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Fending Off Fifty: Skin Care Routine And A Trip to The South Of France

Hello little neglected blog. Our paths haven't crossed for a while have they? Sometimes real life gets in the way. But I'm here now so let's do a post.

Skin care. Yawn! I really admire beauty bloggers and their enthusiasm for all the latest products. Wish I could be more like them. I have zero interest really and see skin care as a necessary evil. Now show me a pair of shoes or a military style jacket, and I can ooooh and ahrrrrrr until the cows come home.

But, inevitably age catches up with us and becomes something that's elevated to a more important place in our lives.

About a year ago, I thought I ought to start addressing the issue of wrinkles, saggy jaw line, open pores and so much more. Over the years I've been sucked in to every advertising campaign promising flawless even skin tone because we're worth it (oh wrong ad). I'm guessing a very decent Chanel handbag could have been bought with the amount I've shelled out (god that hurts).  And to be honest, little has lived up to it's expectation.

So, 8 months ago and after the recommendation from a friend, I went to see Diane Nivern, a skincare specialist in North Manchester. She turned my thinking of skincare upside down and made me look at it very differently. At our first meeting, she spoke about diet and the importance of thoroughly cleansing the skin. Come on, I thought, get on to the interesting bit. I want creams that will even out my skin tone, close my open pores and well, make me look flawless. Actually it took about 3 visits until I started to listen and take on board what she was saying.

I'm rubbish at drinking water. It's as if I have my very own stop cock valve in my head shutting me down everytime I think about getting a glass. The first thing Diane said is that I should be drinking a glass of water every hour, ideally sipping it rather than glugging it down. Our skin is a living organ and needs water to survive and, we need to flush out the toxins in the liver. She talked about face mapping which identifies problem areas of the skin. Turns out I'm not great with gluten, dairy and most of all, refined sugar which can cause breakouts (and do). Oh great! And there's me thinking she would prescribe me a super cream to sort these intolerances out. Nope, it starts with the diet. Eating crap, gives me crap skin. It's a work in progress, so easy to slip back into my normal diet (which isn't THAT bad).

Anyway, on to the treatment. I have monthly fruit peels and microdermabrasion which seem to have helped even out the skin tone. The peels are also great for people who have Melasma (you might know it as pregnant mask, the dark areas that can develop on the face). Diane also likes to have a good poke at my skin and gets rid of any blackheads and other nasties (nice). It costs me about £100 a visit (plus products) which is good value in my opinion, no one has bothered to talk to me before about diet and intolerances.

She prescribed me a number of products. I won't go in to the science bit in great detail  (that would be boring) and they've been prescribed specifically for my skintype. I don't think you can buy most of them over the counter.

Here are mine:


Circadian Vitamin Veil Cleanser: First time I've ever used an oil based cleanser. I have combination oily/normal skin so it seemed a bit bizarre slapping oil on but it's a product that I really love. Diane is big on face cloths and recommends a really good wash with the cleanser and a cloth. She also loves the Clarisonic (see my review here). A big hit!

So I don't do the toning bit apparently. But I do use RegimA products which are slightly pricey. The Quantum Elastin is £60 and I use this morning and night (sparingly). It's supposed to re-elasticised your skin. Not sure if it's doing what it's supposed to do but I like it!

SPF 30 Daily Radiance (moisturiser). I fall down a bit here as I find this product slightly heavy and can't apply make up on top straight away. Sometimes I short cut and leave this one out!!!! Better to apply it 15 minutes before make up.

Two products that I use alternatively in the evening, Rejuvoderm Night Repair and Omega High Impact (love this last one, it's a bit like a gentle acid peel that you leave on, stings a little at first but is supposed to help with wrinkles, open pores and scarring). My skin feels great the next morning. Definite improvement since we introduced this into my regime a couple of months ago.

Iluma Intense Brightening Eye Cream is the final product that I use from Diane. Nearly fainted when I saw the price on Amazon. I'm sure I didn't pay that much. Well I hope not because this is my least favourite, it doesn't seem to have done anything. But shall persevere although I won't be buying it again.

I've also dabbled in botox and fillers over the last few years and I'll tell you more about those next time.

Sorry, did I bore you? I bore myself or rather skin products do. By the way, this isn't a sponsored post. I pay for all of my treatments and products in full.

Husband and I had a lovely weekend in the South of France. He managed to get tickets for the England v Russia match. We decided to stay in Cannes (well I decided, he went along with it) so we got up bright and early Saturday morning for breakfast and a walk around the town which is crammed full of designer shops as you would expect. And a designer market too. Very taken by some vintage Chanel Tank watches.

A quick hop in the car down to St Tropez for lunch. My new best destination. I loved this place so much and will most certainly return.

And then finally we hit Armageddon, sorry I mean Marseilles. OM-bloody-G. We drove down to the port to pick up our tickets from the F.A. base. Well that wasn't happening was it. The police were everywhere suited up in their Ninja Turtle battle gear. With time pressing, we abandoned the car and made off on foot. The port area was awash with thousands of broken bottles. As much as I was at the time, ashamed to be English, it beggars belief that authorities allowed people to buy cheap boxes of beer and take it in to a public place. Unbelievable! It should have been a controlled zone!

Anyway, we managed to pick up our tickets and hot foot it to the stadium (no bag checks nor body search for me). Security was lax to say the least. And we all know what happened next! Luckily we were at the other side of the stadium so were able to make a quick exit back to the car.

So, it was with some relief that we touched down in Manchester on Sunday afternoon. Silly me had offered a taxi service to our daughter and 11 friends from the Parklife Festival over in Manchester. Which meant another 2am bedtime (two nights on the trot - go me!). I am falling asleep writing this post and don't expect to publish it until at least Wednesday (it's now Wednesday). We had eight 20 year olds staying for 3 nights while we were in France and I have to say they are all delightful young people who are welcome back anytime. That makes me sound ancient. I'm pleased to report that the house was in tact.

Apparently a good time was had by all.

Phew, that was a wordy blog post wasn't it. Shall we just do pictures next time?

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