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Sales Shopping: Buy Now, Wear Forever

It's silly season again, yes the sales have started before summer has barely begun. Charge up the laptop, flex that credit card girls, because it's time to rumble. Time to buy those tassel sandals, that boho dress and cropped wide leg trousers. How bloody exciting.


Hang on, let's just remember one thing. That stuff is everything that the retailers haven't been able to shift this or previous seasons. Sales = leftovers. Ok, I know the likes of John Lewis 'buy in' special clearance lines but in the main, we're talking leftovers. So my biggest tip when shopping in the sales is buy with caution.

Will those tassel sandals still be as hot next year as this? Doubt it. Will the boho trend still be around? Possibly not. And will the cropped wide leg trousers look tired and dated? Maybe. So basically we're filling our wardrobes with one season wonders???

There's always exceptions to every rule, for example holiday shopping. Now is a perfect time to pick up little dresses and shorts for an absolute song.

Personally, I look to the sales to stock up on basics or wardrobe staples or as I call them hard workers. There's something rather nice about picking up a blazer or pair of jeans that are vastly reduced.

Anyway, enough of the waffling, let's have a look at what's out there at the moment.

1. A Striped Shirt

Massimo Dutti Light Blue Striped Shirt Now £25.95

Styled in a very current way with culottes and loafers but this shirt will see you through not only seasons but many years too. Team with a pair of jeans and a blazer for a timeless look. Equally lovely with a skirt and heels for workwear.

2. A Denim Shirt

A bit like a Monopoly board, I put it out there that there are few wardrobes that don't have a denim shirt lurking. This is from All Saints and is gorgeous in real life. 100% cotton and lovely and soft. There's something about an all press stud shirt me thinks!

Styled a little too casual for me but this would look lovely (done up) with white jeans and heeled espadrilles now for a city chic look and layered under a jacket with black jeans later in the year.

All Saints Octavia Military Shirt Now £68

3.  A Plain Shirt

I tend to stick to basic blues and whites when it comes to shirts but honestly any neutral colours would be super useful. Really drawn to this khaki one from Massimo Dutti. Ok I know khaki is having it's moment but even when the fashion pack have moved on to the new 'it' colour plum or teal or whatever they deem it's ok for us to wear, I think there's still mileage in this one.

Massimo Dutti Plain Shirt With Pockets Now £19.95

Not for everyone as there's quite a lot of yellow in this particular shade of khaki but warm skinned girls will be fine. Love it with black, or dark wash jeans and ankle boots but of course for me, I'd wear it now with.....yep, you've guessed it, white jeans.

4. An Emergency Dress

**Top Tip** everyone should have an emergency dress in their wardrobe. You know for those occasions that crop up when you're least expecting them. A dress that fit's perfectly, that you feel comfortable in and makes YOU feel good is worth it's weight in gold. The sales are perfect for picking something up now and stashing it for later.

I have this dress in blue and coral. I also had it in black but sold it as part of a wardrobe cull. Baukjen really know how to cut a dress for the real woman.

Baukjen Daria Dress Now £62

Also available in black, coral and pale opal (which is a silvery grey). It's a really easy wear dress that can be dressed up or down. I think they even teamed it with trainers last season to show it's versatility. I've never been brave enough to do the 'cool' look so always do heels:

5. A Popeye Top

I was chatting to a lady the other day and she admitted she didn't own a single stripe anything. My face was a picture. How can anyone not own a stripe t-shirt. That's the same as not owning a toothbrush!!! Isn't it?

There's a small discount on the Boden ones at the moment (all sizes available). And if you don't own a breton or a toothbrush, you really can't go wrong with these to cut your teeth on (ha ha ha, I'm so funny.....)

Long Sleeve Breton Now £23.85

I adore every single one of mine and I have quite a few in different colours. And, as I sit here typing, I'm wearing a red and white one from Kettlewell. Worn in a bit of a classic way with black pleather leggings and blazer and yet would be equally nice with boyfriend jeans and sandals.

6. A Pair of Non-Jogging Trainers

Don't worry about white, most can be put in the washing machine (I've washed my Adidas Honey Los three times on a 20 degree wash / 800 spin and they come out looking like new). Just pop them in the airing cupboard to dry thoroughly.

I love a pair of trainers teamed with a blazer for a mixed up dressy/casual feel. I'm no trainer queen and don't yearn for the newest release. In fact I only own 3 pairs in white, grey and red (plus running trainers that don't count) but I wear them lots. They're so useful for bringing a youthful look to an outfit without looking mutton or as if you're trying too hard.

Adidas Stan Smiths Pony Hair Now £49.99

My red ones aren't even a brand as such. They're from Mango and are now only £19.99 here and yes I tie the laces much to the amusement of my son! "What, you actually tie the laces Mum, seriously, you're weird"

And if I didn't have the Honey Los, I'd be clicking the button on these. In love with the chunkiness of the flatforms. My finger is twitching big time. Hang on, let me get wine.

