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Your Style Personality (the second bit)

Do you remember this post about discovering your style personality? Are you still trying to work out yours? Well fear not, this topic returns.

First up, if you're struggling to work out which category you fit in to, click on the link below to take the style personality quiz that Colour Me Beautiful use.

What they don't point out is how to interpret your results if they're a bit mixed. You might find that a couple of categories are quite strong. That's ok, it's pretty normal. I'm a City Chic with a twist of Classic (I have internal battles with the latter though).  You could be for example, a Creative with Romantic tendencies. The problem arises if you don't have one or at the most two dominant categories. I think this is telling you that your wardrobe has no direction. You may be buying into too many trends and finding it difficult to put outfits together. You know the ones, "I have a wardrobe full of clothes and nothing to wear" kind of girl.

I spoke about uniform dressing the other day (here) and how easy I find it to get dressed each morning using the same silhouette (skinnies and a top), making adjustments for the weather. My uniform sits very comfortably within my style personality.

Today, I decided to can the uniform and wear a dress. Not just any old dress, a long dress. A long, summer dress at that. What was I thinking? It's that inner rebel that surfaces now and again. All I'm going to say is, how difficult is it to go for a wee when you have masses of fabric to hold up and thick wool tights to pull down at the same time? Nigh on impossible.

You can't really see it in the photo but its a mix of green, pink and black. Let me tell you now, it took bloomin ages to get ready this morning.

1. How will I keep warm? Thermal vest; easily found as I wear them every day. Alas, the first two I tried had high necklines. Wool tights, where the heck are my grey ones? *hunts high and low, eventually finds them at the bottom of the ironing pile (I don't iron tights if you're wondering). This is after discarding the black pair.

2. But what footwear? I'm never short on footwear choices in fact I was spoilt for choice. I chose camel ankle boots after trying on 4 other pairs (bedroom now looking undoubtedly more messy than when I started).

3. Jacket or cardigan? Oh definitely jacket but which one? By this time, it was a case of chuck on the green leather military one and hope for the best.

4. And bag? Sod it, I'll use the black one from yesterday.

And breathe.....it was all so much more stressful trying to get an outfit together that I felt comfortable in. And I don't have oodles of time in a morning.

Don't get me wrong, I enjoyed wearing it and all that (well up until lunch time and then I got a bit fed up) but I don't fancy a repeat performance tomorrow. NORMAL SERVICE WILL BE RESUMED. It's nice to shake it up occasionally but I'll be happy to return to my comfort zone.

I love Harpers Bazaar's take on style personality here, a few more categories but very similar to Colour Me Beautiful.

So what can we take away from knowing our style personality?

I think the main thing is feeling comfortable and confident. That means looking through the mirror and liking what you see. You know that feeling, when you put something on and you feel, yes, I like that.

You'll have a wardrobe of totally wearable clothes instead of following your latest style crush and realising that a) the outfit is not remotely wearable for your lifestyle and b) it may not suit you

Following on from the previous point, I think women struggle when their lifestyle changes eg. having children or going back to work. Fundamentally, you shouldn't have to totally step out of your style personality but it might need a tweak here or there. So for example a Dramatic who is now a stay at home mum might need to ditch the heels but hey, come on, there's still some fabulously sexy shoes out there. Or a Natural who needs to smarten up for a new job doesn't mean she has to wear starched shirts and belly sucking pencil skirts. There are amazing choices of smart leggings and soft jersey blazers out there.

Value for money. You'll undoubtedly wear things that suit your personality type over and over again. My dress today? I'm not sure how many times I'll wear it. I don't enjoy pattern that much whereas a Romantic totally revels in pattern heaven.

I should get all preachy about this now and say something deep and meaningful like, you are what you wear (vomit). I'm not all about boxing people in to a particular style either but understanding 'you' will surely allow more informed choices.

I'm on board, are you?

So yesterday I mentioned the shop windows and promised to give you a little taste. Now bearing in mind, we're no experts and we didn't want to spend lots of cash, this is what we came up with. Please don't laugh!

The picnic theme (by the way, the Toxic jeans are just the best).

And our spring bright, Easter theme.

For goodness sake, don't go on to Pinterest to compare our little effort with some of the creations on there. We're talking Macclesfield here, not Covent Garden. Hey and do you know what, we've had so many people coming in to the shop today commenting on how we've brightened up the street. RESULT.

*For anyone interested, my dress is £30, Toxic jeans are £25, the red top with a Self Portrait vibe is £25, yellow pussy bow blouse £15 and striped jacket is £30 plus £3.99 p&p (UK). Email me for more details iwontwearsludgebrown@gmail.com 

4 comments on "Your Style Personality (the second bit) "
  1. The windows are so pretty - I'd definitely be enticed into the shop if I saw those. I really like the dress on you but totally get why you were fed up by lunchtime. I think once we know what we like & feel comfy in, it's hard to feel as good in other styles.

  2. I do like your easter window. The trouble with long in the UK in winter is the wet ground. Mind you I'd live in jeans if I could. Yes I'm a natural type but I do do structure and pencil skirts for work but I get them with texture. You wouldn't find me in a polyester blouse with a pussy bow. Horrors!

    1. There's no way I could do a totally long skirt or jeans that scrape on the ground for that matter. Yuk! Don't know what you're picking up on the hem!! Now see a polyester blouse doesn't offend me - only because I know that ironing will be minimal (always a bright side ha ha) x