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Orange Is The New Black. Apparently!

Well, it's not hard to miss is it? Even Sainsbury's Tu is awash with the colour. We had a small spring/summer collection delivered on Friday and guess what, lots of orange. Not the easiest of colours to wear, granted but let's embrace it for now.

I can't even link the above as they're not on the Glamorous website yet - hot off the press or what!!

Love it or loath it, there's a certain freshness about orange when teamed with white which seems to be the way to go this year. It's certainly a fashion colour as opposed to an investment piece. It looks lovely and vibrant right now but give it a few months and we'll be sick of the sight of orange. Oh fickle us! So my top tip would be; don't spend lots of money on orange stuff, use it to update your current wardrobe by injecting one or two cheap pieces.

So how do we wear orange?

Well, rather than looking at the normal 6 palettes, I'm going to split us up in to 2 camps; warm skinned and cool skinned. Your skins surface tone may be light medium dark etc but the tone underneath will be either warm or cool. You can have the same skin 'colour' as someone else but a different undertone.

The simplest test is the jewellery test: if you suit gold tones, you're probably warm skinned and if you suit silver, you're probably cool.

More advanced testing is to look at the colour of your skin and this can be broken down as follows:

Warm: peach or golden undertone
Cool: pink, red or bluish undertone

If you have a yellow undertone (sometimes called sallow or Mediterranean), the common misconception is that you are warm skinned. WRONG. Warm colours have yellow undertones and will only serve to increase the yellowness of your skin. Cool colours have blue undertones and will dilute the yellow of your skin making you look fresher. So you will fall in to the cool category also.

Ok, so once we've worked out our skin undertone, we can then work out how to wear orange. That's the easy bit...

Warm skinned: you wear orange really well. Ladies with red/ginger/warm tones to their hair often shy away from orange but honestly it can look amazing as it really complements the lovely golden look that you have.

Cool skinned: you might find wearing orange next to your face difficult particularly if you are really cool skinned (grey/steely hair colour). So stick to accessories.

What's out there then?

Starting with a simple plain t-shirt. What could be better, for the price of a nice bottle of wine, you've got an immediate wardrobe update.

Oasis The Multi-Tasking T-Shirt £14

Ideal to add a pop of colour to your jeans now and white trousers in a few months. Love the idea of wearing it with white jeans and tan accessories in the summer. And what's not to love about the super flattering curved hem.

And looking at all the fashion mags at the moment, they're touting stripes but not of the Breton variety.

Oasis Compact Stripe Jumper £42

Crikey I'm sure I threw something similar away recently. Cropped black pants and the Kola Mule Loafer from Top Shop for a grown up look.

Top Shop Kola Mule Loafer £59

A leftover from last season now which means a bargain for sizes 10, 12 and 14. It's a shock horror crop top but hang on before you groan, it doesn't look THAT cropped on the model. More of a sitting on the waist length and providing you don't anticipate doing a Stayin' Alive boogie, I'm guessing it will be just fine.

Finders Keepers 3/4 Sleeve Crop Top (was £90) now £22.50

A dress from Next, shame it's not slightly longer as I suspect the length could be a bit naff on some. A couple of extra inches would have cracked it. Ok so you could order from the tall range but then it's going to be longer in the body too.

Next Print Sliced Dress £40

And a total, total bargain from Baukjen next. I have several of their dresses and one very similar to this. What can I say, other than they are ACE. And there's an extra 10% off today using code HOORAY.

Baukjen Kilton Jersey Dress (was £95) now £28

And the Newhall Ponte which is possibly an easier style to wear.

Baukjen Newhall Ponte Dress (was £139) now £49

Me thinks, Baukjen peaked too early with orange as there's quite a lot in the sale. Snap it up now at these prices.

Baukjen Callington Wrap Jumper (was £95) now £47

Moving on to coral now and it's probably fair to say, a much more wearable shade of orange.

Hush Lotti Jumper £80

Not a look I have a cat in hell's chance of pulling off but I love every element of this Hush outfit.

Accessories are a great way of updating your current wardrobe (and perfect for cool skin tones who want to partake in the current trend). Starting with shoes. Are shoes accessories? No, I'd say they're pretty essential but you know what I mean. And adding new shoes to an existing outfit can bring it bang smack up to date.

Boden Lille Heel (was £129) now £38.70

I bought the flat orange Lille lace up shoe from Boden last year because being a blogger who has her finger on every trend button, I knew orange was going to be big. Of course I didn't! I have all on worrying about what to wear this season without looking ahead. I bought them because I loved them. Lucky me! For once I'm ahead of the game. Anyway, if you're a heel wearer, for less than £40, you can bag yourself a nice pair of orange shoes.

And looking waaaaaaay ahead to the summer, mules. But you need to have tiny feet as only small sizes left. I'd buy them purely for the name...

