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What To Wear To An English Barbecue

If we lived in Spain this wouldn't even be up for discussion. It must be so much easier to dress when you live in a country that has more predictable temperatures. I was faced with this dilemma last night. What do you wear to an indoor/outdoor party in May in the UK? Let's not kid ourselves, the sun was shining but boy was there a nip in the air. Sorry, too long in the tooth to stand there all night in a flimsy dress pretending I'm having a marvellous time when secretly I'm chuffin freezing.

We were invited to our neighbours' annual Euro Vision Party, still going strong after 20 years. A very laid back affair, fabulous food, great company and dreadful songs particularly Germany. It didn't require dressing up, these people are very chilled and anything goes. The prospect of spending part of the time outside meant that I opted for total comfort. 

You might remember this fab cardi that I blogged about recently. It was sent to me by Goose Collection. They also sent me their brand new Pip Knit Sweater

Now at the time of receiving it, temperatures were touching 23 degrees. Oh heck I thought, how can I show you a jumper when everyone's wearing dresses, you'll think I'm barking mad. But of course temperatures drop and suddenly it's the perfect summer piece. 100% cotton, an almost fleecy look which means it feels luxurious against the bare skin. And it's a double knit so twice as warm without being sticky and itchy.

It was an easy decision! I teamed it with white skinnies and nude pink moccasins and felt very Home Counties. 

Pip Knit Sweater - Goose Collection
Molly Jeans - River Island
Pink Moccasin - Kurt Geiger 

Of course we all love a good stripe don't we (although I did a personal shop with a client on Saturday and shock horror she didn't have a single stripe in her life! Couldn't fathom that one out).

It was the perfect outfit for the occasion and see that coat dangling in the background? Didn't wear it once.

I hadn't realised that there was a gaping big hole in my wardrobe for a summer knit. All mine are much, much heavier and no doubt don't breathe as well as this one anyway.

Can't recommend the Pip Knit highly enough. And now I have the urge to team it with denim cut offs and flip flops and sit around a camp fire on a Cornish beach singing Kumbaya. 

Say hello to my new shoes from Kurt Geiger. Total comfort and I love them. I've had my eye on them for a couple of months and have been playing cat and mouse waiting for them to drop into the sale. They sold out on the KG website  and I have to confess to a mini meltdown. Thankfully John Lewis still had stock. 

And I'm currently trying to convince myself that I need the silver too. 

By the way, I got Ukraine in the sweep stake. Pretty awful song but hey I won the bucks. A good evening all round.

Friends and I participated in a Race For Life event in the glorious Delamere Forest today. Our team is called The Real Real Housewives Of Cheshire (so true).  Essential race pack included lip gloss and sunglasses. 

Such fun.

Hope you've had a good weekend.

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  1. Love everything about that outfit ... and 100% cotton knits that are warm & cosy will always interest me! Great, great shoes. Off for a browse now :)