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No Pie Before Dubai

Finally after 6 years of deliberating, we're off to Dubai next month. Husband always said he didn't want to holiday on a building site (I get that) but we could be waiting forever for that last crane to come down. So the time has come which leaves me with a couple of dilemmas.

The first being as the title blatantly states, no pies before Dubai (or chocolate or wine or.....snooze). We'd normally do a skiing holiday at this time of year. Lots of layers to hide that Christmas blubber and other than the salopettes being on the snug side, it's pretty easy to disguise the extra pounds merrily consumed. It's probably the sole reason why when we have a family vote, I choose this option. And the age old mantra, mañana mañana, the diet starts tomorrow just isn't cutting it right now.

To be fair, it's more toning than weight loss that I need right now. So the exercise started on Friday morning. And I pulled my back out. Back to the drawing board.

I seem to have inherited a Fitbit from hubby who asked for one for Christmas. After careful deliberation, I decided on the Charge HR. Thinking he'd look a tool wearing his proper watch and a Fitbit style watch, the Surge at the same time. No doubt he feels a bit James Bond. So the Charge HR it was. The numpty duly opened it on Christmas morning, set it up on his phone and then decided he didn't want this model after all. Too late to take back so I ended up with this one and he went out and bought the super-dooper upgraded version. I'd already decided I was going to purchase the basic Flex because Tory Burch has an amazing collection of bands. Fashion over fitness. everytime.

Gorgeous aren't they!

Anyway to cut a long story short, since Christmas Day I've been wearing the ugliest piece of plasticised rubber imaginable. But I'm hooked! The dog has had extra (power) walks, I run up and down the stairs to get my stair count up and have been known to march around the kitchen island to increase my daily steps. Serious stuff this. I've yet to run. Remember, I pulled my back out last Friday! I even asked hubby if he'd wear it to the gym to get me a personal best (he said no).

I'm eating lentils and quinoa that gets stuck in my teeth with greenery that makes me feel like a moo-cow. I've cut down on coffee and tea and I'm working through on the wine.

None of this is addressing the toning issue but it makes me feel better (laugh out very loud). And if it fails, I can always get one of those spray tans where they paint a six pack on you. Sounding more and more appealing by the hour.

My second and more serious dilemma is what to wear. Now this is serious! Being a compliant kinda gal, I feel the need to court respect by covering my shoulders and knees. Ok, there are many that say anything goes these days (you only need to flick through Pinterest to see) but you know what, it's not my country so who am I to call the shots? An initial flick through the summer wardrobe left me in no doubt that I needed some serious shopping. None of my dresses do the full cover up thing. The arms aren't a problem, it's the shorter hem lines that worry me. But then I remembered a couple of Baukjen jumpsuits that I bought last year.

The Halwell print that I have is now sold out but the updated version (which is in the sale) is here.

It's really easy to dress up with a pair of black sandals for an evening out or flatties for charging up and down the malls (which I'm sure will be a feature). An easy wear and ticks all the boxes.

I also have a sleeveless version in black, similar here and I'll have to wear something over it which shouldn't be too much of a problem given that I always take something out with me when air conditioning is involved. Nesh me. Never.

And a lovely white dress that is yet unworn - it doesn't cover the knee but it's not short-short. Regular Dubai travellers - would this be acceptable?

What I'm really looking for is a boho midi dress (I think). With high sandals and a clutch. Well, I'd say that's pretty much perfect. Except, I've trawled the web and there's not much around. Either it's too early in the season or boho midis just aren't cutting it this year. Answers on a postcard please.

Don't even get me started on beachwear. Apparently it's ok to strut your stuff in a bikini on the beach but a decent cover-up is required in the hotel. Mine don't really do their job as they're very short!! Attention is required in this area too.

Quite honestly I don't know where to start. I always struggle with winter sun packing anyway. I mean it seems wrong wrong wrong to be packing a bikini when it's barely 3 degrees and chucking it down outside. Factor in the additional considerations and it all becomes a bit of a headache.

So lots of pondering. Feel free to chip in if you have any suggestions at all because I'm off to walk some more steps. Fitbit is calling me.

8 comments on "No Pie Before Dubai"
  1. Nice belts :)
    BLOG M&MFASHIONBITES : http://mmfashionbites.blogspot.gr/
    Maria V.

  2. We stayed on the Marina in 2012 and whilst there were a lot of cranes, roadworks etc it was still a very impressive place. We went over as some friends who live out there were getting married so started on Yas Island then moved over to Dubai. We've always said it's a shame Elodie was only 18 months old at the time as she won't remember any of it.

    Have a fantastic time, how nice to have something to look forward to through miserable cold January :)

    1. We've chosen a Marina view room Louise basically because we wanted a suite with a lounge. Very much looking forward to it. x

  3. Gosh, maybe I should get a FitBit and see if it encourages me to move :(

    Have you considered the arm cover ups (I'm always on about them on Flaky) which hook onto your bra strap and can be worn under sleepless tops or dresses to cover your arms. Quite often in a lacy fabric too, so not too heavy? Would be one way of being still able to use your current summer stuff?

    1. Great idea Helen, thanks for the link. Didn't Mary Portas have something similar too? x

  4. Can't help on the Dubai front I'm afraid, (well jel, btw), but your posts do make me laugh Donna. I'm loving the idea of you marching round the house to get your steps up! :-D xx

    1. Even when I'm cleaning my teeth, I march. And I feel cheated when I have to take it off to charge up. Officially obsessed! x

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