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Say Hello To My Little White Dress

You may remember last week, I briefly mentioned this dress

Rather nice isn't it! 

And not dissimilar to the Self Portrait design.

Except it's £200 cheaper so plenty left over to buy a nice pair of shoes (now we're talking). 

Actually, it wasn't the lace that attracted me to it, more the cut. See those vertical lines running down the front of the dress, they're going to make you look longer and leaner. A bit like the old racing stripes on a Ford Capri in the 80s. And the runner across the waist? Well that's there to give a bit of definition. And the pencil cut? Super flattering on many figures*. And the absence of the spaghetti strap which Mr SP often favours, can only be a good thing for ladies of a certain age!

I'm wearing a 10R which is very roomy (I briefly considered an 8 but then thought nah girl who are you trying to kid!). 

It will OBVIOUSLY look better with proper underwear!
Ideally, I would have preferred it a tad longer. It's available in different lengths but the long won't work as I'm not really long bodied so the waist will be in the wrong place. It's described as ivory, I'd say it was more of a soft white which is handy as everyone get's this colour in their palette. And it's also available in navy.

The quality is excellent for the money, to be fair Next stuff normally is. And the dress does all of the talking so accessories can be kept to the minimum (that's a double tick in my book). 

So, if you have a bit of a do to go to this year, it might be worth a try on.  It wasn't available in my local store so I had to order it.

There's some stunning white dresses available from Next this year (here), although I'm not sure I can justify another. 

Anyway, let's talk popcorn. Propercorn in fact, who contacted me recently to ask if I might like to try some. Normally I'd say thank you but not for me. Whilst I admire food bloggers instagrams who obviously have magical qualities and can make a toasted tea cake look like a work of art, it's not for me. Grub is for eating not photographing in this house. Except the kids were looking over my shoulder and said something like Muuuuuum say yes, we love Propercorn. I confess to never having heard of it. So I said yes and this is what arrived. 

And then this

Now the fresh stuff arrived on Saturday evening via Tesco. Totally threw me and I nearly sent the delivery driver packing. The penny finally dropped that it was a gift from Propercorn - doh!

Anyway, I made this for lunch today

(You can find the recipe at the above link. Funnily enough there's no popcorn - go figure!)

Have to confess that I cheated somewhat. I don't have a spirally thing so couldn't do spiral sweet potatoes so I improvised. It was delicious! To be honest, it's not something I'll be cooking every lunchtime as it's slightly more faffy than my usual tin of tuna eaten at the kitchen sink. But it's a fab recipe for a girly lunch or weekend meal. It's all part of Propercorn's campaign to provide a 'Happy Lunch' packed with good stuff. 

We've demolished the popcorn and I've replenished our supplies. Very timely discovery as I'm trying to follow a gluten free diet at the moment. My favourite flavour has got to be the sexy Smooth Peanut and Almond. Anyway, what I want to know is why the kids didn't tell me about these before. Beats Walkers Deep Ridge Flame Grilled flavour any day!

Off to finish a swimsuit post that I started the other night. 

Catch up soon x

*very curvy ladies might struggle with this shape though.

Next have not sponsored this post in any way, I love the dress and wanted to share it with you
Propercorn very kindly sent me the delicious samples and fresh food to create the delicious lunch although I wasn't obliged to blog or even mention it at all. 
6 comments on "Say Hello To My Little White Dress"
  1. Super dress, shame they don't have other colours than these,saw them last week in next as I'm looking for a dress for wedding I'm attending seeon...Looks lovely on you..x

    1. Thank you xx I'd wear either to a wedding (sod the 'you can't wear white' law). I was thinking of wearing mine with a white clutch and bright pink shoes...oh I don't have a wedding to go to!!!

  2. That is absolutely stunning on you! There is no way I would ever think it was from Next. (I tried Propercorn - got it in a goody bag at some event - and it just tasted every level of wrong to me!!!)

    1. Thanks Helen. You're obviously eating the wrong flavour by the way!

  3. Beautiful dress on you Donna, so elegant and it does look very Self Portrait-ish. Love the popcorn too I am addicted to salted caramel..super unhealthy but really tasty! xx