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It's One Of Those Really Good Competitions...

I've mentioned before how lucky I've been over the last 18 months with online competitions. Shame it doesn't extend to the £33 million Euromillions. Zilch, diddly-squat on that front. And still I part with my £2 per draw. Bloomin Nora, I've just worked out that's £208 per annum. That's a pair of shoes or a nice jacket. Whose the mug?

This little competition that's currently running is FREE to enter (click here). And you could win a £250 Gemini voucher. I'm in it to win it. Are you?

It's worth following Gemini on Twitter or Facebook or Instagram because they run regular competitions. One of my favourites is their makeover prize; a day of pampering at the shop in Stratford-upon-Avon where you get to play model for the day. Watch out for that one (I've done it, it's amazing).

Here's how I'd spend the voucher if I won it.

How much do I need a new navy blazer? This much  <...................................................................>

So top of the wish list is this easy wear jersey one from the new Sandwich Collection

Sandwich Essentials Jersey Blazer in Fresh Indigo £79

I'm always on the look out for cute little tops although my days of wearing spaghetti straps or vests are long gone. This one is ideal, it has a cute little pleated overlay.

Great Plains Remix Jersey Top in Sea Salt £35

Bit special isn't it.

And I'm always happy to add an easy wear sweatshirt to my wardrobe. And do you know what, I'm so over wearing a sweater with a waistband. Is it just me or do they ride up and tuck themselves above the belly? Much much much prefer a hem finished like this one. Love this colour, something I haven't currently got. Perfect for Spring with a pair of jeans or layered under a blazer. See above!

Sandwich Light Jade Cotton Pullover in Sprout Green £79 (ha ha ha ha Sprout Green)

Always on the hunt for jeans, I'd definitely give these a whirl. Love the wash - it's my favourite!

Great Plains Cassity Denim Boyfriend Jeans in Antique Wash £65

I work that out to be £258 in total. So, I would owe Gemini £8. Not bad for 4 quality items!

I'm sat here in my 'jamas on Friday night nursing god only knows what, a cold, flu, lurgy. Actually we've all got it. Fun house this is! It might be a case of hunkering down with the Amazon Fire Stick to watch old movies all weekend. Yeay! Except someone has to take the dog out and go food shopping and sort out the laundry. That'll be me then.

Have a good weekend and don't forget to enter the competition.

Nb. this isn't a sponsored post, I thought you might like the chance to win a voucher. Good luck, hope one of us is lucky xx
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