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We Still Need Shirt Sleeves

Well Cheshire has had a fabulous weekend. Short sleeves and barbecues were on the agenda, more of the same please. Alas, the sun seems to have disappeared and won't surface again for a couple of days. Back in long sleeves and jackets tomorrow then. Sigh.

In fact, over the last couple of years, I've come to realise that there's little point in filling my wardrobes with full-on summer clothes. What's the point when we probably get about 30 days (if we're lucky) of 20+ degrees temperature. Anything less than 20 and I do a sleeve. Bit 'nesh' you see. This is where the good old shirt comes in to play. Comfy, smart and sleeves that can be rolled up. Afraid I'm not very adventurous with colours and pattern; white, blue, grey and a few stripes.

For me, this is a perfect outfit. Ok, Ok it's nothing ground breaking but from a lifestyle point of view, it works. Comfy enough for a day doing jobs or running errands but works too for meeting friends for coffee (or Prosecco). The sleeves go up if it get's too warm (as here) or I can pop a blazer on if it gets a bit chilly. But the main point is, I don't have to change clothes. Always a win-win.

And another. A few choice accessories can turn a plain old outfit into something more interesting don't you think?

I'm thinking that maybe I should fill my wardrobe with even more shirts as they're so versatile; on their own, with blazers, under sweaters, even on the beach with shorts. 

Here are a few that have caught my eye.

I think this dragonfly shirt could actually be quite versatile, the pattern is almost stripe-like and as we know, stripes go with everything!!! 

Totally in love with this next one. Navy and grey feathers on a white background. A really unusual print that you could do so much with. It's crying out for a pair of black coated jeans and a heel (not to mention a pop of colour by way of a bag - the choice is yours!).

I don't have a khaki shirt and I think I need one. White jeans, red shoes, this shirt. Yes please! I much prefer khaki in the summer than winter. It seems so much less army-fied teamed with white!

Every girl should have a chambray shirt in her wardrobe. This is less fitted than I'd normally wear but imagine how many vanilla slices you could eat and no muffin top in sight. What I'm saying is it's probably not a tucky-in shirt but it would work so well with a pair of white jeans (again), leopard print sandals and a killer bag. 

A cheaper version of Boden's boyfriend shirt next (which I'd totally forgotten that I had). Another non tucky-in version but easy to style. Personally, I'm not loving it with the trousers and sandals, a bit too sloppy for me. 

A more drapey version for women with curvy figures (I'm thinking this one will tuck in as well).

Pink from Top Shop (I don't have a pink shirt either). Love the look of the fabric. I hate linen with a passion. Cut on the bias and it's sloppy, cut the other way and it's too stiff. This looks a bit like linen without linen problems. 

A much more versatile shirt than it first appears is this lovely little print. Gorgeous with denim in the summer months or black in winter. 

And the perfect shade of sand. Probably not so great on cool skin tones but anyone who has a warmth about them will look great in this. Jeans and a deep tan belt and shoes for an effortless city chic look. 

And for the ultimate white shirt, check this one out from Me&Em. I have a previous season version and I can tell you from experience, it is a joy to iron (did I really say that?). It looks as good as new after every single wash. Dress down with distressed jeans and blazer for a casual daytime look. 

Right, I'm off to find my Boden Boyfriend Shirt. Might even wear it tomorrow.

By the way, Mango Outlet have a flash sale with 60% off everything. There's still a few nice bits to be had so go grab yourselves a bargain.

2 comments on "We Still Need Shirt Sleeves"
  1. Perfect for this unpredictable weather, Donna. I like these suggestions. There is a shirt gap in my wardrobe not for want of trying on. I also dislike linen and often find cotton too stiff. I'd like a shirt that drapes and skims in a flattering way. I will be bearing these in mind. Definitely a chill wind today. Xx

  2. I love how they look and you've chosen some lovely samples ...but God, I truly despise ironing them!