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Wearing Yellow, It's A Tricky One

Thank you all for your entertaining comments about the dungarees the other day. I've mentally calculated that 92.678% think they're minging. I get where you're coming from but that little devil inside me is saying keep them, keep them. I'll let you know or maybe I'll just wear them in secret. Useful little exercise though.

So, yellow. It's a tricky little number to style. Well not for everyone but for many of us mere mortals. Let me explain why.

Yellow is a warm colour and if you have a cool skin tone, it can do really weird things to your complexion if you wear it up to you face. You might end up looking a little jaundice or ill. I'm guessing that's not the desired effect??? But let's think about that for a moment. You get up on a Monday morning feeling pants. A duvet day would be very welcome. So cool skinned ladies, here's a top tip for you (it works every time). Wear a yellow top (the more mustard, the better) and I guarantee that you'll be sent home from work within the first 15 minutes. Yes it can look that bad. Always an up side, always an up side.

Working out your skin tone

Here's a list of characteristics. Don't worry if you don't agree with every statement. It's just a general guide. Which category do you seem to fit into the most?

Warm skins:
- you have golden hilights or red hair
- you tan a golden brown colour
- you may have freckles but not always
- your skin may look golden
- the veins on the inside of you wrist look green as opposed to blue
- you suit gold jewellery better than silver
- you look pants in lilac but great in coral

Cool skins:
- you may have ash or grey tones to your hair
- you go pink in the sun (you may then go on to tan)
- your skin may look blue or pinky
- the veins on the inside of your wrist look blue as opposed to green
- you suit silver jewellery better than gold
- you look pants in coral but great in lilac

Nb. Sallow skin tones are cools, but often wrongly diagnosed as warms. Honestly put someone with a sallow skin in warm colours and they can look pretty dreadful. Anything yellow based (i.e. warm colours) will reflect onto your skin which has a yellow undertone and make it look even more sallow.

So if you're a warm skin tone, congratulations, you can probably wear most shades of yellow and look amazing. Don't worry cool skin tones, I'll find you a shade of yellow and offer a suggestion on how to wear it.

Starting with the Breton. So easy to dress up with a blazer and jeans which is how I wear mine (except I don't have a yellow one and surprise, surprise, I now need one).

Long Sleeve Breton £26.50

It looks a bit custard yellow doesn't it so definitely one for the warm skinned ladies. Add a pair of leopard print flats to a navy blazer and jeans and yep, good to go.

And the short sleeve for when it warms up a tad.

Short Sleeve Breton £24.50

Gosh, I love good quality v-neck cotton t-shirts. So flattering. Again it's a Boden and is a slightly softer sherbet yellow. Perfect for Softs and Lights (find out your colour palette here).

Long Lightweight Deep V-Neck £22.50

Looks amazing with navy, charcoal. And white. Pair of white ankle grazer jeans and tan accessories. Come on summer hurry up.

One for the cooler skin tones now from Great Plains, it's called lemon sugar but I'd say it's more of an icy yellow. Far more forgiving on cool skin tones. And personally I think the model who has a warm look would look much better in one of the tops above (but only my opinion).

Featherweight Jersey Trim T-Shirt £30

A French Connection top, again for the cooler skin tones. Can you see how it's less yellow than the first few which helps to balance out your own colouring. You may need to use your imagination to style it, I mean it's not ground breakingly trendy is it? Clue: it would look great with grey! In fact any cool neutrals such as navy and black. I'm not normally a fan of yellow and black (a bit too bumble bee for me) but these icy yellows would work really well.

Burnout Cotton T-Shirt £20

Moving on to Mango, oooh I love this shirt. It's very Me&Emish isn't it? Worryingly described as mustard, not the most summery of colours. It looks more of a soft yellow to me though. Definitely one for the warmer skins.

Flowy Blouse £39.99

And a stripy number (tick) off the shoulder (tick). The colour blocking breaks up the yellow and makes it much more wearable.

