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Apparently I've Well & Truly Lost The Plot

No they didn't have to verbalise their thoughts. I could see it written all over their faces. As I walked downstairs this morning, the husband's jaw dropped (not in awe I hasten to add) and the son stifled a laugh. Why? Because of these.

My new trousers. Actually scrub that. 

My new pyjamas. 

Yep they're pj bottoms from M&S Autograph. Sorry can't link as they're not online but they had loads in the sale in my local branch (reduced to a tenner as well).

I've been desperately searching for a good pair all season. Love love love the ones from Me&Em (here) but I couldn't bring myself to spend over £100 for something I might only wear a few times. They're probably a one season wonder too (which doesn't make me love them any less).

So, when I saw these, it was a case of buying, trying and if I feel an absolute tool or the ribbing at home gets too much, I can relegate to their proper use - bed wear. 

Ok so we won't be showing the ruched waist band. 

Pink Shirt - Dorothy Perkins (old)
Black and nude Pyjama bottoms - Marks & Spencer (not on line but check in store)
Boots - Boden (similar)

To prevent them from looking too pyjamaish I've kept things formal on top. Initially I'd planned to wear a chiffon mac but it all looked too floppy and one step away from bedtime so blazer and a nude pink blouse it is.

Dare I venture out? Pah, yeah of course. Mind you I'll give Tesco a wide berth. Didn't they ban people sporting nightwear from their stores a couple of years ago??

It's worth popping down to your local M&S to check their stock as they seem to have much much more in the sale than online. In fact, I might have picked up a lovely pair of floral ones too. 


2 comments on "Apparently I've Well & Truly Lost The Plot"
  1. I can't say they'd suit me at all. My family are always full of opinions too. Often they are contrary to my colleagues opinions. I go with my colleagues.