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Jeans, Joggers & Caffeine

Hello hello, me again. I just had to tell you about a couple of pairs of trousers that I've picked up from Next. I always seem to come up trumps with their bottoms. The faux leather leggings from last season were a triumph. They have a similar pair this season here if you're interested. So wish they would do them in grey and navy. Hello buyers if you're reading. GREY and NAVY please.

Anyway, this time I've managed to snag a pair of cropped wide leg jeans. Well, I will when I've decided on the colour;

Distressed Hem Cropped Wide Leg Jeans in Mid Blue £26

I've been looking for a pair of cropped kick flares for ages and quite frankly I'm fed up. These are the best I can find. Ideally I would have preferred a tighter leg but ordered these on an overnight delivery last night out of curiosity. Tried them on quickly (forgive the shocking photos and styling - no excuse offered) and am pretty pleased. I'll decide on the colour when I can get my head around how I'm going to style them. This actually means popping over to Pinterest and stealing someone else's style. Och come on, you know I don't reinvent the wheel.

The light wash ones...

And the dark ones

These are size 10s and possibly come up ever so slightly big. The length is pretty perfect on me (I'm 5 ft 8 1/2). I don't normally get on with 'baggier' trousers as they lose the shape of my leg and make me look bigger than I am but being cropped, gives me the benefit of showing my lower leg which balances it all out. Well in theory anyway. My favourite favourite thing is the frayed hem which is exactly what I've been looking for. Oh and the fabric, a lovely soft cotton.

I've been looking for a side stripe since I saw the Me&Em ones before Christmas. Totally lush. Except they were a wide leg (read above - a no go area for me except knowing Me&Em, they'll be so cleverly tailored that everyone will look good in them). I've been tempted with these ones but didn't really want a crop. I bobbed in to Next to pick up my jeans order and a couple of pairs of joggers caught my eye. These ones.

Navy Side Stripe Jogger £28

Ok, let's over look the styling shall we.

And it doesn't get any better...

Black Side Stripe Jogger £22

So the navy ones first. What can I say. Divine. Fit like a dream (size 10). There's enough fabric for looseness but not enough so they're flapping around the thigh.

ON LOCATION (in the daughter's bedroom). Ok Ok I know, my styling isn't much better (but I was only trying them on)

And the side stripe plus me looking gormless.

The black ones are nice. Such a bland word, nice.  I wanted to like them more than I do because in my head I have 101 outfits planned around them. I don't hate them and I might still keep but the cut is much more generous, the waist band gapes even around my big belly and there's more fabric in the leg. I guess they just don't fit as well as the navy ones (you can't really tell from the photo). Well I'm not keeping both so a cull will be made in the next couple of days.

Actually looking at them here, they don't look half bad. I'm not sure they look this good in real life.

Next did good on the bottoms front although I wasn't terribly impressed with much else in the shop when I popped in. To be fair, it's a challenged on the square footage side of things. Online is best me thinks.

I don't tend to talk much about other stuff on the blog particularly health issues but thought I'd share this with you. I've been advised to cut dairy from my diet (apparently developed an intolerance in my old age). So last Wednesday I stopped drinking tea and coffee - what's the point of a latte without milk? Don't get me wrong I'm not flicking the kettle on 10 times a day (bit difficult when we don't own a kettle - it comes out of the tap). Three cups of tea and one coffee max. The headaches I knew would be inevitable. I've done it before and ouch ouch ouch, it hurts. Give it 3 or 4 days and they subside. On Friday night, I started with lower back ache which got worse and worse over the weekend. It wasn't a pain, more of a dull ache which I could also feel in my lower abdomen. Think child birth, think contractions, that sort of a pain. By Sunday night, I was pacing around the bedroom. I couldn't sit, stand or lie down. Didn't even go in to work Monday. That's a first. I didn't have a clue what was going on. And then in the evening, I succumbed and had a cup of tea - at least it would lift the headaches and I'd only have the back ache to deal with. Well go to the foot of our stairs, within 20 minutes I was pain free. What's all that about? Someone please do explain.

Anyway, the moral of this story is tea is good for you. Obvs.

And if you're still with me, the son had a surreal school run yesterday. He was driven to school by Nick Grimshaw and Matt Healy from The 1975. Yes you read that right. How cool? I'm not sure I'm even supposed to say anything as looking at Nick Grimshaw's Twitter he was a little secretive.

School told him to be at a location for 7.50am to take part in a discussion on wellbeing. Oh how he moaned and groaned. "Wellbeing on a Monday morning, really Mum?" So I dropped reluctant child off (in my pyjamas, no make up on, hair scraped back - oh the shame, the shame). And who should turn up but Grimmers and Matt with a film crew (I didn't think radio needed a film crew but apparently so). It was up to Harrison and 2 friends to interview Matt as he took them to school.

Of course as 14 year olds do, he took it all in his stride and his hair was 'on point' so it was all good. Mind you, I'd love to drag a brush through t'other one.

His Radio 1 debut will be aired sometime this week. Of course the daughter is greeeeeeeen with envy.

Well that was a random rambling blog post wasn't it.

Got a lovely, lovely outfit to show you next time.

10 comments on "Jeans, Joggers & Caffeine"
  1. I wish 1) I was young enough and 3) tall enough to wear cropped wide legged. You're lucky to be your height. I'm still looking for reason 2).

    Mutton_Style on IG x

    1. Go on give them a go Anna. You just need to find the right pair x

  2. Love those jeans and joggers will have to get an order in today I think. Thanks

    1. Me too. Still haven't decided which joggers to keep though. Will keep you posted x

  3. I think the lighter cropped jeans look best on you, more summery? I've ordered a pair for myself. And the joggers which I love, but I have no idea how to style. Scared I'll look like an 80's reject! Any advice on those would be great.

    1. Consider it done. I'll get a blog post together about styling them. Thanks for the suggestion x

  4. Oh Donna I love the light wash pair - really lovely!

    1. Yes think I'm leaning that way as well although the darker ones would work better with my wardrobe. Sod it, I'm keeping the lighter ones x

  5. The jeans look fab on you - I think I'm leaning to the lighter pair too for the summer. I'm still on the fence regarding the stripe legged joggers!
    Should I know who the curly headed fellow is????!

  6. I really want those navy Next joggers but don't know what to style them with?? Think footwear is the hardest bit?