ASOS Fiddlesticks Suede Slippers (was £25) now £15

***Jeans Alert. I love these jeans. Sod it, not my size.

Oh bloody hell, these have got everything going on. They missed the memo, less is more but I kind of like them with black skinnies and a black pin tuck shirt that I have. They can only be from River Island can't they. Just a hint of orange thank goodness.

River Island Orange Caged Tie Back Heeled Sandals £65

An orange bag is an ideal way to add a pop of colour to an all black outfit (I'm going to be talking about how to work a one colour outfit soon). Or with jeans and a plain white shirt. This leather saddle bag fits the bill nicely and is another bargain.

Zatchels Saddle Bag (was £60) now £30

And if Lulu Guinness is your thing,

Burnt Orange Leather Mini Paula Cross Body Bag (was £248) now £95 

A little bit pricier now so I'm breaking the rule I set above but in my defence, this Karen Millen bag would I feel, have much more longevity than say the Lulu above. It's more of a burnt orange which we could class as a neutral. Yes?? Well, it does go with lots more than the brighter oranges.

Karen Millen Santa Monica Leather Bag £170

So unusual with the silver chain too.

Back to Baukjen for another bargain. This is a perfect example of how to wear a colour that isn't in your palette. I defy any cool skinned woman not to be able to pull this off.

Baukjen Kendal Striped Poncho (was £119) now £35

So a bit of a peek at what we've got to look forward to (or not, if you hate orange). I'm going to try the orange jumper on tomorrow (you can just see in the first photo) and the little black dress that we put on  our Instagram. Minus the black ankle boots, that look doesn't work for me. I seem to develop knobbly knees and boney shins when I do the ankle boots and dress look. But I thought it might work with a pair of flat sandals for a daytime outfit for the hols.

Feeling very happy with my accomplishments this weekend. Nothing life changing I hasten to add but niggly (is that how you spell it, it looks odd) jobs that I've finally got around to doing. I picked up my new car last Wednesday. Remind me never, ever to have a 2 door car again. Fourteen months of absolute misery. Let's just say, the only way I could get out of my previous one was by rolling out of it. Back to a 5 door so one very happy girl. And I've just realised that between us, the hubby and I can carry a full football team and a sub as we both have 7 seaters. I saw his eyebrows raise in glee as I pointed that fact out. He runs a junior football club (as well as a grown up club) and oh yes I knew he was calculating how many tournaments he could book this summer. In your dreams mate, in your dreams.

Hope you've all had a lovely weekend too.

16 comments on "Orange Is The New Black. Apparently!"
  1. So I've no idea if I"m warm or cool skinned - and I'm sure all the light treatments I've gone through over the year has changed my skin tone as well :( What I do know is that I adore orange and whenever I wear it, I get tons of compliments! Off to have a good nosey at all your picks now xx

    1. You're warm skinned Helen although you skin is very porcelain so it's difficult to work out - I get why you were confused.

  2. I love orange Donna, It's amazing the colours it goes with, unlike red which personally I find difficult. Some great picks here,love those Topshop mules too, I'm definitely starting to get all excited about spring, lets hope it's on it's way soon!
    Helen xx

    1. I find as many people love orange as don't love it. I guess you'd call it a marmite colour. I'm in your camp Helen x

  3. Thanks for clarifying the yellow undertone skin. I didn't get why my skin has a yellow undertone, yet I was labelled as a cool winter type. I get it now!

    1. It's such a common mistake Jessica. People say they're warm skinned when actually they have a yellow undertone (they associate yellow with warmth). Totally understandable. I love the light bulb moment when I explain why oranges and yellows and mustards don't suit but pinks and lovely blues do. Glad I was some help x

  4. I'm a huge fan of orange and coral, especially when the weather warms up a bit. The Hush jumper is gorgeous! I bought the Lille heels too, but in a neutral tone, which is very me! Great post, Donna. Lynne xx

    1. And you suit it so well Lynne. You're an absolute expert in your colour palette and never seem to make a mistake (unlike me, well the devil in me)! x

  5. Now this is a trend I can do Donna all be it in the way of accessories though! I have an ancient orange (more erring on the coral side) Mulberry bag that is just begging to be used! It will brilliant for brightening up my outfits this Spring! xx

    1. Oh gosh that sounds gorgeous Michelle, can't wait to see it x

  6. I used to wear a lot of orange, a 'burnt orange' type of colour does seem to suit me, especially when I have a bit of a tan. All that's gone out the window now that I seem to live in black, though. Maybe I'll dabble again in Summer...

    Love that black dress, perfect for holidays! xx

    1. Black is very addictive isn't it. I've got rid of most of the orange in my wardrobe so looking forward to wearing the new jumper x

  7. where are the clothes in your very top picture from?x

    1. Hi Becky, they're not actually my clothes as in belong in my wardrobe. They're from our boutique (we don't have a website but have a look at our instagram as you can buy from that https://www.instagram.com/popupboutiquemacc/ xx

  8. I love burnt orange, it's my favourite shade, bright orange is nice as well but coral is a yuck for me


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