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I've Discovered A New Shop!

Hey you guys, why didn't you tell me! About The Range. Keeping it all to yourselves. I mean I've heard about it (wasn't there a documentary or something on television last year) but I've never been in one or even looked on the website. I don't even know if there is one near me. Hang on, I'll google...

Nope, the nearest one is 16 miles away.

I normally get my homewares from the likes of John Lewis and HomeSense (love HomeSense for quirky bits). Oh and Next are pretty good for cushions but the cushion pads are pants so I throw those away and buy nice ones. But never The Range.

So there I am the other night googling for World Clock clocks. I suddenly fancied a World Clock clock for our downstairs loo and this one pops up.

World Clock £24.99

Bingo, just what I was after. And a snip at £24.99. It's only for the downstairs loo after all.

And if I spend another £25.01, I get free postage. Yep this is how my mind works. I'd rather buy something else that doubles the spend to avoid paying postage. I AM A RETAILERS DREAM.

So, I ordered this bucket to put the loo rolls in.

Oval Beer Bucket  £15.99 although the price seems to have been amended to £7.99 (what I mean is, it's not in the sale but cheaper than what I paid - not happy)

Thing is, embarrassingly, we have empty cupboards so don't actually need a loo roll storage solution. There's a whole double cupboard in the downstairs loo that's completely empty. Wish the same thing could be said for my wardrobes. I've even considered putting my smalls in there but that would be totally impractical wouldn't it. And, I don't really fancy guests rummaging through my knicker cupboard when trying to locate the air freshener after doing a smelly poo (it happens). Actually, striking a match is much better at getting rid of the smell than masking it with scent. Something to do with the sulphur in the match if I remember rightly. Cor blimey how did we get on to that!!! Back to the empty cupboards, I'll fill them with more loo rolls I think.

Only another £9.02 to go.

Two of these, a big one and a small one.

Vintage Butterfly Vase (large) £2.49

Vintage Butterfly Vase (small) £1.34

(They aren't the same size honestly, even though it says they are in the product description).

Just another £5.19 to go.

These then.

Silver Pear/Apple Ornament £3.49

Guilty of not reading the blurb. I didn't realise you only got either the apple or the pear. Doh! Mind you, if I'd ordered two, I might have ended up with two pears - that wouldn't have done at all, I wanted one of each. I only  ordered one and got the apple. Which is not apple sized at all, more the size of a Galia melon. And it's  a shiny silver, not as in the picture so doesn't really go where I wanted it. But that's ok, it's found a home as you'll see below. Now how do I go about getting the pear?

£1.70 to go. It's hard work spending this £50.

So what can I get for £1.70 or thereabouts. I know. A Pyrex jug, there's bound to be a Pyrex jug. I dropped mine the other month and let me tell you when they smash, they smash. All over the kitchen floor. Yep, a 0.5L jug for just £2.99. That's an overspend of £1.29.

0.5 L Pyrex Jug £2.99

Pyrex jugs are like Monopoly boards aren't they, every house in the country has one.

And here they all are in situ.

*Tip* don't buy for the bedroom. It takes 4 AA batteries, that's 4 ticking clocks! Unless you like the sound of ticking that is.

There's about 7 loo rolls in there, so it's a good size bucket.

Absolutely adore these and can't believe the price! A couple of quid each.

Told you it was shiny. Here's where it lives to give you an idea of scale (it's a pretty large sideboard)

Ooooh that was nice wasn't it, talking about homewear instead of clobber. Mind you, I'm still smarting about the beer bucket price hike. Such a Yorkshire tight a*se.


You want to see a picture of the Pyrex jug?



Here you go.

I bet that's changed your life!

Have you ever shopped at The Range? And if so, why didn't you tell me about it? It's fab. I shall make it my mission to visit a store soon. And if The Range people happen to read this post, I want my   £8 back. Cheated I feel, cheated.

9 comments on "I've Discovered A New Shop!"
  1. I have never ever ever heard of it. ..ever. Your purchases look mighty fine. I'm wishing I had a sideboard, and a cupboard in my loo to put a bucket on.

    1. Really impressed with the quality for the money Anna x

  2. Ooh I love to lose a few hours in The Range.....love that place!! xx

    1. I need to visit an actual shop now Michelle to get the full experience ha ha xx

  3. Ha! ha! Funny post I've never heard of The Range, but I'm really loving that beer bucket. (Bare cupboards?? Are you serious? You can go off a person you know!)

    1. We do seem to have an extraordinary amount of storage Helen although cupboards are fuller than they were 10 years ago xx

  4. It is amazing and wonderful to visit your site.It really gives me an insight on this topic.
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  5. I've been shopping there for a while now. In all honesty stuff like Pyrex is fine, but some of the other, more decorative items are not great quality. Some of the ornaments just look cheap. I would say stick to the kitchen ware. X

  6. Do you know what, I was kind of expecting the stuff I ordered to be a bit naff but I'm chuffed to bits with every single piece. Think I must have made some good choices (more luck than judgement) x