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5 Best Buys....From Zara

It's the turn of Zara today. Love the designs, hate the quality. The shops are a bit hit and miss as well. Take Manchester. The Trafford Centre Zara is in dire need of a makeover (maybe it's been done, I purposely avoid it). The changing rooms are filthy, it always looks untidy and the layout is confusing.The one in the city centre is ace. Set on several floors, it always seems to be well presented and there's clear definition between the different collections.

Anyway, let's see what's on offer this season. I promised a bit of colour last time so first up this.

1. Long Jumpsuit £29.99

You have to be able to wear brights (or at least feel confident enough to do so) as this is a wham bam in your face red. Fear not, it's also available in black but I promised you colour so colour you shall have. For anyone toying with the idea of a jumpsuit for the first time, this is a really great entry level price. It's actually polyester, almost a crepe so will drape beautifully and of course won't bag at the knee (god don't you just hate it when that happens). Great to wear under a blazer and love the length. A perfect holiday piece.

2. Linen Blazer £49.99

I'd normally run and hide behind the sofa if someone mentions linen but I can't get this jacket out of my head. I stay well clear of linen trousers. Gone are the days where I'd have the energy to whip them off 2, 3, 4 times a day to give them a quick press. Totally in love with the styling here. Now I need a Breton with thumb holes - I didn't before researching this post but I do now, I really dooo. White skinnies and a breton, tan accessories for starters. Yep, I could justify a few creases.

3. Striped Top £25.99

One that needs to be seen in real life. It's gorgeous and I should have grabbed it. The frayed neckline and hems takes it from a stripe top to a really nice stripe top. You have to give it to Zara, they're good at reinventing the wheel of basic wear.

4. Embroidered Miniaudiere £29.99

Now if this isn't a little wardrobe refresher, I don't know what is. So cute, I want to hug it. Perfect for the hols but let's face it, most of us are probably only away a couple of weeks a year. Chuck a blazer over a white t-shirt and jeans, add this bag and you've got yourself a nice little outfit.

5. Laser Cut Leather High Heel Sandal £69.99

Oh hello little sandal, these look so good on. Go on, click on the link and have a look. And I'd go as far to say that the colour is pretty neutral too. They look great with the khaki shirt on the model but equally as good with denim, navy, black, brown, white....

Is that it? Have I done my 5 best buys already? Heck there were a couple more things I wanted to mention. Will have to save those for another day.

So, how has your week been so far? It's been mighty quiet here. Well that is until the kids arrived back from a London visit about an hour ago. Two whirlwinds battered the house, dumped their luggage, raided the food cupboards and as quick as they arrived, they left. Well one is back on her way to Uni with her car packed to the rafters (sun roof). I'm not sure she got the memo that she finishes in a few weeks. The little one, well, I can hear him on his bloody beloved Xbox. Oh how he's missed it. Thought they might have at least bought me a Tower of London smelly rubber or pencil sharpener but nope, nothing. Not even a complimentary Virgin train sugar sachet.

Went out for an early dinner last night in the dungarees - oh the shame (the husband's not mine) to a relatively new restaurant in the village that people have been raving about. It's ok, nothing special. It's never special when there's pizza and pasta on the menu is it? The decor is very nice though.

Dungarees - Ichi
Lace top - Ichi (similar)
Blazer - Burberry (similar)
Bag - Modalu (similar and a great price)
Pumps - Banana Republic (similar)
 Yes I kept them, you'll already know if you follow me on Instagram. I did listen to all of your comments, really I did, but needed to scratch that itch.

Skip delivered today, filled and returned so we now have our a rather tidy games room in the garage which incidentally never gets used. It really does become a dumping ground over winter. I shifted a few bits, got bored and left the other half to it. Instead, I picked up the dress from Next that I mentioned in the last post. I'll do a show and tell next time. Oh and a big food shop for the daughter to take back to Uni. Pretty uneventful as days go. As was the outfit.

Anyone else catch a ball with their mouth open?

Black & White Breton - Pop Up Boutique (similar)
Faux leather leggings - Karen Millen (similar)
Trainers - Mango (now reduced)

3 comments on "5 Best Buys....From Zara"
  1. Zara has not relocated to two levels in Trafford Centre, more on the lines of the City Centre one. It's taken over the premises where Forever 21 used to be! Just thought I would let you know in case you visit again anytime soon!x Yvonne

    1. Oh gosh, yes I know which unit that is. Wow that's a great site. Maybe I'll pop over to have a look. It's got to be much better than the previous shop which was dire wasn't it. Thanks for the heads up Yvonne, appreciate it x

  2. Should be now!! Not, "not" Yvonne