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Jeans For Me, A Jumper For The Daughter!

Do you remember this post here? Well, the people at Wrap London saw it too and asked if my daughter and I would like to choose something to take with us to Dubai (don't worry they don't do swimwear...it's safe to read on). But anyway, how nice of them?

It was such a difficult choice to make because I still love everything I featured in my original post. In the end, I opted for a pair of jeans. Ha! I hear you say. A safe option. Well yes but firstly all the model shots are stunning (particularly the tops and dresses) - how can I compete with them. Every item is shot so beautifully which makes it easy to envisage how they would work in your own wardrobe. And secondly, I've fallen out of love with Marks & Spencer jeans (my go-to place). Big time. The last 4 pairs haven't lived up to expectations and bag around the bum within an hour of wearing them. As my grandad would have said, I look like a bag of muck. So, say hello to the Baileys.

Bailey Jeans in Dove 

Fab aren't they. Mind you I always, always hyperventilate when wearing a new pair for the first time! The fear of breaking them in, the bum sag and all that. And I forgot to pack a belt. But fear not, they didn't budge and were nearly as comfy as my trackie bottoms.

Bailey Jeans - Wrap London
Printed Top - Zara (similar)
Brown Suede Jacket - Gerry Weber (similar)
Metallic Bronze Clutch - Coach (similar)
Top Post Sandals - Primark (similar)  

Ok, I know you were expecting golden sand and blue sea shots not a shopping mall (it was a very nice shopping mall mind you). I'd planned to do some moody shots around Dubai Marina which is stunning by the way. Sadly the camera didn't want to play ball and when I realised, it was too dark to reshoot so out came the mobile phone. And it's no coincidence that the pattern of my top almost matches the L'Occitane shop front.

So down to business. Did they pass the Donna test?

1. Are they comfortable? Yes, in fact I considered wearing them on the plane journey home - that would be a first, I don't normally wear skinnies for long-hauls. They sit on the hip, maybe a tad lower than I'm used to but that didn't pose a problem. They do look quite low slung on the model shot - but fear not real women, they come up slightly higher.

2. Do I like the colour? Well my array of white jeans range from pure white to soft white to cream. These are more of a subtle oatmeal (they call it Dove but don't think dove as in dove grey - they have a much warmer hue).

3. Are they true to size? Yes, maybe a tad generous but not a full size.

4. Do they give? Not really, there's some stretch in them for comfort but I didn't notice any bagging or sagging.

5. And the length? Just perfect on me. I love the fact that they're not skin tight at the bottom as well.

Anyway, I must really like them because I wore them again today (straight out of the wash). First sign of sunshine for weeks and the ankles came out. Check out those (slightly) tanned legs. It felt positively spring like.

Bailey Jeans - Wrap London
 Pale Gold & White Top - Zara (old)
Fur Bomber Jacket - Jovonna (on sale)
Metallic Pumps - Pop Up Boutique (similar and adore these!)
Bag - Tods (similar)
*By the way, this photo was taken after a mammoth 4 hour spring cleaning session (they don't look bad at all do they considering I was on my hands and knees most of that time). Things to note:

1. Does anyone else wear white jeans (and sunnies on their head) whilst cleaning? No, that'll be just me then.

2. Why do I find it so difficult to cull my jackets and coats wardrobe. I'm ruthless everywhere else. My first attempt resulted in 1 paltry card-jacket consigned to the charity shop. So after having a stern word with myself, I managed another 3!

Anyway, back to the jeans which come in an array of colours, I've got my beady eye on the khaki ones next.

Big thumbs up for my choice. What about Ashleigh's?

Well she chose a little knit that was actually on my original post, the Pia Sweater. 

You really do need to see this in the flesh to appreciate how gorgeous it is (I was a tad jealous if I'm honest). 

Pia Sweater - Wrap London
Shorts - Vintage Levis (selection here)
Brown Leather Belt (similar)
Fig Lace Up Sandals - Top Shop (black available)
100% cotton, perfect for the end of a Dubai day when it cools down quite quickly at this time of year. She chose the Ocean Marl but the other two colour-ways are equally as nice. 

Bag - Primark (old)

The ladder stitch detail on the arm and above the hem gives Ashleigh her 'pretty' fix. She's a Romantic style personality so loves detail on her clothes. It's a slightly boxy fit and sits on the hips. Of course 20 year olds do the 'front tuck' so well....

A quick change into white jeans for a relaxed dinner (I think we ate Italian that night....as you do in Dubai!!).

Moto White Jamie Jeans - Top Shop
White & Animal Print Sandals - River Island (similar)
You know, Ashleigh has so many of these little knits in her wardrobe and pounds per wear....well let's just say they owe her nothing. I know, this one is going to be another firm favourite.

Thank you Wrap London, we had a ball shooting the photos and love what you sent. Do pop over to the website and have a look at this season's collection. I'm betting you'll find something to love.

Precious day at home on my own today. Got so much done. The dog came back from his hols yesterday (sister-in-laws) - he keeps giving me dirty looks. Ok, I know he prefers her to me, that's an understatement. She is his most favourite person in the world followed closely by the dog walker. Who seems to have got herself pregnant so I need to find another one - swiftly. That will be another few weeks of doggy dirty looks until it's sorted.

Big delivery in the boutique today, looking forward to checking it over tomorrow. The black dress that I featured on Instagram has proved really popular (I promise to email everyone who has asked about it tomorrow when I can confirm sizes). Also looking forward to trying on a couple of Jovonna pieces from our sample sale that I've put to one side; a stunning white dress and a white mesh bomber jacket (it's nicer than it sounds).

Ok, off to put the bins out because no one else seems to do it in this house. I'll tell you about our holiday next time.

3 comments on "Jeans For Me, A Jumper For The Daughter!"
  1. How gorgeous and relaxed (and bloody TANNED!!!) do you both look? I really like those jeans Donna - not too skinny. Very flattering. Sweater is lovely too, but lets face it .. A would look good in anything! x

  2. Love both items but especially the jumper. It's something I would definately wear x

  3. Love both items but especially the jumper. It's something I would definately wear x