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Athleisure Are You In Or Out? And A Cracking Little Purchase

Yep it's a word; Athleisure. I had to look it up.

Definition: Athleisure is a trend in fashion in which clothing designed for athletic workouts at a gymnasium, sometimes termed activewear, is worn outside of the gym to go to the office or shopping or other social occasions

I mean, I knew about the concept but didn't realise there's an actual word for the trend.

There's this

And there's this.

The first set of pictures seems to be 'anything remotely sporty fits into this category' gang.  Bit of a cop out calling it Athleisure when it's just a pair of trainers or a run faster stripe down the side of the trousers don't you think?

The second set of pictures is the 'can't work out if they've just been to the gym' gang.

I know which gang I'm in (hint: it's not the second).

Even the presenters on Radio 4 are talking about it. I noticed the trend in the States last year. More women than ever were wearing sportswear. Everywhere. I'll put it out there now, I am not going down the lycra leggings and gym top route but there are 'degrees' I'm prepared to adopt.

Remember the Next joggers in this post? Fessing up now, I sent both pairs back in the end. I loved them from the front but oh that tenting at the back of the knee every time I bent it. Anyone else get that or is it just me? After searching endlessly, I think I've come to the conclusion that I'm probably better in a pair of slim trousers (if I'm going down the slim route) with a side stripe which 'hints' at the current trend. Still searching. Don't get me wrong I love the idea of a pair of joggers with a biker jacket or blazer but they don't love me back.

Still keen to buy in to the trend and looking at the first set of pictures above, it gave me an idea. So, I popped in to M&S to make a purchase. I did manage to look at Alexa Chungs' new collection. There's a few nice pieces (khaki mac, blazer and cropped trousers which the very stylish ladies Kat and Frances have bagged. The rest didn't really tickle my fancy and I suspect we'll see much of it heavily discounted. Anyway, my main purpose of visiting M&S today was to pick up these.

Cotton Rich Straight Leg Jogger

Yoga pants! Worn with a white t-shirt, grey biker jacket and white Adidas Honey Los. I used to wear these years ago and prayed they still had them. A search on the website proved fruitless - they're described as a straight leg jogger. Eh? Straight leg??? Oh and guess what, they're only £12.50. Yes you read that right, £12.50. Well, you could have knocked me down with a feather.

Devoid of all detail, semi fitted around the bum, they're a much better shape for me. And although it's not full on Athleisure, at least I feel as if I'm buying into the trend. I'm wearing a 10 Long and I almost considered downsizing (whoo hoo) - they're generously cut. Ordered the navy as well because they're so comfortable.

I think the key is to make the overall look current is to keep it very tailored.

So if you're interested in dipping your toe into this totally ridiculous trend (I'm sure I'll look back in a few years and think, what was I thinking) here's a few tips:

1. If you're shy and don't want to do full on trend, go and look at Pinterest, there's so much inspiration (just type in Athleisure which is a stupid word)

2. And if you're still shy, look for dark neutral shades so they don't stand out; black, navy, charcoal...

3. Top heavy ladies (such as me),  you might want to balance your silhouette to avoid looking like Mr Incredible

So a yoga pant might be better than a tight jogger

4. Joggers that are devoid of detail and excess material around the top are very flattering

5. Although a stripe down the edge is great for elongating the body, making you look longer and leaner

6. To keep the look age appropriate, wear at least one piece that's smart or non-fitness eg. a structured biker jacket or a blazer, a tailored shirt. Or if you're wearing something sporty on top, a pair of tailored cropped trousers or dark denim jeans

7. Think half a tracksuit as opposed to full. So bottoms or top, not both

8. Avoid baggy pieces, they'll not only increase the pounds but make the overall look, messy

9. Avoid high dressy sandals and shoes unless you're going for the Misguided look. Sneakers, flat forms or ankle boots or even flip flops seem to be the thing

10. Exception to no. 9 is if you're wearing a pair of silk joggers, a high shoes can look stunning

11. If you think all of this is tame, throw yourself in it and go head to toe Ivy Park

So, I'm on the hunt for a pair of fairly tailored slim fitting trousers with a go faster side stripe but not a chino fabric. I don't do chinos. Well not until they're deemed to be back on point!

I wore an old favourite biker jacket earlier which is most definitely from my 'spring' wardrobe. We're getting there slowly but surely.

Biker jacket - Gerry Weber (similar)
Breton top - Ichi (love this one)
Dove Bailey jeans - Wrap London
Gold flat forms - Pop Up Boutique (similar)
Mini Vicki Bag - See By Chloe 

Right, I'm off for a run in proper sports gear. It's raining cats and dogs which doesn't make me happy. Off out later so better get my skates on.

More 5 best buys next time.

Have an excellent Friday night x

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  2. You look great as usual. Thanks for the useful info, on trend without being 'trendy' !
    ( had to delete and re-comment as I had made a spelling mistake )

    1. Thank you xx I've been puzzling for ages how I'm going to do the trend but was barking up the wrong tree. It clicked when I looked on Pinterest. Pretty tame but it works for me x