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Why Every Stylish Woman Should Have A Navy Blazer In Their Wardrobe

There, I said it. Runs and hides. Never one to be prescriptive but honestly honestly a navy blazer has to be one of the most versatile items in my wardrobe. I probably wear mine far too much (I have 3 but sub standard photos on Instagram, it most certainly looks as if I wear the same one over and over and over again). Actually yes I do, looking at the photos. There is a favourite, a cheap as chips H&M one that fits like a dream, doesn't crease and goes with everything. There's also a navy wool pinstripe one that's slightly longer. Looks great with full length jeans, not so good with crops (shorter length trousers/longer length jackets plays havoc with the verticals). And finally a nautical themed blazer which I love, not quite as classic as the other two though.

So, why is a navy blazer so useful

1. It can be worn most of the year (layered in winter and with a t-shirt in summer)
2. Takes a casual outfit to the next level
3. Can be worn with most colours including jeans
4. Gives you an instant polished look

I can put on a basic t-shirt and jeans, a fairly casual affair but by adding a blazer, a simple outfit feels so much more special even if I can't be bothered with jewellery and heels. As our financial advisor would say, it's a sound investment Mrs B.

I kind of have an unwritten rule; if I'm wearing trainers or jeans, I have to smarten the top half up with something to make it a little more age appropriate. A blazer is the perfect addition.

It doesn't matter what your style personality is (find out yours here), you can adapt it to suit your own lifestyle. It's a no brainer really isn't it?

Don't take my word for it, have a goosey gander at these stylish ladies.

Just perfect in every way. White ankle grazer jeans, chambray shirt, sandals and a Bottega Veneta lookalike bag (well it might be the real thing). Heels for the Dramatic, flats for the Naturals. It's so easy to adapt to your own lifestyle. Ok ok, mums with those small things that flap around your ankles children might struggle with the white jeans. There's a really simple trick I used to use when my kids were small. Show the palm of your hand to any minion that approaches you within 4 feet and scream at the top of your voice "WHITE JEANS". They'll get the message. Eventually.

I'm sure I've used this next picture before and I still love it. Brogues are still around but I'd probably exchange them now for a loafer - a quick wardrobe update. If we take away the blazer and the smart bag, she'd look fairly dressed down. Raggy jeans and a couple of layered t-shirts. Not something I'd look twice at in an outfit but adding the blazer instantly smartens up the outfit and makes it a bit special without looking over dressed. It's that polished look that I personally crave.

And if you crave colour, this next one's for you. Such a simple look, blazer and a white t-shirt and then pow those trousers. She looks amazing.

You can even throw a navy blazer over a maxi dress. Given our crappy weather, it's an ideal way of getting maximum use out of your summer dresses.

So many ways of wearing them and I haven't even mentioned bretons or jumpers.

Get one now!!!

Here is a selection of what's around to buy right now.

As much as I call Zara for it's sub standard quality,  jackets are an exception. Never had a bad one. Well actually yes just one. A navy boucle blazer (oh the irony).  It went all bobbly after a few wears. Keep meaning to throw it out. So that makes 4 navy blazers in my wardrobe (oops).

I've seen this classic one in store and it's amazing value for money. Love the one button fastening and formal silhouette.

Zara Buttoned Blazer £39.99

Right, I've had my eye on this next one for a few weeks. I keep entering those competitions on Facebook that Boden run to win an item of your choice. Darn it, it's not happened yet. But every time, I say the Hazelbury Blazer in navy blue. I mean we're not talking mega bucks or anything but I honestly believe I'm going to win it. Fool. Just buy the thing. It's ponte fabric which is such an easy wear and will appeal to ladies who prefer comfort over style. Not that it isn't stylish of course. Just brilliant to sling on right now for an extra layer.

Boden Hazelbury Blazer £89.50

So many to choose from in Mango. This one is ideal if you're looking for something a bit different. It would still work in all the looks above. In fact, I wore a similar shape green leather jacket with a maxi dress recently and it worked a treat (hop on over to Insta if you want to have a look).

Mango Button Cotton Jacket £79.99

If you're looking for a looser boxier fit, try this one. (Just realised, I have a navy wool boxier jacket too so that makes 5).

Mango Textured Cotton Blazer now £19.99

Or a pinstripe. Yes please to the whole outfit.

