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An Outfit Idea For A Busy Day In The South Of France

Anyone else feeling a bit of a fashion low mojo? It's that time in the season when I'm worn out with what's on offer and we haven't even reached the summer months yet. Spring wear is in sale, we've had the summer drops in the main, so we've seen everything that S/S16 is prepared to give us. And quite frankly I'm bored. Happens every year! I'm sure if brands pushed back their releases by a few weeks, we wouldn't feel so frazzled come mid-season.

And talking of S/S16 - what a load of pants that's been. Other than footwear (oh yes, never disappoints), it's all been a bit limp. Boho is clinging on for dear life (go away, you're boring), cold shoulder and off the shoulder thingys have been done to death (I'm returning one of mine on Thursday), Self Portrait dresses are being copied and ruined everywhere and culottes, well, they're ok actually. We'll look back fondly in a few years. Ah yes, 2016, the year of nothingness. I tell you, if someone gave me £1,000 to spend right now on the high street, I'd be hard pushed to part with that money. I know, I know, can't believe I've just said that myself.

My main focus seems to be sorting out the holiday wardrobe which I had made reasonable progress with earlier in the season. And then complacency stepped in. And I stopped looking. I had one of those 3am wake ups the other night where 'boom' I suddenly realised that I'm about 5 dresses short. Let's just say that the laptop has been on permanent charge ever since. I know what shape I want (loose shift), and length (just above the knee) but can't find anything out there. Mr DHL has just texted me to advise that one of his drivers is kindly dropping off a huge Mango delivery. Of course it will all be going back - I reckon they keep their prices down by lopping off 30cm from the bottom of each dress.

Before we go on our main holiday, hubby and I are off to Cannes for a couple of days. Now, now don't go getting all excited. We're not talking romantic candle lit dinners, we're out there to watch England vs Russia in the Euros in Marseille. Want to see my outfit? 

Khaki dress - Glamorous (similar here & here)
Bag - See By Chloe
Sandals - Top Shop (love these)

We will need to get from Cannes to Marseille by some form of transport (car or train) and I'm thinking this might be a good travel come dinner come football match outfit.

I got the dress from my friend's shop - it's since sold out but River Island have similar (see the links above).

Of course there are still a few weeks to go and I might change my mind!!!! But one thing for sure, it's definitely coming with me on both hols. You never know, I might drop lucky on the Mango order too.

Hey, this made me laugh. The daughter informed us earlier that the guys and gals in her student house (there are 8 of them) have decided to give their garden (sorry, yard) a makeover and are building a swimming pool. In fact they've already started the construction process....

Liners have been purchased!! I did try to explain that the walls of the pool might need reinforcing because of the pressure of the water. To deaf ears.

Apparently they're having fairy lights and everything. This could turn very messy. I'm putting it down to exam stress and come the weekend, they'll have forgotten all about their little plan and be back chasing each other around the house with Nerf guns.

Before I go, just a little heads up, I've got a discount code from Goose Collection for you all. Use code spring20 for 20% off all full priced items until 29th April. You can see a couple of their items here and here. And if you haven't yet purchased your Clarisonic, CurrentBody have 20% off everything using code CB20.

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  1. Totally agree - I've stopped looking tbh as I hate boho and everything else is so uninspiring. Limp is a good word for it. Good job I have loads of clothes already and don't need anything new ;-)