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Pearls Are For Every Day, Not Just For Christmas

I had a thought the other day (whoa careful there), we've never talked about applying our style personality knowledge to jewellery have we? Have a look in your jewellery box / drawer / cupboard / carrier bag. Do you wear some jewellery more than others? Take a closer look. Is there a theme coming through? Maybe, maybe not. It depends how strong your style personality is. Remember last time, I said that some of us will sit very comfortably (and confidently for that matter) within a category. Others may straddle a couple. And the rest of us, well, possibly all over the show?!?! Click here if you want to discover your personality and here for a refresher.

What a lucky girl I am, Claudia Bradby chose a piece of jewellery from one of their collections especially for me. They'd obviously gone to a lot of time and trouble to 'get to know' me and my style because they got it bob on. I'll show you later what they sent.

I spent a very pleasurable half hour the other day browsing the different designs and it struck me that Claudia Bradby really do have something for everyone. It's a great way to illustrate the different style personalities.

Shall we crack on?

Celebrity Style Icon: Helena Bonham Carter

Recap: quirky dress sense | doesn't follow rules | not afraid to mix styles

I've chosen a mixture of different bracelets for you. You're brave and will happily try different things together. You like to make everything you wear your own. So a traditional pearl bracelet mixed with a more contemporary one for starters. And for the really brave, you'll feel right at home mixing a tribal vibe in there too.

Valentina Rose Gold and Pearl Bracelet

Bedruthan Silver Coin Pearl Bracelet

Tribal Pearl Bracelet

And you won't even mind about the clashing metals! Now that would totally freak me out. I'd happily wear any of the above but not together, it's just not me. I'm so far removed from the creative personality, it's laughable.

Celebrity Style Icon: Naomi Campbell

Recap: loves to shop | a definite fashionista | scoures magazines for inspiration : wears bold, dramatic pieces

I had to choose the Tribal Pearl necklace for you. And you'll probably buy the matching statement bracelet above as well. Bold and striking pieces will work well with your statement wardrobe.

Tribal Pearl Necklace

Celebrity Style Icon: Charlize Theron

Recap: feminine and ladylike | loves pretty things

Gosh this next piece is so so pretty. Perfect for the Romantic. It's delicacy, it's colour, even it's name. You'll absolutely adore wearing and touching it.

Mother and Child Pink Acorn Necklace 

And I know you're going to love this piece too.

Celebrity Style Icon: Condolezza Rice

Recap: classic by name classic by nature | loves timeless and elegant pieces | smart and understated

A true classic will no doubt already have something pearl in their jewellery box (which will by the way be well ordered, clean and tidy). So, I've chosen you a pair of stunning pearl earrings. I could have gone for traditional studs but you may well have these already. So, I've picked out a small drop pearl in a beautiful understated colour.

Margarita Pearl Drop Earrings 

They're not too long a drop, don't worry. I'm all about modernising the classic. We're not talking Margaret Thatcher territory any more. These are still a classic shape with a modern twist. The subtle silver sheen is just stunning don't you think?

Celebrity Style Icon: Kate Winslet

Recap: relaxed and informal | comfort is important | minimal jewellery

Feeling comfortable in your clothes takes priority over anything else. Your wardrobe will be made up of casual pieces such as jeans and t-shirts. Your jewellery will be minimal and maybe even have an ethnic vibe. Bracelets might be a no-no - they get in the way. So I've chosen you a simple almost home crafted feel necklace.

The World Is Your Oyster Necklace

It's sits on the collar bone so won't get in the way - god forbid anything that jangles and dangles! Please please please don't be tempted to remove the lovely pearl though!!!

Celebrity Style Icon: Sharon Stone

Recap: follow trends rather than high fashion | simple clothes teamed with stunning, well chosen accessories | colour is used with caution

You shop with care and don't make many mistakes. Your clothes are simple but teamed with beautiful accessories. This rose gold pendant will look beautiful against your clothes (which may be in the main, neutral colours). I fall into this category.

Double Halo Rose Gold Long Necklace 

And this is what I was sent. To say I was delighted, is an understatement. It's just perfect. I couldn't have chosen better myself. Worn with my Monica Vinader rose gold and silver necklace.

What a lovely, useful piece this will be in my wardrobe. I now need to source an equally beautiful rose gold bangle or bracelet. Oh look, there's this one.

And the necklace got it's first wear today.

Double Halo Rose Gold Long Necklace - Claudia Bradby
Soft White Tee-shirt - Next (similar)
Navy Blazer - H&M
Navy Pinstripe Cigarette Cropped Pants - Ichi (in sale)
Tan Boots - Boden (similar)
Navy Bag - Coach (similar)
New necklace, new hair! What more could a girl want.

There's 20% off all jewellery this Easter weekend. Quote BLOOM20 at checkout. A perfect opportunity to give your wardrobe a spring update. And let's face it, a piece of jewellery lasts longer than chocolate.

Contemporary pearl jewellery for every day wear. Yes Claudia Bradby. I buy in to that. Crack out those pearls ladies.

Shall we talk about yellow next time?

12 comments on "Pearls Are For Every Day, Not Just For Christmas "
  1. Stunning selection of jewellery. And just love, love, love your hair! OK, off to have a browse ...

  2. Your hair looks fabulous. I love pearls and wear mine nearly every day. I don't believe in leaving stuff in boxes!!

  3. Your hair looks AMAZING Donna, I love it!

  4. Love the new hair! And a fab personality post as always, can't get enough of these.

    1. Oh thanks, glad you like them. Style personalities are fascinating aren't they x

  5. The necklace looks amazing on you Donna, suits you to a tee. I am wearing my Claudia Bradby pearl earrings at the moment, actually I wear them every day (there is a sloane ranger in me bursting to get out as I do like a nice set of pearl earrings!) Hair is looking gorge too xx

  6. Yes absolutely right. I completely agree that pearls are for every day not just for any occasion. I love to wear pearl jewelry. Timeless Pearl one of my favorite pearl jewelry store where I found lots of jewelry matching for every occasion. Thanks for sharing.

    1. I'm still on the look out for a lovely string of pearls Sharon, I may have planned 'several' outfits around them lol x