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5 Best Buys....From Next

Following on from yesterday, I'm looking at what Next has to offer. I have a lukewarm relationship with this company. I can always find something every season (the pleather leggings in black and burgundy way back in A/W15 have been just brilliant) but to be honest I find most of their stuff a bit bland.

Not so when back in 1982 I walked in to my first Next store. There was blonde wood panelling everywhere, pretty decent coat hangers and a real buzz about the place.  The collection was small but I wanted it all. My very first purchase was indeed a full outfit; apple green turn up trousers, white shirt and an apple green sleeveless jumper. Oh and a pair of divine white leather brogues. All very preppy. And didn't I feel the bees knees that Saturday night. Kept that outfit for years I did.

As the collections have grown over the years, the designs have become a tad boring and predictable. Those floaty printed tops that they churn out every bloomin year!  But if I look really hard, I can normally find a few humdingers. And to be honest, I've always found the quality to be excellent for the money. Knits stay knitted, jeans stay up and shoes stay comfortable.

So, here's what I've found.

1.Coture Cropped Flare Jeans £28

Dang! I prefer these to the slightly more flared culotte style that I bought the other week. Wish they told us the model's height though as they might be slightly too short on some of us. You don't need to think hard about how to wear them as they're not so different to a pair of skinnies. And they come in a divine Ecru colour too.

2. Pewter Point Slider £22

Help me out here folks, there's definitely two colours yes? And yet only one option to buy. I love the grey, hate the bronze. So lacking a pair of grey shoes/boots/any footwear in my wardrobe. Thinking these would fill that hole. They're what I call front door shoes. Easily slip on when your hands are full of rubbish for the bin or school bags and phones and keys. You know, we all have front door shoes.

3. Knit Look Longline Cardigan £18

You got yourselves one of these yet? No? I love mine. And especially with white which is handy given we're nearly in to summer.

Mine was from ASOS last year but seems to be a similar weight. We all know by now that khaki is here to stay for the next few months at least. The lack of detail and edge to edge design on the Next one is brilliant for working the verticals, making you look taller and leaner (well only good if that's what you want to achieve of course).

4. Lace Tee £28

Love this little top, I mean, how pretty? And it looks so good with the slouch trousers too. I nearly, nearly bought these in navy earlier in the season but couldn't get the length right. And although lace tops are huge this year, it's one that will be in the wardrobe for years to come (and that's the beauty about Next, their clothes are like Tonka cars, made to last).

5. Leaf Lace Dress £75

Lying in bed the other night, I decided that I needed a white dress in my life. I've got holiday dresses in white but nothing formal. In fact, I'd planned a whole outfit for the races (an event that I'm not even going to this year). White dress, white coat, white hat. In fact everything white. And then I wake up on a mission, looking for an outfit for an event that doesn't exist!! I am obsessed. Little did I know that I'd end up finding something so lovely at Next. I'll order it for the non existent event. A girl has to be prepared! A nod to the Self Portrait trend but those vertical lines. Just oh!! Let's hope it's as stunning in real life. Oh and the dress also comes in navy. Tempted? Let me know. And I'll keep you posted on the white dress front.

Crikey very neutral colours today; denim, khaki, grey and white. Let's see if I can find something a tad brighter tomorrow.

I've spent 4 hours sorting out our home office today in preparation for a bit of renovation work. It's an absolute disaster with furniture that has seen better days and piles of paper that topple over every time someone wafts the door. Husband has a unique filing system. Chronological. That means that every piece of paper he receives ends up on a pile and when that get's too high, he starts another one. Perfect if you want to find something by date. A nightmare if you need to sort by topic eg. holiday bookings!! He's got the bright idea of lifting the wood floor in the cinema room (that incidentally was only laid 15 months ago) and reusing it in the office. So that means 2 rooms that will need sorting. Give me strength.

Lots of excitement this morning as the long awaited podcast/film thingy that featured our son came out on the Radio 1 website today. How cool to be driven to school by your favourite band member!!

Click here for the link

Kids are having a lovely time in London. They always take great delight in discovering which hotel  rooms they've been allocated at the Qbic. This time it's all about the dogs.

I'd sleep in fear of the creature licking me. Personally I prefer Hilda Ogden.

Do you remember the blue blazer post the other day? I broke out the military one today, long over due it was too. 

Denim shirt - Top Shop (similar)
Plether leggings - Karen Millen (love these)
Military jacket - H&M (old)
Boots - Michael Kors (old)
Bag - Modalu (similar and a great price)

Trotting off now as it's gone 8pm and I need some dinner. Catch up soon xx

5 comments on "5 Best Buys....From Next"
  1. I want the lace top but it seems to get bad reviews. Might have to give it a try though as it looks so pretty!

    1. I'd order it to your local branch. Free collection. Try it on there and then. Return it if it's rubbish!!! That's one good thing about Next, you can get immediate refunds x

  2. Great to see the denim shirt. I bought a grey denim shirt recently, slightly over sized, from pull & bear. Really struggling to find things to go with it. Just can't do double denim!

    1. White jeans, black coated jeans, skirts??? I'm a bit meh with double denim but would do all of gas above Claire x

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