Striped blouse £29.99

I'm struggling with the loose top/flared pants combo. I know why they do it, to balance out the model's frame but personally I'd wear it with white ankle grazer skinnies.

And I do think that you need to have a really warm skin tone to pull this one off from Zara.

Top With Pleated Hem £29.99

You may prefer to keep yellow to accessories. And shoes are such an easy way to update last year's outfit. And let's face it, they're infinitely easier to wear if yellow isn't your thing. Loving these from Zara

Braided Slingback High Heel Mules £49.99

And these but ouch that heel. I'd sacrifice comfort I would.

High Heel Wraparound Sandal £39.99

Ooooh hello little Espadrille from Boden. I shall be purchasing an Espadrille of some sort this year and these are lush. So if flats are your thing....

Betty Espadrille £59.50

Or how about a yellow bag? Zatchels have quite a selection.

Daffodil Yellow Pastel Saddle Bag reduced to £32

This next one can be worn across the body or as a clutch making it a great holiday bag. Versatility is very welcome when you have but one suitcase.

Yellow Ochre Micro Clutch reduced to £27

And a perfectly sized barrel bag.

Pastel Daffodil Yellow Leather Barrel Bag reduced to £26

The sale bags at Zatchels are amazing value. Ok, the leather is a bit crusty cardboard but that's the style of their bags. And it does wear very well. The daughter has a traditional satchel that must be 4 years old now and still looks great.

I'd love to see the quality of this next one which looks much softer than the traditional Zatchel bag.

Mowbray Yellow Ochre Bucket Bag £115

The beauty about any accessory is that we can all partake. So if you really, really can't wear yellow next to the face, wear it on your feet or shoulder. Even a belt or a bracelet.

More and more these days, I'm buying in to neutrals, occasionally I'll wear a pop of colour but I do enjoy teaming coloured accessories to brighten up an outfit. I hadn't realised how many yellow bags I actually own.

A few pics from the archives...

Well, I hope I haven't managed to confuse you more. Do shout at me in the comments box below, I'll do my best to explain further.

We've had a busy birthday week, the son turned 15 on Tuesday. He wanted to go to London to spend his money. Sigh. Ok then. Although, 'my shops' didn't seem to feature on his list for some reason. His chosen shops were Supreme and Palace (both over priced trendy skateboardy shops) that have about 4 rails of clothes with no sizes available because the next 'drop' isn't until whenever. I really can't cope with this hype where they keep the supply so small that it creates a Harrod's Boxing Day sale kind of panic. How can you explain to a 14 year old (now 15) that no it's not ok to stay up until midnight on a school night to 'bag' the latest collaboration with Stone Island or Air Jordan.

He also decided that a burger was the order of the day so we ended up at Byrons just off Haymarket. Again, not my chosen haunt but as burgers go, it was ok. If I were a better blogger, I'd have done an arty food picture for Instagram. Sod that. I was starving.

I feel cruel making him sit down to revise every morning but school have requested 5 hours per day (he's year 10 by the way). We've settled on 3. I'm not saying how many he's actually doing for feat of his teacher reading this blog!!

One of his birthday cakes made by my lovely sister-in-law. It was ginormous!

We've been eating it since Sunday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And as usual, I think we took the grand sum of 2 photos in London between us.

I would like to point out that his pants are supposed to be that length - they're not hand-me-downs!

Finally, I've decided that I really do need to get moving again. My running is non-existent at the moment. So watch out Macclesfield, I'll be treading those pavements soon. Bloody hate it but with the conversations at home turning to summer holidays, I need to get back into some shape. I'm thinking of buying new gear. This.

That about sums up my enthusiasm. Catch you in a few days.

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  1. If u tell me I'm a cool skin tone I'll die! Approx 70% of my wardrobe is yellow!

    1. Ha ha ha Trea, you definitely have a warm undertone. Phew!!! xx

    2. Oh that made me chuckle! You're way too kind Donna ... I'd have told Trea her skin tone was cool just for the craic #evil

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