggestions are welcome as we're going round and round in circles trying to come up with a great name).

A family friend asked me to help him get it going. So here I am, managing the shop albeit on a part-time basis. We also have an eBay and Amazon account (links at the bottom) for a younger market but this is certainly not a reflection of what we sell in the shop.

The boutique is situated on a lovely pedestrianised road which seems to be filling up with lovely cafes and bistros. A brilliant one, Lord Of The Pies (fab name don't you think) opened just before Christmas and sells......well, pies which I'm told are truly scummy.

A picture of the boutique. Ha ha, I've just noticed one of our box trees is missing - doh.

This was the Christmas window and by all accounts it created quite a buzz in town. You can't actually see it in it's full glory, complete with sledges and pressies galore. We trimmed the trees (post photo) with pom pom keyring (more on these little blighters later). Well, we had very little to compete with. Dorothy Perkins put a solitary disco ball in their window (I kid you not) and River Island wasn't much better. Mind you it was a close one with Fat Face, they had a fake fireplace and real mince pies in theirs. And word on the street is that Head Office stated that they had to look like home made mince pies, not Mr Kipling ones. Got to admit, their window looked good.

The building itself is amazing. It's over 400 years old and the top floor is incredible with exposed beams and a rickety staircase. There's no way I go up there after dark! It's probably haunted. This is the only old photo I've been able to find, that's us on the left a couple of doors down from the white fronted building. And there's the town hall at the end of the road. Legend has it that our building had some sort of an official capacity back in the day and there's a secret tunnel at the back of the shop which is now boarded up. Your really don't want to be in the shop on your own after dark!

The shop interior is modern and quite industrial looking on the ground floor though (it used to be Bank Fashion). We always, always have fresh flowers at the front of the store to make it more welcoming to our customers.

Ohh I must tell you about our Treacle Market in Macclesfield. It's held on the last Sunday of every month and is the only Sunday we open. Named Treacle Market after a centuries old accident when a horse drawn wagon tipped it's cargo of treacle all over the cobbles. The market is a place to find unusual crafts, vintage items, and food and drink. It brings in a whole different customer and we always seem to do really well on these days.

We've evolved quite a lot over the last year mainly due to the demographics. Initially we were aiming at the under 25s stocking brands such as Glamorous. But it soon became apparent that our average shopper was older so we brought in brands such FRNCH, Style London and Jovonna as well.

The front of the store is dedicated to our 'boutique' brands and the back really does offer our shoppers a special treat. We're in a fortunate position to be able to offer sample sales on a regular basis. Ichi, a Danish brand, Bellfield and Glamorous to name but a few. Fabulous clothes at much reduced prices. I sold a gorgeous thick denim shirt to a lady today for £12 (darn it, missed out on that one). To be honest, it's lethal working there as not a day goes by without me lusting after something or other. We're getting quite a name for ourselves in town as the stock is so good. Shhhhh.......WE HAVE A BELLFIELD SAMPLE SALE SOON.

We're not online as in, we don't have a website but we're just starting to get a little more proactive on Facebook and Instagram (give us a follow if you want, we can take orders over the telephone if you see anything you like).

It's probably a reason why I haven't posted a lot of my purchases over the last few months because it seems unfair showing you something that I can't link to or find similar. Anyway, here are a few bits that I've bought. Believe me there are many more.

Lots of simple shirts and blouses in basic colours of soft white, black (I know, I know), navy, grey and blush pink and several pieces of knitwear that have been so useful.

Part of my role involves buying which I love. Forward ordering is done way in advance as you can imagine. So the Jovonna winter stock was ordered wearing shorts and tee-shirts (well ok not shorts and tee-shirts but I'm going for dramatic irony) back in June last year. We also attend the Pure London fashion show, the next one is in February and I'll be on holiday - drat! Here you can view forward collections and order to your heart's content. We also have a number of suppliers that I visit most Tuesdays to top up our stock. Here's a small buy that I did this week at one suppliers. We were short of patterns so concentrated on these. They look fabulous in the shop!

See that little navy and mustard leaf print? It literally sold out in 2 days. We have 3 left! And the blue check top is very reminiscent of a Zara piece except ours is only £15.

So what have I learnt over the last few months?

1. No matter how large your music playlist is, the same tunes playing over and over drives me potty.

2. I've met some really lovely people and we certainly have a cult following with some ladies dropping in every week to check out our new stock. There's some real characters!

3. If I never see a bob hat or pompom keyring again, it will be too soon. We've sold over 500 hats and they're still going strong. I am so over them. Oh and pompoms! I could have cried when our last order came in. There were literally hundreds and hundreds!! Anyway, I've reduced them to £5 to get rid of them forever ha ha.

4. I love buying and I should have more confidence in my gut feeling. I saw the most incredible footwear collection recently but because it was a new supplier, I wanted to chat it through with Andy, the owner of the boutique. He went back yesterday to pick them up and someone literally snatched them from under his nose. They bought every sodding style.

5. Just because I don't like something and wouldn't wear it, doesn't mean to say it won't be a great seller. I was unsure about this jacket. We bought 6 to try them. They sold out in 2 days! Needless to say they were replenished pretty pronto. I sold a beautiful blue one to a lady this morning, she looked gorgeous.

6. Ebay for business is the most evil creation ever. I swear daily. There is layer upon layer of admin pages to work through. Note to all businesses: never ever change your business name. It's not worth the stress.

7. If I had to pick just two item from the shop, it would have to be the Toxic skinny jeans which are singularly THE BEST SKINNY I have ever worn and are only £25. I do believe that they're doing a high waisted version again this year (which were the first ones I ever bought about 4 years ago). I shall be stocking up. My second choice would be something slightly less sexy, our thermal leggings. Oh lordy they are divine. I wear mine as loungwear but ladies are snapping them up for dog walking, horse riding, daywear, running. The softest, cosiest things in the world with a deep comfortable waist band. This is not supposed to be a sales pitch (lol) but they're only £6.99. I really can't wait to change into them when I get home. Oh what has my life come to?

And I'll leave you with a picture of these super dooper unsexy leggings just to prove that I really do wear them, even tonight. Note to self: sort out those dry heels.

I bet you just zoomed in for a closer look at my feet. You did didn't you!!!!

Have a lovely weekend. Is it going to snow, I hope so.

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  1. Looks lovely, wish I lived closer to pop in. Loving the thermal leggings, might have to order a pair of those.

    1. They are the best ever. The daughter and I tested them in the Peak District at -2 degrees (wind chill factor -97 or something. They were ace x

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  3. Oh that looks gorgeous - would love to visit (and shop!) Don't know how you could be sick of those cute bobble hats ... they're gorgeous! Also loved the draped sweater you had on insta yesterday ... maybe the Pop Up boutique should start selling online??

    1. Ha ha you try living with them for 3 months!! Yep the Ichi draped sweater is a favourite, favourite x

  4. All looks fabulous and I'm literally only a few miles away In Congleton - I'll pop in soon