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Higher Hemlines And Less Layers, Yep We're Talking Transitional Dressing

It doesn't take a lot to make me happy. A little sunshine and shedding of layers. Happened this weekend. Yep, it made me smile. Just a little mind.

Let's just skip over the fact that temperatures dipped yesterday and I was literally shivering. 

So what's this mythical thing called transitional dressing? For me, it means dressing normally (it's certainly my comfort zone).  Everything's still covered but far less layers. Blink and you miss summer so my own trans-seasonal dressing starts around now and finishes well in to October. 

I've yet to conquer the summer wardrobe, it's never going to be my favourite season. I hate the cold so winter is a no-no. Give me now any day. Well now if it were a few degrees warmer. 

I pulled out an old mac the other day,  a classic inbetweeny piece. Something that can be easily added to if it's colder outside - a thin knit and scarf and yet is thin enough to throw in a bag if we're suddenly hit with a heatwave. Fat chance.

It seemed the perfect opportunity to road test the Stripe Boat Neck Tee that Kettlewell asked me to review. A pair of skinnies sporting a cuff to show just a smidgen of ankle. These are Fat Face Worn Vintage Skinnies and the red Bonnie Studded Flats from Boden (I do change my shoes occasionally, honest guv). 

Ok, I know I'm not reinventing the wheel here but I never really set out to do that. Ever actually. Far better to be comfortable. I swear I'm entering my senior years. And every piece is indeed the epitome of comfort. 

A comfy outfit = a happy Donna. And that's the most important thing. Yes? 

Let's just say that the top isn't strictly speaking my colour. A bold red and white stripe? Eeek. But you know me by now, never one to stick to the rules. It's just a matter of giving it a helping hand. So a few adjustments here and there....a lighter jacket/coat and tying my hair away from my face always does the trick. 

It kind of works don't you think? 

It's a lovely little top actually. I don't think I even need to talk about the quality - goes hand in hand with Kettlewell. Three quarter sleeves (perfect for now) and of course I get to show off my arm candy. And the length is just right for giving a bit of bum coverage but most of all not too long when I progress to my blazers. I'm wearing a medium, plenty of room. An excellent addition to my wardrobe. 

So that's what transitional dressing means to me. Happy days. 

1 comment on "Higher Hemlines And Less Layers, Yep We're Talking Transitional Dressing"
  1. Oh I am so with you on this! I love Spring & early Autumn when the weather is mild enough for blazers and light jackets ... and let's face it, thats pretty much the entire summer as well for UK and Ireland. Cute top x