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Plain & Simple Frocks

Well I'm all over the place, I am. Sorry to keep banging on but this holiday is becoming a bit of a headache. I woke up on Sunday night, well 3.17am to be precise. Bingo, I thought! I'll have a look what's in our summer stockroom at the boutique. We've got a huge room of Glamorous samples waiting to be put out in a couple of months. I normally steer clear of this brand as it's  definitely for the younger girl but hey desperate times call for desperate measures right?

Thing is, I don't want to spend lots of cash on stuff that I won't wear again. The Glam samples are perfect as they're really keenly priced (or they will be when we the weather warms up and we can put the parkas and furs and ruddy bobble hats away). So off I trotted up the 5 flights of stairs (it's actually 3 but Mr Fitbit tells me it's 5 so I'm going with that number) and pulled out a few things. It immediately became apparent that this would not be a cohesive well planned wardrobe. We're talking full on patterns and vivid colours - so not me. Anyway, I've got my name on one maxi dress that's ok. I'll let you know if I decide to keep it.

So this evening, I've decided to revert back to Plan A. And that's to try and find something that's more 'me' and can be worn during the summer here too. Sounds far more sensible yes? I tried to chat it through with hubby but he had this vacant expression and his eyes glazed over. No sense there then. So back to the internet it was and what a difference a few days makes.

Where dresses are concerned, I tend to opt for very plain, well cut pieces. Bling and dressy up dresses aren't really me. I'd rather look for something more casual that I can add jewellery and heels.

I found a pretty perfect dress at an amazing price on the first page that I opened. It's in the new in section of Esprit. I bought a couple of beach dresses from Esprit last year for my hols and was pretty pleased with them so this has got to be worth a go.

Esprit Mottled Maxi Dresss In A Wool Look £45

This is the gunmetal but it also comes in navy. It's more midi than maxi and although described as a wool look, I think that's the marl in the fabric so I doubt it will be overly thick. Sleeves are 3/4s which means I can load up on the arm candy. And having a sleeve makes it much more wearable in this country too.  Teamed with my snake print sandals and a clutch, I reckon it's an outfit good to go. Feeling much more optimistic.

On a roll, I found this one at & Other Stories

& Other Stories Tencel Denim Dress £69

Denim hmmmmmm! Could be sticky. But, it's not as hot as we initially expected, and lots of the restaurants are inside which means pesky air conditioning. This will be fine, she says confidently, high or low sandals (depending on what we plan). Love those shoes by the way. And then back home, blazer and trainers or even better my shimmery gold flat form pumps that I bought today.

Gold shimmer flatform pumps - Pop Up Boutique £15

Am I vaguely cool? Please tell me I am....pop socks and all.

Moving on to Next. Now at first glance this is wrong wrong wrong. Too short for a start and it has see through arms. But cunning plan, I could order the tall version which would give me an extra inch or two. Got to say though, I love this length with the boots.

Next Black Lace Shirt Dress £45

And I'm not sure I'd want to wear a scarf cover-up thingy with long sleeves. Maybe this is a no but it's a corker of a dress. Perfect cut, exactly what I've been looking for.

Finally, a khaki shirt dress. I think I could do something with this. Gold sandals or even the snake print ones which means, less luggage, gold jewellery, a tan.....

New Look Khaki Double Pocket D-Ring Waisted Midi Shirt Dress now £19.99

I guess these dresses might be on the understated side for Dubai but they're much more 'me'. I seem to have far more success with something I can 'dress up' myself. Things are definitely looking up. I'll report back any successes.

Day in the boutique today, it's lovely to see the spring stock come through. See those bob hats in the small trunk. TWO left in navy, I say, just two. I'll be so cheering from the roof tops when the lot of them have gone. Mind you, we've still got a heck of a lot of people buying them.

And finally, here's what I wore. Day 2 of doing red, this time by way of a bag.

Jeans - Toxic (similar)
Denim shirt - Tommy Hilfiger
Pinstripe blazer - H&M  (similar)
Wool blanket scarf - Ichi (similar)
Wrist warmers - Johnstons
Honey Lo trainers - Adidas Originals
Bayswater bag - Mulberry
And now I have the lovely job of deciding between More or Canagan dog food. According to a doggy nutritionist at Pet's Corner, both will help our big fat old lazy lab with his (cough) flatulence problem.  Hey ho, things we have to do.

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  1. LOVE this look - and I'm going to copy it as I have a great pinstripe blazer from Mango in my closet - and a red bag;)