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Pretty Little Things

Could not agree more! Mind you, I'm not sure the neighbours would agree. They already think I'm barking (I am of course).

Writing this blog over the last 2 1/2 years, I've had the pleasure of discovering new brands that I now hold dear to me. A few weeks ago, Swedish based Lily And Rose asked if I would like to pick out a few pieces of their current collection to review.

The company was set up by Therese Zetterberg, renowned for her beautiful wedding gowns and ready to wear collections. It was immediately obvious to me that her jewellery is totally inspired by these beautiful creations and I can't think of any bride who wouldn't want to wear this jewellery on her special day.

But, it's not exclusive to brides and indeed, I spent a happy half hour pouring over the gorgeous creations and in particular the stunning bracelets. These days, I'm very much in to smaller pieces, so much so that I recently cleared out a whole drawer full of pimped up bling (I'm looking at you Zara). Probably regret it in a couple of years but at least the drawer is no longer sagging under the weight of it all.

I've started to collect a few pieces of rose gold, very late to the party I know. But, haven't been able to find the right bracelet to go with my Monica Vinader (yes I was lucky enough to receive the whole three initials and chain from the family) and the Double Halo Claudia Bradby necklace. So, when I spotted these little beauties, I pounced on them.

Miss Miranda Black Diamond 

Miss Sofia Silk Rose Gold

It was a little difficult to see how big they would actually be from the website and I prayed and prayed they would be fine enough to layer without looking too blingy. And I was delighted. Each one is a perfect little specimen.

I chose a lovely pink stone and a really unusual black one, both are surrounded by Swarovski crystals. Of course I had to wear them straight away.

I also chose this beautiful ring featuring a princess baguette black stone surrounded by Swarovski crystals.

Lady Di Black Diamond

Something really different for me. I'm a shocker with rings, I beg, plead, scream and spit my dummy out to get diamonds - eventually the husband caves in. And then I don't wear for fear of losing them. I'm hoping that I'll wear this one slightly more often.

Stunning isn't it.

Ok, wrinkle alert, I didn't think my hands were THAT wrinkly. Better get myself down to Superdrug to buy a pot of Atrixo.

Love it!

I'm chuffed to bits with each piece and am now thinking that I should add to the collection with a couple of silver bracelets which would be very useful. And, surprisingly very reasonably priced!

Go and indulge yourselves over on the Lily And Rose Instagram. Wish mine looked more like this than the dog's dinner that is (I'm still not 100% sure what I'm doing lol).

Well, a trip to Ikea with the husband yesterday and we just about survived although I feared a full on row in the office chair department (it's ok, we compromised, I won). Two seven seater cars full to the brim. Good job I insisted on taking both because I fear one of us would have clocked the other on the head. It was all very stressful.

It's been hot hot hot today. I popped over to my parents for a few hours and Dad asked me to cut his hair. Oh lordy lord. I've never been allowed near anyone's hair before. Bless him, he was very patient and I think it turned ok. Well it looked better when I fluffed it up at the back. I'm expecting a phone call tomorrow morning when he's slept on it ;-)

First barbecue of the year and I'm still sat outside at 8.30pm enjoying a glass of wine. Hard to believe that according to my Instagram I wore a woolly bobble hat to fend off the snow. This sunshine is the bees knees. Shame it's going to rain this week.

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  1. OMG, that jewellery is absolutely stunning. Definitely going to have a browse.
    And lolz at your IKEA tale ... I NEVER go there with the OH!!!!