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Naughty Boden Tempting Me To Spend!!

It's painful to write but I'm back from my holibobs. We landed in torrential rain. I swear to god Manchester rain drops are twice as wet as anywhere else. I'll tell you all about Dubai soon - it was different to what I expected. A place of multiple personalities.

Anyway, I have a more immediate dilemma. Given the amount of clothes that I've bought since Christmas (I won't be using the blog as a confession box - still in denial), I'd already decided on a period of abstinence of no spend from now until the end of March. Repenting my sins and all. And then Boden do their diminishing discount thingy (see below for details). I mean we knew it was coming but why now??? So do I play chicken and egg and wait until after March (praying that the stuff I've earmarked is still in stock and that Johnnie B does another discount soon) or break my resolve before it's barely begun? Decisions decisions. 

I spotted a couple of pairs of side stripe trousers towards the end of 2015 but if I'm honest the flared leg doesn't work so well on me. Being bigger on top, I need to show the shape of my legs otherwise I look a bit blobby. I tried on the M&S Limited Edition cropped ones (they seem to have sold out online) which I liked and am kicking myself for not buying. But I keep coming back to these. 

Ok, they don't have the side stripe but there's something a little bit different about them and certainly a nod to the current trend. The shape is definitely flattering for my form! I think I prefer the navy to the black ones. And in my head, I can conjure up many more outfits. White shirt as above, navy blouse, the blue boyfriend shirt from Boden last season.

And then there's the shoes. I love my navy and orange Lille lace-ups that I bought last year, good purchases because it would appear there's still life in the ghillie shoe in 2016. But these red ones would slot into my wardrobe seamlessly; black trousers, navy trousers, white jeans, blue jeans and that's before I even think about summer dresses and skirts. 

I haven't been drawn to the Valentino Rockstuds at all. The metallic studs don't do it for me at all but there's something rather lovely about these tonal ones. Look...

Next on my wish list is the Isabella Belted Cardigan. Juries out on which colour to order (both would work equally well). Sadly the 4 reviews available all give it one star. I'd still be tempted to order to check it out for myself.

Navy with rose quartz trim (I have lots of navy and nude pink in my wardrobe (tick)

And the mid grey with navy trim (I'm building up my grey collection and this would work really well with my nude pink tops (tick). See my dilemma?

And finally, the more feminine cut boyfriend shirt aptly named the Girl Fit Shirt is on my radar. I love my Boy Fit Shirt but I've got to be honest, it's a sod to style with flat shoes. 

I have longish legs and the length of the shirt makes them look quite short so I end up wearing heels to correct it. And sometimes you just want to slip those trainers on! So I bought the classic shirt in the same colour to wear under blazers - this one. Much easier to style. 

I'd probably have saved money by buying the Girl Fit shirt in the first place. But if I remember rightly it wasn't released until later in the season. Anyway, I have my eye on this one.

I mean who doesn't love a stripe? 

And that's it people, the Boden bits from my wish list. There's 20% off everything until Thursday, reducing to 15% until Saturday and 10% on Sunday. Plus free P&P. Use code 9J9G. 

Wah wah. What shall I do? I've barely started my challenge and I'm already cracking. Things are already selling out. I've missed out on the Ponte T-Shirt Tunic Dress that I featured a couple of weeks ago. Who buys these things so early in the season? 

I'm going to have to sleep on it I think. By the way, if you're wondering I didn't buy a thing in Dubai. Just can't see the point of wasting a good holiday wandering around shops that we have back home AND I'd already been warned by hubby before we went that there would be no 'luxury treats' so that meant swerving all the lovely designer shops. Surely that deserves a treat yes??

So if you have any tips on getting through 39 days without shopping, do throw them this way. 

Thank you for being my sounding block.

4 comments on "Naughty Boden Tempting Me To Spend!!"
  1. Hi Donna. Think of it this way, if you buy you need to chuck out. That means you are donating to a charity shop. You're doing a good turn. Doesn't help! Oh well I tried. I'm collecting the catalogues at the moment and holding on to my resolve.

    1. Are you a spin doctor by any chance Anna? That's an excellent point of view!! x

  2. Donna, I'm eating humble pie this season re: Boden...You see in my opinion, after so many years of them being so stuck in a mumsy rut, I totally dismissed them as having any credibility. But how the worm has turned (that's me not them...Well, they have done a 360 degrees turn as well!) Now, there is so much choice of goodies, that will be very, very hard to resist this season.
    Helen xx

  3. You can't NOT get that navy cardigan with the pink trim. It has your name all over it!! Sorry, I'm not really helping, am I?! x