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5 Best Buys.... From H&M

I'll do a Yorkshire greeting today.

Ey up. How's Tha Doin? (Translated: Hello, how are you). Not that I live in Yorkshire anymore but the dialect makes me laugh. Let's try another.  

Ay up cock, how ya gooin on mi owe flower? (Translated: Hello, how are you keeping my dear)

I can just about work it out if I read slowly. 

And another.

Tintintin. (Translated: It isn't in the tin). I've never quite worked out what's in the tin but apparently it's not there. 

This had me rolling when I first heard it. From my Uncle who has lived in the States for the past 40 years. He comes over all Yankee-American, speaks to one person with a Sheffield accent and has a total relapse. Of course it's all put on, I mean no one speaks like this anymore. Do they?

Anyway, this has absolutely nothing to do with the blog post today. I am easily distracted!

So, I haven't really homed in on any retailers this season, I've tinkered around the edges haven't I but not got into the nitty gritty. It's about time I got a plan together so stick with me as we explore the High Street over the next few posts. If you've got your plan together, shall we meet up again in say 10 days because I'm bound to bore you?

Starting with H&M. Just because. Because we all love a fast fashion pick me up don't we? 

I'm really enjoying following Rachel The Hat's journey as she embarks on a capsule wardrobe. 45 well chosen pieces that make it so easy to dress each day. I'm sorely sorely tempted to do the same and have interrogated her as to how to incorporate holiday and occasion wear (sorry Rachel) but when it comes down to it, I know I'd miss my little fixes too much. You know, you pop in to town for a birthday present for the hubby and come back with a frilly pink blouse instead. H&M is great for such occasions, providing those little treats whilst being kind to the bank balance.

Here are my 5 top picks from their latest collection.

Because what's not to love about this. A total wardrobe transformer available from size 6 to 20. 

Oh hello little black dress. Crinkle = perfect holiday wear. No fear of creasing because it's already creased. Two issues, the length for ladies who were planted in a grow bag overnight by their parents (me) and the lace panel at the waist - let's hope it isn't see through. If it is, a pair of big pants might cover up the see through bit (also known as titty warmers - sorry, poor humour). Also comes in natural white.

I saw this in real life on Friday on a girl and had to stop her. IT REALLY IS THAT GOOD. Pointed her out to the daughter. Actually, I physically grabbed the daughter by the arm and frog marched her over to the girl so that she could admire it too. Big mistake. Huge! She decided that she had to have it so dragged me to the Trafford Centre at 8pm last Friday night when all I wanted to do was put my feet up with a glass of wine and a packet of Nik Naks. The H&M there is pretty pants if I'm honest and of course, they didn't have the trench, so it's on order. Praying she hates it as I quite fancy it myself. It's a much softer pink than it looks in the picture. 

I've enjoyed wearing a couple of pairs of cropped cigarette pants over the winter (in navy and black). Love the idea of a pair of khaki ones for the summer. And look how generous the rise is. Khaki is a great neutral colour. But the styling of these here? Best not go there eh? 

One for the hols. Can't stand those silly stiff straw bags that don't fit into the suitcase. I mean, I love the idea of swanning around the beach with a straw tote draped with coloured pom poms but how the bloody hell do you get it on the plane? Stuff it full of you knickers and shoe horn it in to your suitcase? Or, use it as hand luggage and risk your legs being cheese grated because it doesn't fit under the seat properly. Nah, this one does the job perfectly. It's floppy and bendable and a little bit stylish.

So, my first five from the High Street. Anything tickle your fancy? 

The kids have deserted us, they're off to London for a few days tomorrow to celebrate my sister-in-laws 40th birthday with Granny. Staying in our usual haunt, The Qbic. It's fun!! Dinner in The Shard (lucky buggers), shopping and a show. Me? Well hubby has ordered a skip and declared that the garage needs a good clear out, the outside sofas need jet washing and there's weeds that need pulling (I thought that was the gardener's job - apparently not). Hey ho, I know my place in life. 

I've been trying to put my daily outfits inspo (get me with the lingo) on Instagram so I'm not sure whether you want to see my ugly mug on here as well. Actually, I cut my head off today because my hair looked a sod. Ooooh just re-read that, let me clarify; I haven't cut my head off in real life, just the photo. 

Back shortly with the next installment of 5 Best Buys.

12 comments on "5 Best Buys.... From H&M"
  1. Enjoying your daily outfit posts over on Instgram, keep them coming. Think I'll give the khaki trousers a try, thanks!

    1. Thanks Kathryn, not sure how my Thursday's 'filling up the skip' outfit will go down though x

  2. Oh I love you interrogating me Donna,and honestly I think you would do the whole capsule wardrobe thing really really well! You have a great eye for pieces and a classic style with a great twist for fashion pieces; that in itself would make for a great capsule.
    But yes, walking in to the likes of H&M and not walking out with anything is a major struggle. I too love a bit of fast fashion, but i found for me it was getting a little too fast, like wear it once and never again, zoom it's out of here, fast.
    Also seeing lovely blogs like this where you show me alll the pretties makes me want to shop,lol!
    I saw the pink trench in our cardiff H&M branch last week, and its stunning. I have a serious thing for coats and jackets so i had to practice some serious restraint and walked out without it. They also had a beautiful black lace dress that looked way more expensive than its small price tag.
    Anyway, i shall continue to live vicariously through your lovely blog and enjoy seeing what you buy!
    R xxx
    Ps.. Welshisms for you: Where too are you? (where are you.. apparently we like to stick an extra 'too' in sentences
    and Who's coat is that jacket?(i mean seriously, what the what?!)
    Come year (meaning come here)
    Just to add them to your regional dialect collection, haha!:D

    Have a lovely day Donna!

    1. Ok ooppss... sorry about the longest comment ever there.. Essay much Rachel?! LOL!

    2. You win the medal for the longest comment Rachel. I probably do have all the basics to make a capsule wardrobe but as you know, I couldn't bear to part with my jackets. I won't be buying lots and lots this season as I don't really need anything (but want everything). Love a Welsh accent, it always sounds so gentle. Who's coat is that jacket? Ha ha ha ha ha ha x

  3. TinTinTin is now going to become part of my everyday conversation, whether it fits or not :)

    Looooove the pink trench ... going to hunt it down and check out what sort of extortionate mark up they've put on the euro price tag!

    1. Brilliant saying isn't it. Always makes me laugh. Would H&M hike up the price when it's already in Euros? x

  4. Love the Mac shall have to see if we have it in Brighton x

    1. Wondering if it's an online exclusive as our local mall didn't have it. Waiting to find out if Ash managed to bag it from H&M on Oxford Street Paula. How exciting, I'll be able to borrow it before she goes back to Uni ha ha x

  5. After Danny Willett's Master's win this weekend we should all be speaking Sheffield!! My Nan was from there and used to work in a cutlery factory! Anyway we were all cracking up listening to Danny and his caddy this weekend - 'bloody'ell 'av we gun an' wun?'

    1. Didn't all Sheffield nans work in cutlery factories Joanna? He's a bit 'broad' isn't he x

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