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Holiday Essentials

Less than 6 weeks to go before our 'big' holiday. This year we're taking in 3 cities, 1 town and a beach over about 2 1/2 weeks. Careful planning is required in the wardrobe department. But there are a few essentials that make the cut every time.

1. Monsoon Sandals

Not really monsoon sandals but footwear that cover every eventuality (including rain). I came across Holster Australia footwear last year. Beautifully designed jelly sandals that are not only comfortable but stylish too. I have 2 pairs:

So why are they so special? Well first of all, they are completely waterproof. So for anyone holidaying where it rains (Florida, Caribbean, Blackpool....) they are ACE. We went to Orlando (again, groan) last year and of course it chucked it down at 4pm every single day. Ok so my feet got wet but they dried in 5 minutes unlike the husband's soggy trainers.  Not only that, they're designed with comfort in mind. And yes I can confirm that they are. I was even able to wear them in the evening. A brilliant holiday choice. 

Here I am wearing mine the other day.

2. A Sun Hat

I try to be a good girl in my old age and not expose my face too much to the sun. Last year, I wore the Laura Ashley trilby, they're not stocking it this year though. 

This is very similar (it looks more Trilby than Fedora but hey who am I to comment)

I'm not going to lie, after travelling on 5 planes and carrying the hat everywhere, I was pretty sick of the sight of it. You see, I won't pack a non-folding hat. No matter what anyone tells you, it never sits the same when you've stuffed it with socks and fashioned your swimsuits and shoes around it in the suitcase. So, I end up carrying it EVERYWHERE. There's been many a dirty look when someone dare's to put their hand luggage next to my hat in the plane overhead storage compartments  :-o

And then I came across this.

Genius! Of course I knew foldable hats exist but I thought they were of the bucket style with Thomas The Tank or Elsa pictures on the front of them. 

I'm also quite fancying this one from Mango

So not practical for packing but lush nevertheless. 

3. A Beach Bag

The OCD in me tends to want something with a waterproof or wipeable bottom. I rarely put a bag on the floor (I mean, urgh, all those germs and then when you get home, you dump it on the bed - totally gross). So I like a bag that can be wiped down because it's inevitable that a beach bag will at some stage end up on the floor. Last year, I used the Laura Ashley yellow one (above). 

This one  almost fits the bill.

But I wanted something a little brighter.

And I was sorely tempted (still am) with this one. You can have your initials stitched on the bag in just about any colour.

Neither waterproof or spongeable but there's something rather p.e. games kit nostalgic about having your initials  don't you think?

Love this one, it's bright, it's waterproof and it would go with most of my pool wear. 

And then I saw this in Primark!

Totally impractical, totally not what I had in mind but it is lovely isn't it? (Current season).

4. Lots Of Little Bags

This one, the husband will never get. He asks me every year why it's necessary to carry a bag in a bag in a bag. A bit like those Russian doll thingys. Funny though, when he needs the nail scissors or the camera charger, I know exactly where they are. I use the cheap bikini bags from Primark for suncreams (they're waterproof inside so it doesn't matter if the bottles leak). Seafolly sell similar:

Plasters and medicines in another. Hair grips and bobbles in another. They are so darn useful. Mine are from Primark, Sandwich, Boden and Ichi. 

5. A really nice clutch bag

I have a handful of bags that I take on holiday with me that I probably don't use in this country. 

This one was bought from Hero last year.

A little more colourful, a bit of pattern (as most of my dresses are plain) and fun! 

Mango have some really lovely ones this year.

And in yellow £17.99 (I fancy this one)

If your holiday wardrobe is predominantly black, navy or white ^^^^^^^^^

Embroidery Clutch £17.99 (total lust for this one)

Or if you prefer something a bit plainer, this one from Dorothy Perkins

6. Feel Good Beach Cover Ups

I say beach cover ups because there are so many different versions; kaftans, sarongs, tunics... depends on your style personality really. I'm a tunic kinda girl and I've built up quite a nice collection (read that as far too many for the number of beach days available). They're mainly white but I've thrown in a couple of patterned ones and a blue one for good measure (see that flamingo bag will go amazingly with each and every one!!). Mine are a mixture from Jovonna, M&S, Boden and TK Maxx. 

These are the ones I'll be taking this year (unless I happen to acquire any more in the meantime).

And if you fancy trying out TK Maxx beach cover ups for yourself, I'd recommend going online - they always seem to have a better selection than in the jumble sale, sorry shop.

Blabla Grey Patterned Cover Up £14.99 which would take you from pool to day trip to shopping to beach

Coral Floral Patterned Kaftan £14.99 just gorgeous, a definite pool contender

White Crochet Fringed Tunic Dress £16.99 You could do a lot with this one!! Lovely bright beach bag and flip flops??

Blue Paisley Embroidered Kaftan £16.99 This looks much more expensive than it really is!

White & Blue Embroidered Tunic £13 Big love for this one!

Steve Madden Cream & Grey Stripe Knit Tassel Poncho £12 one size fits all. These certainly look better on than off!

So 6 essentials that I pack every year. Two top tips that I threw in a holiday post last year and I'll repeat again;

1. Pack a roll of black bin liners. At the end of your holiday, collect family member's washing and sort into darks, lights, brights etc and put into the bags. Give everyone a couple of bags to carry and then at the other end, you can pull them out and crack on with the laundry as soon as you walk through the door. Oh! Am I the only one that does this??

2. Take sellotape with you. Tape the tops of shampoo, conditioner bottles etc. I can't tell you how many times those lids have popped with the air pressure on the plane resulting in goo at the other end!

Kind of getting excited now! 

Next time, I'm doing another 'holding back the years' post - skin care. Boring!!!

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  1. Great holiday selection although don't know how many beach cover ups I'll need for camping in Kent! The Mango sun hat is fab, very tempted with that.