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Versatile Pieces - It's A No Brainer Really

Kettlewell and me

Sitting in a tree

K. I. S. S. I. N. G.

Ok not quite but we do seem to sing from the same song sheet and all that, because we both love talking about colour.

It's a bit of a clever concept that Kettlewell has developed and I don't know any other brand that offers so much information about colour in an easy to understand format. 

I took delivery of a beautiful skirt (yes I know, a skirt. Me!) and tee-shirt that the guys and gals at Kettlewell thought I might like to review. 

 Ruched Skirt

"Oh look, these are lovely" I said to the husband as I unpacked them. 

"They're brown" he replied

"Yes" I said

"You don't wear sludge brown"

"They're mocha not sludge brown" 

"Same difference" he said munching on his toast as he left the room.

I wish I could have such a simplistic view on life as my husband seems to. 

Anyway, let's clear this up once and for all, it's mocha. A gorgeous mid brown that will suit any warm toned skin. 

Cara V-Neck - Kettlewell
Ruched Skirt - Kettlewell
Orange Lille Lace ups - Boden (old but these would look fab)
The skirt comes in 5 other shades (I adore the pebble grey one too). And the tee comes in 7 other shades so something for everyone. Worn together, the outfit very much reminds me of the Daria dress from Baukjen. And I've noticed that the ruched style skirt seems to be having a thing at the moment as there are several other websites offering similar this season.

I'm wearing a medium top (which is a good size 12) and a small skirt (which is an 8-10). The skirt is double layered with an elasticated waist. Did I mention how utterly comfortable it is? It is. I've been looking for some decent tee-shirts for ages and I think I may well have found the perfect one. Both pieces are 95% modal jersey and are machine washable (mahoosive tick). They didn't even need ironing when I unpacked them.

Jacket - Maison Scotch (old but love this one)
Clutch - Mulberry (old - similar here)

It was an easy style. I've been wanting to wear my Maison Scotch jacket for months. That's all it needed really. Well that and a bag. 

I love the pieces together. And I love them apart too. In fact, I wore the tee with a pair of white jeans today.

Bailey Jeans - Wrap London
Don't you just love versatile pieces? I'm looking forward to styling the skirt and tee this summer. They won't be saved for 'best'. Can't wait to try the gold lace up pumps for starters.

Pop over to Kettlewell and have a look. There really are some very lovely wardrobe building pieces and the quality is exceptional. I have one other item to show you, it's not strictly in my colour palette so I'll need to think how to style it. We'll save that for another day as I have a massive headache. No not through alcohol abuse. Caffeine withdrawal. Yep I'm struggling massively. God, what I'd do for a full fat latte right now. It won't last, come the end of the week, I'll be drinking pots of builder's tea again.

Thanks for reading.

10 comments on "Versatile Pieces - It's A No Brainer Really"
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  2. Can I ask about VPL?? I would always steer away from skirts like this for this reason even though they would be so easy for work. Do you have any tips??

    1. Yes I know what you mean and I had this problem with the Baukjen Daria dress. This Kettlewell skirt is double lined and there's rushing front and back so a bit of a 'disguise' if you know what I mean. Tesco have some cheap as chips seamless underwear which sorted out the Baukjen dress (I think they're something like £5 a pair) so I'll wear those under the skirt too x

    2. Thanks for the tip. Will check out tescos!!

  3. I thought this was the Baukjen dress when I saw the pic. Looks fab on you! And re the comment above, Primark recently started a range of 'non VPL' undies which are cheap as chips and do exactly what they promise to :)

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    2. And Penneys!!! Thank you!!

    3. Ha ha yes and Penneys. You can't beat a good knicker from Penneys x