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Game Changers

Peering in my wardrobe for inspiration the other evening, it all felt a bit meh for a girlie night out. I'd chosen an ancient top, the usual coated jeggings and past season sandals.  I mean, there's nothing wrong with any of the pieces but together they were all a bit, well, safe.

And then I remembered a little chiffon style mac that was hiding in my jacket wardrobe that I picked up before Christmas and had yet to wear because it's been too cold. Suddenly the world all felt ok again.

It got me thinking about game changers; you know, items of clothing or accessories that take an outfit to the next level. Upping the style stakes and all that. For me, this little chiffon mac belongs in the game changer category. It makes the outfit slightly more special.

So what can we incorporate easily into our wardrobe to take it to the next level? Here's a starting point.

1. Animal print

It's going nowhere is it? Every year, there's some animal print pattern out there whether that be leopard, snake, zebra, crocodile, pony, even giraffe. It comes in the form of accessories in my wardrobe; bags, belts, scarves, shoes and boots. It gives a plain outfit a bit of an edge. A pair of jeans and a white shirt instantly looks more stylish with the addition of a leopard print bag for example. It can also make you look like a stylish confident woman (even if you're thinking inside you look like a tool - you don't by the way).

Cara V-Neck T-Shirt - Kettlewll £35
Skinny Jeans - Next £22
GAME CHANGER: Chancery Clutch - Boden Now £39.50
Wardrobe staples of a v-neck t-shirt and jeans are given a whole new lease of life with a statement bag. I have all of the items featured and can vouch for each one. I've used the bag so much - it goes with everything (and it's now in the sale woohoo). 

Lace Top - Zara £29.99
Black Workwear Culottes - Next £22
GAME CHANGER Juliette Mid Heel Shoes - Top Shop £49
I am so in need of a new pair of animal print shoes. I just need to work out whether it's a heel or a flat. These mid heels might work a treat and certainly give this outfit a little cheeky twist. Don't be put off by the description of the culottes - 'workwear'. I find a slightly more structured pair are easier to wear and style than those with volumes of fabric (I'm looking at you Alexa Chung). 

Soft Shirt Dress - Mango £16
Metal Detail Sandal - Mango £14
GAME CHANGER Crocodile Print Tote - New Look £9

Oh bargain alert! This whole outfit is £39. The colour of the bag gives the dress and sandals an injection of colour but still sticking with neutrals. And a very useful, versatile bag it is too. 

2. Jewellery

Never underestimate the impact of even just a single piece of jewellery. I wear a bracelet and a watch everyday plus a small necklace. It's as second nature to me as wearing knickers. Jewellery gives that polished look and finishes off an outfit. I rarely wear big blingy pieces these days, it's all about subtlety but nevertheless still as impactful to the overall look.

Woodley Cropped Jumpsuit £109
GAME CHANGER Toucan Leather Bracelet - Reiss £25
Need. Want. Can't live without. That jumpsuit. I love Baukjen jumpsuits, they are the bee's knees. Pretty plain on it's own so I'd add a touch of glamour by way of this bracelet from Reiss. Not a great picture but go on, click through and check it out in it's full glory.

Delicious isn't it! I'd also probably add a very small pendant such as the Claudia Bradby Double Halo Necklace that I featured here.

Daria Dress - Baukjen £89
GAME CHANGER Double Chain Necklace £15.99
Sticking with Baukjen, the Daria dress is a modern classic (I have it in 3 colours). And it can be dressed up or down. The necklace I've added is from Zara whom I fear have gone down the totally wacky jewellery route this year (check out the body necklaces!!!!). Anyway, this one is a sheer delight. Unusual, not too blingy but yes, it's an understated statement piece (if that is possible - I'll leave it with you to work out that conundrum but I know what I mean).

3. A Pair Of Trainers

Yes, a surprising entry for the humble sneaker but so useful to give a youthful twist to an outfit. I'm surprised how much I wear mine. I own a pair of grey suede Adidas Gazelles, white Adidas Honey Los and red suede Mango (plus the usual plethora of Converse and running trainers). Not that many compared with some, but enough for my needs.

