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I'm Going A Bit Off Piste With This One

Guilty as charged. My list of preferred shops is a small one. Call me lazy but as I get older, I know what I want. I'm not really that bothered about experimenting too much (see previous post about uniforms). You ain't going to find a fashion shaker-upper blogger on these pages. Sorry!

So I'm sat here on my own. Husband said he fancied taking the son to watch Manchester United's mid week game. Would it be ok? Not that I practically shoved them out of the door or anything. Large glass of wine and a Cadburys Mini Egg Easter Cake was calling. After surfing my regular web pages, realising there was nothing on tv, I was at a bit of a loose end. So decided to look at random retailers, ones I never, ever click on. Which brings me to the subject of this post. Matalan. 

We have a Matalan in our town (surprisingly, given we have very little else) but I don't often go in. Last time was to buy some bits and bobs from their home furnishing department for the daughter's digs at Uni which are excellent by the way. Annoyingly, they don't have a home furnishings sale on line and given my local shop has a whole 2 shelves of house things, the range in store isn't extensive but it was in sale. I hate being cheated out of a bargain! But that's by the by. 

Got to say, I was pleasantly surprised by a few pieces although I haven't yet seen any in the flesh. The beauty about Matalan is that they cater for most people, a lot of pieces go up to a size 20.

I hope this biker jacket is more khaki than brown in real life. Simple white v neck t-shirt, jeans and trainers for a timeless outfit. Suddenly a khaki biker seems very appealing.

Faux Suede Biker Jacket £30

A little wardrobe transformer next. Not so versatile as the biker jacket but will inject some freshness into a spring wardrobe. In the main, I tend to buy plain jackets as they're investment pieces, but at £25, it's a no brainer.

Adore the print and colours. Again could be worn with jeans and a white or black t-shirt or for a smarter look with black pants and top. The key to making this look 'expensive' is the fit. So, it needs to fit across the shoulders and under the arms in particular.

Textured Print Blazer £25

Something for the classic dresser amongst us now. I had to look twice at this. What I really mean is that I had to zoom in to check I was reading it right. It's part of the Fenn Wright Manson collection. Yes you read that right, a little jacket from FWM for 40 squid!!! Ideal for dressier occasions, perfect to pop on over a little dress for a wedding. Love the ivory underlay.

FWM Lace Jacket £40

And if blouses are your thing, this one! Not wild about the styling on the model (she's wearing it loose with brown trousers). But semi-tucked with a pair of cropped kick flare jeans and a bright red bag ???

Heart Print Blouse £12

And an ideal leisure wear top. Gosh I love leisure wear. As soon as I get in, clothes off, joggers and sweatshirt on, hair scraped back. In fact the hubby thinks my whole wardrobe consists of dress down stuff and pyjamas given that's all he ever sees me in. Size up for a lovely slouchy fit and pair with leggings or joggers if you prefer. See the minger I am, I'd take off my leggings and hop in to bed with this on. Which isn't so bad, but then I'd probably get up the next morning and do the school run in it too!

Long Sleeve Tie Side Top £12

This shape of top is bloody brilliant for wearing under a blazer. It sits perfectly on the hip. Shame there's only two colour ways. Nude and cream.

Crew Neck T-Shirt £10

And moving on to knitwear. Who doesn't love a good ol' stripe.

Zip Shoulder Detail Jumper in cream £14

And the black

You almost want them to be more expensive to affirm quality don't you?

The only pair of trousers that caught my eye were from the FWM collection. A slightly more formal fabric that would lend themselves very nicely to a night out which I'm thinking the husband owes me after getting his pass out. Love the length, very similar to my Mango ones. Super flattering with a ballet pump or trainer.

FWM Sateen Trousers £20

I wasn't so wild about the footwear but these loafers caught my eye. I'm all about grey at the moment.

Fringe Loafers £15

And a pretty useful cross body bag.

Classic Across Body Bag £12

So, let's have a look at the items I've picked out as a collection...I think you'd be hard pressed to believe that these aren't from an exclusive boutique. What do you think?

Wow Matalan, I'm a bit impressed (a lot actually).

It's been a funny old day in the boutique. We decided to change the window displays (two huge ones). Now given we have virtually no props and our mannequins really do need replacing, the art of creativity was required. Normally we plonk the mannequins in and hope for the best but wanted to step it up a bit this time. Four hours later, a visit to Poundland, the local market, a drive to Poundstretcher (Matalan  is only a couple of doors away - darn it, I should have popped in) and a masterclass from the lovely people in the mens shop, John Douglas (thank you thank you thank you) we now have two pretty good windows. We raided John Douglas' prop store (oh lordy, a treasure trove) and came back with a park bench and greenery! So we're talking picnic theme in one window and a spring bright Easter theme in the other. I think the whole lot cost us £36.25. Champion! Let me just have a twiddle tomorrow and I'll do some photos.

How is everyone fairing with this bizarre weather? I can hear the wind howling outside. Great! A 6.15am dog walk beckons tomorrow.

4 comments on "I'm Going A Bit Off Piste With This One"
  1. I pop in every now and then and am always pleasantly surprised at what I find especially in the homewares department. My best buy has been my black fur coat from there which I have lived in this winter when I've not had my parka on and I've just bought a blouse which I'm delighted with - just waiting for some warmer weather so I can wear it. I am so nesh.

    1. Their homewear section is ace isn't it. Although our local one doesn't really have the space for anything too extensive (think 2 cushions and a photo frame). Love that word....NESH NESH NESH xx

  2. Donna, I have been following your blog and enjoy your fashion suggestions. With that in mind I stepped into Matalan this morning to take a peak at the khaki jacket. Sadly - it is horrible. You can see I am in a "tell it like it is" mood today! The fabric is cheap and shiny looking and its kind of tooooo detailed. However - got some ankle skimming white trousers for summer and a swimming towel for my little lad so actually a good diversion! Take care - will look forward to seeing pics of your shop window.

    1. Nooooo Sue please don't tell me that. I was expecting a lush buttery suedette All Saints jacket. This is why it pays to see it in the flesh. Thanks for your feedback. Saved me a trip. Glad you didn't have a wasted trip. And so pleased you like the blog xx