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Second Post Today But This Can't Wait | Super Sale Alert

You'll be sick of hearing from me today but honestly I couldn't wait to tell you that Mango Outlet have an extra 50% off tons of items (click here) and it looks as if it's only until 1st May so better get your skates on.

Lots and lots of stuff but here are some of the hilights.

Fine-knit Striped Sweater £10 (that's a 67% saving by the way)

I've got this and it is gorgeous. It washes like a dream and doesn't even need ironing. It hangs beautifully and no one would believe it's only a tenner. Even at full price of £29.99, it was a bargain.

Embroidered Cotton Coat £20

I really don't need another jacket. I want one but I don't need one. And anyway, the daughter berates me for buying so many. But ohhhh. This one!

It's a dressy uppy, dressy downy piece don't you think?

And here's another ...

Structured Cotton Blend Jacket £20

The fact that there's over 70% off and all sizes currently available would put me on high alert. Maybe there's a design fault (it happens) or maybe it's the styling (you need to pop over to have a look for yourself). So I wouldn't recommend that you order just this as chances are, you'll be disappointed and have paid out postage but, if you're ordering other things, pop it in your basket and give it a try.

And another...

Double Breasted Jacket £22.50

Once again all sizes still available (ring a ding ding). But, I flippin love this and would look great with flared jeans, an alternative to styling them the boho way. I do find double breasted slightly more difficult to wear as they always seem to look better done up.

Trimmed Jacket £17.50

If you're in the jacket market and looking for something fairly easy wear, get this. The straight edge running down the front is super flattering, particularly if worn with a column of colour underneath similar to the model. Great colour for all.

Geometric Pattern Jacket £15

Don't just think workwear with this one. The slim fit would work so well with culottes or cigarette pants and a slogan t-shirt.

Waterfall Structured Blazer £20

Not keen on the styling here, that navy underneath, top and bottom is too heavy but this could be a lovely summer jacket. Perfect with jeans and a white t-shirt. Great for the hols and even to travel in. I remember seeing this last season and considered ordering it, surprised it's still hanging around.

Braided Cord Sweater £12.50

I bought a striped top similar to this before Christmas and love it. Buy this one and box it for autumn/winter. I mean, come on, this shitty weather can't last that much longer can it?

Message Cotton Sweatshirt £9

Nine quid? I've got a bottle of white wine at the side of me that cost more than that. Chuck on a black blazer and you've got a natty little outfit there.

Fine Knit Linen Sweater £9

A pop of red? Oh go on then. This is the sort of thing that you can add to your neutral wardrobe to mix it up a little. Looks great with black, grey, navy and white and the linen blend means that it's light enough to wear throughout the summer.

Premium Ribbed Fine Knit Sweater £9

Got this and love it. Had a bit of an accident with those ties at the bottom of the sleeves (you use them to ruche up the arms). I was snipping off the loop things inside a dress and one of them got in the way and I cut my jumper dangles off by mistake. I wanted to cry. Anyway it's a great piece and comes up ever so slightly big.

Beaded Cotton Jacket £17.50

Another lovely jacket and how great are the colour of those jeans.

Frayed Hem Jacket £12.50

I blogged about this way way back and actually ordered it. For some reason it went back and I can't for the life of me remember why. Maybe it felt a tad short so possibly better on someone smaller.

Fringe Trim Sweater £12.50

Lazy styling. There's so much you could do with this. Black cigarette pants and loafers, skinny jeans and ankle boots, throw in a coloured bag for colour, shorts for a visit to a (UK) beach....

And I could go on and on and on. There's so much although it seems that only jackets, knitwear and sweatshirts are in the special-special sale. Obviously the jeans and trouser buyer got it right!!!! Mind you there's still lots of them on the outlet at good prices.

Come on ladies, get flexing those credit cards. It's bargains galore this Friday night. And let me know if you manage to bag anything lovely. I'm having to sit on my hands but no doubt I'll cave before Sunday.

Anyway I survived wearing the pyjama bottoms today (blog post here). No rude comments and one lady even asked me where I'd bought my lovely trousers from. Gulp.

2 comments on "Second Post Today But This Can't Wait | Super Sale Alert "
  1. The prices are amazing, so many things I love. The boxy jacket would be brilliant with so many outfits and I really like the breton top you've brought. I hope I haven't left it to late ........

    1. They are aren't they. Can't recommend the breton high enough. It's probably my favourite out of the stash I own (I have many)!! x