Mango Pinstripe Suit Blazer £69.99

A really lovely shape from Jack Wills and 100% wool so perfect for cooler days (today!).

Jack Wills The Austerberry Blazer £179.99

And if you fancy a dark navy (midnight infact), this one from Jaegar will last you for years.

Jaegar Ponte Jersey Blazer £150

There are so many to choose from on the high street, something for everyone's budget and style. I'll tell you what, if someone imposed a capsule wardrobe on me, a navy blazer would be at the top of the list.

And to prove that I actually do wear a navy blazer, I provide you with evidence forthwith.

It's the same blazer in every picture by the way.

C'mon ladies are you with me on this one? Or do you hate them. Love to know.

We've been up to the Lake District today. Not done that for a long time. Took in a football match in Barrow and then dinner in Windermere. The lake is still as stunning as I remember it. Oh and I saw my forever house right by the water. My jaw dropped, it did. A beautiful modern slate built house with massive windows. It wouldn't look out of place on the ski slopes of Klosters. Just two things stand in the way. It's not up for sale and it would probably cost 'several' million pounds. Slightly out of our budget right now (ha ha).

I'm currently sat in bed waiting for the pre-drinking 20 year olds to bugger off out of my kitchen and finally go out so I can get some sleep. It's 12am for goodness sake. What's with this pre-drinking malarkey? They'll miss the five to two snog at this rate. Oh yeah clubs don't close at 2am anymore do they!!

16 comments on "Why Every Stylish Woman Should Have A Navy Blazer In Their Wardrobe"
  1. I just managed to bag myself a fab little navy blazer in the Topshop sale a few weeks back....and I love it!! Not sure how I managed without one! Love your's styled with the pinstripes trews Donna! xx

    1. Thanks Michelle. I'm sure you'll get so much wear out of yours x

  2. Oh yes, we're definitely singing from the same hymn sheet - I have 3 and am now eyeing up that Mango pin stripe one. Love a navy blazer.
    And oh how I laughed at the reminder of the five to two snog!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Can't believe you haven't got a stripe blazer Flaky. Come on, get your skates on x

  3. I lurve a navy blazer too! 2 and counting... Quite fancy the stripe mango one too!

    1. It seems to be the popular choice Kathryn. Might crack mine out tomorrow, haven't worn it for a few weeks x

  4. Great post..navy blazer is an essential. I believe the correct terminolgy for pre drinks is 'prinks' so my 18 year old babysitter tell me 😂

    1. Oh brilliant. I haven't heard that before 'prinks'. And I agree, a navy blazer is like a Monopoly board - every household should have one ha ha x

  5. Great post..navy blazer is an essential. I believe the correct terminolgy for pre drinks is 'prinks' so my 18 year old babysitter tell me 😂

  6. Note to self 'get a navy blazer' great blog, loved it and loved the piece about children and white jeans! haha. Been a while since i was in that position with my children. New to blogging, getting some tips from yours though. Check mine out if you can mummabstylish.com Best Wishes Hun..x

    1. Thank you very much. Good luck with your blog, I'll hop on over and have a look x

  7. I purchased one last week - I'm still deciding on mine. I've not really worn a proper jacket since I left work.

    1. I bet you'll make it your own Sue. Sew some stickers on or something, you'll look ace x

  8. Absolutely love your website. I'm 43 and whilst tinkering around on my iPad I discovered my first blog, then another, then another. Now I've got a whole page devoted to forty something inspirational fashion. You and doesmybumlook40 are my absolutely favourites. Thanks to you and your blogging mates, I've ventured into trainers, jumpsuits, slouchy trousers instead of my usual skinnies and I've put little hooks all over the inside of my wardrobe door where my customer jewellery now hangs, so I wear something different every day. I've got a couple of slogan tshirts... It's fun and it's all thanks to some mums I can relate to. Thanks Donna, lots. Claire X

    1. Thank you so much Claire, what a lovely thing to say. Very flattered that you've elevated me up to Kat's blog - wow xx When you put it like that, trainers, jumpsuits, slouchy trousers and slogan tees, it sounds as if we're having a midlife crises - ha. But we know what we mean don't we xx

  9. I really enjoyed reading your blog. I believe that every woman should have a navy blazer in their wardrobe because it's very stylish and elegant and it definitely makes them look way better.Thank you for sharing this.