Navy Buttoned Blazer - Mango £39.99
Skinny Jeans - Next £22
GAME CHANGERS Panel Suede Sneakers - Mango £18
I always grab a blazer when running errands. A pair of trainers keeps the outfit looking too formal or officey. As well as being comfortable of course. These ones have been reduced to £18 - an utter bargain for suede and leather. I wear mine (the exact same ones) at least once a week. Very tempted by the black which are the same price or these yellow ones that I featured the other day.

4. A Statement Jacket

Ah yes, let's talk jackets. One of my most favourite subjects in the whole wide world. There's jackets and there's jackets. What I mean by that, is there are functional jackets that keep you warm and stylish jackets that give a whole outfit a bit of pizzazz. I'd always opt for the latter, probably regret it in the middle of January but hey, you can always add a scarf. And a hat. And gloves. And thermals. Ok, maybe not always practical. I'd say if budget allows, try to buy a new jacket each season, something with a nod to current trends but won't date after a few wears. Sounds difficult? It's actually not.

Cotton Shirt - Marks & Spencer £35
Sculpt & Lift Skinny Jeans - Marks & Spencer £35
Military Jacket - Hush £65
It's all about the khaki military jacket this season isn't it. But let's face it, this kind of jacket isn't going to hit the 'has been' pile anytime soon. A good old plain white shirt and black jeans are brought bang up to date with this simple addition.

Lightweight Shirt - Boden £35.58
Skinny Jeans - Next £22
Abingdon Trench - Boden £104.30
And the trench is making a comeback. Of course the fashion pack are raving about it but savvy ladies have been wearing none stop since last time it was deemed 'in'. Another basic outfit of chambray shirt and jeans is suddenly thrust in to S/S 16 with the addition of the trench. And we know from experience that we can carry on wearing it for years to come. A good investment!

Basic wardrobe staples have been used for the collages above. Most women will have jeans of some nature in the wardrobe, shirts, t-shirts, a little black dress and so on. Adding a few game chambers can take an outfit to a whole new level and bring it bang smack up to date. Don't you agree?

Trouble is, I've mentally composed a 'want' list in my head after writing this post; yellow trainers, the Zara necklace, the Hush jacket, the animal print shoes and of course the Baukjen jumpsuit. Argghhhhhhhhh!!!!!!

Poor son has been traipsing around the Peak District all weekend on his practice D of E. He returned wet, cold and very tired. I can hear him splashing around in the bath eating a pot of pineapple and Peperami sausages (don't ask) - he's been in there over an hour now. Cue: no hot water for me then. Off out for something to eat shortly - it will have to be an early one as I can't see him staying awake past 7pm.

Husband has treated me to a new backdrop for my photos. Well, he's put some new bush things at the front door which amounts to the same thing. Be interesting to see how long they last before I kill them off. Cheshire Ripper of the gardening world I am. Gardening isn't really my thing.

Right, I'm outta here. Enjoy your evening.

4 comments on "Game Changers"
  1. Leopard print cross body - tick! Red trainers - I can barely believe I'm saying this, but (and this is ALL YOUR FAULT!) I have them chosen & might possibly buy next week, (all being well with skin) and now I really, really want that Hush khaki jacket :( Love a good game changer, me!

    1. I've seen a few people in the Hush jacket, looks lovely. I really, really don't need another jacket though - or do I????

  2. You are so right on the "game changer" post. I recently bought a denim vest, a military vest, and a white denim jacket...All of which have created great transition outfits for our Texas spring time weather and made outfits that were borderline inappropriate for work totally workable!

    1. Ooooh Wendy, they sound fab. Love the idea of a military vest. I can see how each one of your new purchases would really make a plain outfit, more special. Enjoy wearing them - we're still in boots and coats (well today anyway - it's freezing) x