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Zara Ungendered

Did anyone see the big splash? No me neither. It snuck in under the radar didn't it. I'm talking Zara's new TRF gender neutral range. Well the whole 4 piece collection.

I don't get it!

A mixture of white t-shirts, jeans, grey sweatshirts and not much else. The fashion pack are all raving about it..... "Zara is so on point yet again". Really? I'm confused. Why would a woman want to wear a pair of jeans that aren't cut for a woman? Even normal boyfriend jeans are cut with a woman in mind. I mean we're totally different shapes aren't we. Am I missing the point? It all seems so unnecessary. And where do they display them? In the woman's department? The men's? Or maybe a gender neutral area? Do we share dressing rooms??? Ooooh that could be interesting.

It's also boring (very). Decorating clothes?

How on earth is a woman going to get her bouncing Buddhas in this? It's called a flowing t-shirt. Maybe they've pegged it at the back?


Good luck with that one Zara. Here's the link to the collection if you really do need to check out the full range. It took me a while to find it.

On a more positive note, I saw a couple of lovely bits in the 'normal' section yesterday.

This little striped top is truly gorgeous. Slightly boxy with a frayed hem. I picked it up, I dithered. Literally dithered. There was an arctic blast on the ground floor of Zara in Manchester. Shut the bloody doors, it's snowing!! No way was I stripping off to try it. So, I'll probably order it instead.

Striped Top £25.99

Loads and loads of delicate tops and blouses. This is so pretty to wear with a pair of distressed jeans and flip flops in the summer.

Embroidered Blouse £39.99

Darn it, only small sizes left in this oversized sweatshirt. I love it very much.

Checked Oversized Sweatshirt £17.99

A few different versions of the Self Portrait-esque dress and actually probably slightly easier to wear.

Lace Dress £79.99

And another

Contrast Embroidered Dress With Lace £49.99

Loved this on first sight. Such a weakness for a good jacket. And perfectly styled here. Sorry, I didn't check to see if the bow was removable to make it more versatile (but I do love it with the bow).

Jacket With Bow £69.99

Bizarrely, I really liked this jacket. It's kind of fun. They had a few pieces with more than a nod to Anya Hindmarch

Faux Leather Badge Jacket £59.99 

New lust alert (it deserves 2 pictures). A toned down take of the Boy Chanel With Chains... and several thousand pounds cheaper. And it's leather. Well bits are. I'm guessing it's coated leather.

Chain City Bag £89.99

Ok Zara, you've slightly redeemed yourself.

So no football today. Left that to the hubby and son. I went to visit my mum (Dad deserted me for football too) and we took a trip into Chesterfield famously known for it's crooked spire. Ah yes there's a bit of a story to that. Anyone know what it is? Answer at the foot of the page.

I lived and worked in Chesterfield for a while many years ago. It's ages since I visited the town centre which is actually really rather nice. Lovely to see that the outdoor market is still thriving.

Think I was slightly optimistic on the clothing front. IT WAS FREEZING. I really needed a hat, coat and scarf.

White Pin Tuck Blouse - Me&Em (old)
Black & Navy Boyfriend Jacket - Glamorous (very similar)
Burgundy Coated Jeggings -Next (love these)
Burgundy Ankle Boots - Boden (similar)
Navy Bag - Coach (similar)
Burgundy and White Star Scarf - H&M (old)
Husband and I are currently negotiating who is picking up the son from a friend's party 20 miles away at 11.30pm. I'm saying 'oh I'll go, no problem' secretly willing him to do it. I'm sure he's adopting the same strategy. Battle of the wills and all that.

Let me know what you think about the new Zara genderless range.

Oh you want to know about the legend of the crooked spire? Should a virgin marry in the church, apparently the spire will straighten! Fat chance of that then.

6 comments on "Zara Ungendered "
  1. Don't get it either!!! Love the lace top though.

    1. Glad I'm not the only one Sandra. Thought I was missing something!!

  2. Beyond me why anyone wants to dress like their partner or a 16-year old skater .... Definitely not one for me! I too love that checked sweatshirt and also you too darn small for me!

  3. Oh that's just a ridiculous idea - and as you say, the clothes are so uninspiring. Dull! Dull! Dull! Love that jacket with the bow. You should get it .. go on! You know you want to :)

  4. Well I think I'll save my money and go and raid the husband's wardrobe for his bike-mending gear. I'll be so on trend :-D

  5. Lol I love you. Very boring and decorating clothes. Couldn't have put it better. What is the actual point of four ungendered items that you can get anywhere?!