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That Boden Beach Bag But Not As You Know It

Gorgeous isn't it.

Pom Pom Beach Bag Currently £71.55

But seventy quid for a beach bag??? Ouch.

So let's make our own.

1. Click on this link and make a purchase.

F&F Striped Tote Bag £12

2. Hop on over to Ebay and choose 3 faux fur pompoms, the colours are up to you!

Faux Fur Pom Pom Keyring £0.99 each

Personally I'd snip off the little pearl!

Don't leave it too late to order as this is an overseas seller and they'll take ages to come. Alternatively you could order these from Misguided

3. Attach pompoms to bag and voila you have created your very own pom pom beach bag for less than £15. EVEN I CAN DO THAT!

And that my friends is a saving of £56.

Beach bag with pompoms

Ok so not quite as nice as the Boden one but if your budget doesn't stretch to £70, it's a great alternative. 

3 comments on "That Boden Beach Bag But Not As You Know It"
  1. Fab idea Donna, I'm all for a bit of DIY fashion to get a look...and let's face it the pom-pom style may not be around forever!!
    Helen xx

  2. Hey Donna ... I think Susie So So has hacked your blog!!!!
    Oh I do make myself laugh xxxx

  3. Great idea! However, I'd be a bit cautious about those Pom poms - coming from China, they are likely to be real fur 😢