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Let's Do Shoes

Yeay new shoes. Never fails to cheer up this old bird.

First up, the Boden's Bonnie Studded Flats which I've mentioned before. And I'm happy to say they are as lovely in real life. I bagged mine with 20% off a couple of weeks ago. There's currently 10% off (hey nothing to be sniffed at) plus free p&p. Red are currently on back order - I'd register interest now if I were you!!

Boden's Bonnie Studded Flats (currently £80.55)

They said it was going to be warmer today. Yeah right, in Costa Rica. I wore mine until frost bite set in. That would be 11.30am then. They're back in their little box until temperatures top 15 degrees.

Sorry, rubbish photo I know, but unless someone paid me, there was no way I was standing outside for a photo. No one offered to pay me.

The shoes are undoubtedly cute. Right up my street actually. They give a little twist to a plain old outfit. You'll be seeing them a lot this year for sure.

Standard size (these are a 6)
The red is ace - it's pillar box red
They look very elegant on
Real suede and lovely studded detail
Very comfortable

I'm on the tightest strap on first wear. If they stretch, the straps will look baggy
There's an 11 week waiting list for the red!

The other pair are very similar in pink. I ordered the M&S suede ones which are now out of stock but I saw them in store last week (code T024086A). These are the M&S ones...

I can't tell you why but they made my already long and skinny feet look well, longer and skinnier. I think it's a combination of the length of the t-bar and the colour. Sadly they were returned.

And then when buying for the shop, I spotted these ones. Pretty good dupes huh?

Glamorous Dusty Pink Strap Detail Shoe £20

So I bought them (for the shop). And somehow a pair have landed in my cupboard. The t-bar is broken up so seems to make my feet look a little more in proportion. Winner!

They're dead cheap (£20)
Pretty darn comfy
The colour is divine
On first glance, they don't look £60 cheaper than the Boden ones

They're not leather
The buckle is a bit fiddly

So I think that' me done on the t-bar front although I'm swooning over the Boden khaki ones here

Next on my list are

Florence Flat Point

Sienna Sandal (adore the rose gold detail).

Pony Slide Sandal

Hazel Espadrille

Freida Lace Up

And that's before I've even looked at the heels.

Stop now Boden, it's not fair. You know I have a weakness for shoes.

Style Notes
* Nude shoes are great for elongating the leg as there is no obvious break between the shoe and the ankle. Unless of course you have black skin and then it will have the opposite effect!
* If you want to do a t-bar and are a little short in the leg, the Glamorous ones above are probably better as the ankle strap is much lower than the Boden ones
* The actual t-bar itself gives the illusion of a longer foot which can be a good thing if you want to elongate your frame but bad if you already have skinny, gangly legs and feet (me)
* Updating your footwear is a great way to keep your look current without having to change your whole wardrobe every season

Anything tickling your fancy?

11 comments on "Let's Do Shoes"
  1. You are a stronger woman than me - I'm still semi in my Uggs!!! It's supposed to be near tropical down here this week-end with temperatures reaching 14 apparently....! I can't wait to get into a more glamorous shoe. Boden never fails in their collection, I love yours and those little rose gold ones too. x

    1. It's that time isn't it when you just don't know what to wear. Boots one day, shoes the next. You're right, Boden does amazing shoes x

  2. Those red shoes are just gorgeous on you. Not tempted though, because I can't wear shoes that are that flat - hurt my feet and make me feel like a midget!!

    1. Lol Helen, I know what you mean though, flat-flat shoes hurt me too! x

  3. Nothing beats my red flat t-bars from last season that are still available in Clearance! They are so comfortable, I'm glad I ordered them when I did as I got so much wear out of them through autumn and even during winter with tights. I'm not keen on the studded versions - I'm so sick of seeing rockstuds everywhere, Boden are about 4 years too late on following that trend surely....

    The dusky pink dupes you found for the shop are lovely, I hope they sell well.

    1. I've not been attracted to the rock studs at all but actually I liked the Boden ones as the studs are tonal so don't stand out too much. Haven't worn the dusky pink ones yet so not sure on the comfort factor x

  4. The red pair are are stunner on you, and just look at the length of your legs, sorry but being on the shorter side I cant help noticing that sort of thing Donna?! I'm looking for a pair of nude flats, and the M&S ones look really pretty, and as I have quite small feet too they may work on me. I'm still in boots or sneakers at the moment, need to get these feet out soon though!
    Helen xx

    1. Thanks Helen. I'm in and out of shoes and boots at the moment. I'll be happy to put the boots away to be honest. It's been a long old winter x

  5. Love the red shoes. I've got such rubbish feet, so damn wide that I struggle getting into the Boden T-bar shoes. I brought a blue suede pair from Boden last year and really haven't worn them as much as I should.

    1. They must be a pretty standard fit because I have narrow feet and they're ever so slightly too wide but not enough that anyone would notice. Shame you haven't worn the blue ones x

  6. Nice selection of shoes.I like all of them, especially #2. I love to wear flats.
    Thanks for sharing such amazing collection with us.
    Fashion Haul