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5 Best Buys....From Mint Velvet

Sigh! Saturday. I love Saturdays. It means I get a bit of a lie in, can go to bed late and do it all again tomorrow. The in-between bit can be a bit fraught, clearing up after the family, cajoling the son to do his homework (I'm on the brink of giving up), taxi service, football and everything else it brings but I like the beginning and end.

Anyway, let's have a look at what Mint Velvet has to offer this season. I remember discovering this brand on the internet way back in 2009 when it was launched and purchased three of their layering tops (long sleeve t-shirts). Impressed with the quality, I then purchased a green leather military jacket. I still have all 4 pieces today.

Known for soft colours and under stated patterns, it's as far from the likes of Oasis and Warehouse riots of colour that it could be. Perfect for Softs and Lights or anyone preferring an overall softer look. I don't wear a lot of print but if I did, I'd be happy in Mint Velvet's offerings.

1. Grey Overdyed Jersey Dress £79

I know, I know, this dress isn't a game changer is it? But let's think about it for a moment. It's a simple as simple can be, but add a biker jacket and sneakers and you've got a very comfortable daytime outfit. Pop on a blazer and pumps and you've got a snazzy little shopping outfit (easy to take on and off too for all that trying on you'll do). Pair of gladiator sandals and chunky bracelets and it's now becomes a holiday dress. One of those hard working wardrobe pieces don't you agree? Also available in shell and sherbet.

2. Tan Nia Cross Body Bag £99

Tan or camel - you decide. I'd say more camel. Regardless, it's a super useful bag that can take you from morning to night (those detachable straps - what a useful invention that turned out to be!).

3. Seren Print Tee £39

White t-shirt, a classic wardrobe piece and let's face it, stars never go out of fashion do they? Such a useful piece for layering up under a jacket or with a faux leather skirt for a casual vibe.

4. Ivory Floral Burnout Skirt £89

Got an occasion to plan for this year? This skirt comes with a matching top but I'm not counting that as my number 5 choice. It's a bit clever - see those pleats? They're stitched down below the waistband which is so much more flattering across the tummy. The top looks as if it's just about long enough to cover the waist band (good move Mint Velvet), but you could easily wear a pretty silk vest top and tuck it in. I'd keep accessories light, mink or grey maybe.

5. Natual Brooklyn Espadrille £79

I do love a good Mint Velvet shoe. They never disappoint on that front. I will be buying an espadrille of some sort this year, not sure whether to do a heel or flat. These are so pretty and come in a couple of other colour ways too. I've been pondering what footwear will work with the cropped flare jeans that I bought the other week and I think an ankle ribbon would work a treat. Watch this space!

So that's my top 5 and I think they're pretty representative of Mint Velvet. Didn't the owners coin the phrase, 'relaxed glamour'. Sums the collection up perfectly.

I mentioned yesterday that I picked up a few bits in M&S, no Alexa Chung collection sadly. But 3 little tops that will slot seamlessly into my wardrobe. I call them wardrobe builders.

Limited Edition Oversized Short Sleeve T-Shirt £17.50

Got a vision in my head, white jeans (tick) white trainers (tick) grey trench (tick) and a grey t-shirt which I didn't have. But now I do. I could have gone down the All Saints slouchy laid back deep v-neck route but I'm trying to maintain that polished look so this one will do the job.

Autograph Scoop Next Vest Top £17.50

Honestly I would never have bought a khaki vest top from this picture. What a pants photo. It's so not representative of the real thing. A perfect shade of khaki in a slightly more grown up fabric. I sized up to a 12 for a slouchy look. An impulse buy so I haven't even thought how I might style it although white jeans will feature I'm sure.

Limited Edition Ruffle Blouse £29.50

How many blush pink tops does a girl need? Errrrrr 10! I've got this thing for longer length sleeves. Having orangutan arms, I normally make do with sleeves that finish a good inch above where they're supposed to. These sleeves feel very luxurious finishing just above the knuckles. I'll worry about eating spag bol another day.

Managed to do my run last night after the longest hiatus EVER. It nearly killed me. Everything hurt even my ears. But oh boy I slept soundly - didn't get up until 9.30am (unheard of).

Wore some good old favourites for the football today although have to confess, I took my big coat with me as well. There was a real nip in the air. The poncho was excellent for keeping my legs warm (never let it be said that my clothes aren't versatile lol). Quiet night in tonight (yippee) so 'jamas on already. Chinese takeaway later and no doubt a movie will feature. Bliss.

White shirt - Me&Em (similar)
Black plether leggings - Karen Millen (similar)
Buckle Ankle Boots - Toga Pulla
Chancery Bag - Boden
City Poncho - Kettlewell

I still need to talk about the white dress from Next don't I. Tomorrow? Same time, same place?

2 comments on "5 Best Buys....From Mint Velvet"
  1. Cute tops, love a bit of M & S, hope you enjoyed your chinese, Indian for me tonight. Cheers Mummabstylish. x

    1. Aren't they Mummabstylish. I've not been terribly impressed with M&S for a while but these are good solid staples. Chinese was ace - hope you enjoyed your takeaway too x