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How To Look Slimmer Without Trying Too Hard

It's all about working the verticals. Making your frame look longer and leaner. Simple as that. We're talking column dressing. When I'm having a fat day, I wear the same colour top to toe and add a few accessories for interest.

When I was doing Colour Me Beautiful, ladies would say to me, I'll buy new clothes when I lose a stone. No!!!! You need to start feeling good about yourself today, it will give you the motivation to keep going. Now if I were to say that you could buy now and still wear when you reach your goal, would you believe me? You can if you buy smart.

I received a very timely email last week from an independent boutique that specialise in producing garments for every size with a dedicated range for plus size ladies. I'd already planned to write about column dressing so am delighted that Mandy's Heaven  got in touch.

I'll tell you a little bit more about the brand later, firstly let's look at what I mean about dressing top to toe in one colour.

Of course, I chose my favourite colour, blue. But in fact any dark colour works equally well; black, charcoal grey, brown. The idea is to make sure that there is no break in colour from your shoulder down to your foot. It makes it difficult for the eye to settle anywhere on the torso and gives the illusion of a longer frame.

Had I added a cream jumper to the navy jeans, the line where the two colours meet, would break up my torso as the eye is drawn to that point. Similarly, if I'd added camel boots, it breaks up the leg length thus shortening this area. Now, I'm not saying that wearing different colours is a bad thing, we would be utterly miserable if we couldn't do this. I'm just showing you how wearing a column of colour can and will make you appear taller and leaner.

The blue glitter jumper appears to be out of stock but check out the khaki one here. How cool would this look with a pair of khaki jeans? I've teamed the jumper with a pair of indigo leggings from M&S and Autograph wedge suede boots in navy from M&S (past season). The jumper is quite a wide neck so allows me the opportunity to show a little shoulder which does actually add interest and had I not worn the bag, the eye would be drawn up to this area. The jumper has a lovely subtle embellishment of glitter stars - perfect detail without detracting from the column. It fits sizes 10-16. So yes, you can buy now and still wear it when you've reached your target weight.

So there we have the basic column, now for the fun bit. I'm going to direct the eye to where I want it and I do this by adding a pop of colour. In this case it's the pink leather satchel from Mandy's Heaven, again out of stock but this cobalt blue would work just as well. In fact it was a toss up between the pink and blue when I was choosing.

If you feel a little self conscious wearing something so bright across the chest area, it works equally well on the shoulder.

Finally I added accessories. Say hello to Fred who is wearing the Linked Heart Necklace - his neck is so much better than mine.

Now this really is a clever little piece. It sits above the bust line which can only be a good thing. As my daughter often reminds me when I wear longer ones, it's a necklace, not a boob catcher Mum! I've had great fun wearing the hearts upside down, side by side, the right way up. Gosh, I lead a very sad life.

And finally arm candy.

You can go to town with bangles and bracelet because we all have lovely wrists and what better to draw the eye to this area. I wore my ancient Tag Heuer watch (similar), Laura Ashley Deco Cut Out Hinged Bangle and Thomas Sabo bracelet.

Interesting accessories really can take a very plain and ordinary outfit to the next level.

So to recap, dress top to toe in the same shade. Add a pop of colour by way of a bag for interest and throw on that jewellery. S'easy!

Do bob over to Mandy's Heaven, there are some really lovely items, one size fits 10-16. There's also a dedicated plus size section, these lace vests particularly caught my eye and would be perfect for layering under knitwear.

Mandy's Heaven is a small business run from the family home, a dreamy idyllic cottage in the Heart of the English countryside. Mandy is passionate about providing beautiful clothes for ladies of all shapes and sizes. She's also managed to rope her husband and son into the business so it really is a family affair. And for readers of this blog, I have a 20% discount code for any orders placed (SLUDGE20). Plus there's free next day delivery on orders over £40. Enjoy x

And just to show you that I practice what I preach, here's me today in the boutique wearing top to toe  black with a contrast of cream shaggy fur!

Black Ichi top (no longer available)
Black Next coated jeggings
Cream Jovonna Bomber Jacket  Was £70, now £20
Black Boden Ankle Boots
A close up of the faux fur.

*If you would like to purchase this jacket, drop me an email. We have sizes 8 and 10 (a generous fit) left. P&P is £3.99.

Thanks for all your kind words and emails about my last post. I promise to reply to everyone over the next day or so.  I'm going to continue with this theme next week as it would appear that it's not just me that's interested in style personalities!

6 comments on "How To Look Slimmer Without Trying Too Hard"
  1. A timely reminder for me! I will be trying to put this into practice as I do battle with those unwanted few extra pounds. Thanks Donna, Elaine x

  2. It's all about illusion Elaine, tricking the eye. Oh I'm great at that. Means I can eat cake and not worry too much about those extra pounds (lol) xx

  3. A great read!! Makes a lot of sense,too!


    1. Thanks Louise. It's such a simple trick if you want to look a little slimmer xx

  4. I practice this a LOT!!! Love a bit of column dressing .. because sadly I also love to eat a lot too!!!

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