Daniel Anchorage White Leather Contrast Heel Flatforms Now £69.99

Ok I'm back, let's move on.

7. A Pair Of 'I'm Excited To Wear These' Black Heels

Not just a court shoe, something that you really look forward to wearing. That funny feeling you get in your tummy all day in anticipation (oh just me then?) Anyway, like these...

Daniel Palm Springs Black Leather Woven Sandal Now £84.99

Perfect for now and later in the year. Ideal with jeans and dresses and the best bit, they'll be in your wardrobe for years.

8. A Perfect Pair Of Jeans

Please God don't let skinnies go out of fashion. I'm banking on them being with us for a while longer. Although I keep hearing mutterings from above that they're on their way out. It will probably take a couple of seasons though (she says with her fingers crossed). And has there ever been a finer specimen than these from Mint Velvet.

Mint Velvet Stamford Super Stretch Jeans Now £49

A good rise - tick
A dark rinse - tick
Stretch - tick

Yes, they pass the Donna test. Think I'll wing my way into John Lewis to try them on.

9. A Bloody Good Blazer

One that you can wear over and over and over again. We're talking years and years in your wardrobe. It's worth paying more for these things (although I have a couple from H&M that I love and wear often, they cost me peanuts).

Grey is a great neutral for everyone and this is a little beauty.

Massimo Dutti Grey Wool Blazer Now £99.95

Keep everything fairly neutral as here or add a pop of colour by way of a top or bag. There's so much you can do with a blazer.

10. A Piece Of Cracking Knitwear

Now is definitely the time to buy a decent sweater. I'd like to say it's because it's an ideal time to pick up a bargain for later in the year. In reality, you'll end up wearing it now, I'm sure. I need to work on my sweater stash as I cleared out a load of old knits last year. Praying that Boden do their off duty jumper again. This is one area that you'd be wise to spend money on - natural fibres. As much as I hate itchy, scratchy jumpers, even I concede that they're far superior in keeping the body warmer than man made ones.

A couple have caught my eye.

All Saints Rola Twist Jumper Now £68

I've got a feeling that this will be very flattering on and great for busty ladies who struggle with high or roll necks. Those sleeves. Big love! Can be layered up or worn under a jacket.

Ok, let me explain this next one before you berate me for not being practical. You know in the depth of winter when you're off out with friends to the local wine bar. You want something that's smartish but age dictates it has to be comfortable and warm too. This next jumper fits the bill. It's a little unusual, won't date and fit's many other occasions, not just the wine bar. What I'm saying is, we all need a smart sweater in our wardrobes.

All Saints Silk Twist Jumper Now £89

I wanted to keep this post to 10 points but can't leave out the black trousers so...

11. A Pair Of Killer Black Pants

Because I can't think of an occasion when I wouldn't wear them. With trainers for a casual look, heels for going out, ankle boots for shopping. They are a proper wardrobe staple.

Mango Contrast Trim Trousers Now £29.99

And look, these have a side stripe (whoop whoop)

It's so easy to fill up the virtual baskets with stuff that will no doubt be worn once or twice. STUFF. That's all it is. Isn't it much more sensible to have a carefully edited wardrobe that you can throw in the occasional bit of frivolous fun?

So basics, that's my tip when sales shopping. Oh and take photographs of your outfits. I post them on Instagram as it's such an easy way to reference back for outfit inspiration and to work out what I actually need to buy. Yes I'm the anal one that makes sure that my flat lays are perfectly in line on Insta (it makes it easier to scroll through). You could do the same and if you prefer not to share your wardrobe with the world, make your account private.

Happy shopping peeps!

You know back in January, the husband said that 2016 is going to be our year. It's been one thing after another and another (there's obviously stuff I don't share on here) and poor him, he keeps getting it in the neck as I remind him that it's not padding out how it's supposed to. We've had one disaster after another this week and I'm totally hot footing it into the weekend without looking behind. Anyway, chin up, we're here, privileged to be living and all that. And there's always wine. Chin chin.

Have a good weekend, I'm outta here.

10 comments on "Sales Shopping: Buy Now, Wear Forever "
  1. Great suggestions as always! Sending you very wishes for better times. Elaine xx

  2. Loving your sales ideas. The best I've seen this week.

    1. It's so easy to get sucked in to buying things that we don't really need isn't it. We all love a bargain x

  3. Great tips Donna and I too love a Baukjen dress x

  4. Tabitha Turner18 June 2016 at 22:52

    Good post. Your list is a reminder of of the items sorely lacking in my wardrobe. Must get shopping. I always enjoying reading your blog Donna.

  5. You look amazing in that Daria dress Donna. I tried the one in Opal in my normal size 10 but I just felt wrong in it ..too busty, too long, too tight across my tummy area :(
    Seeing your photos I am going to try again in a different colour and maybe I will size up.
    I think my sale buy this year will be a Biker jacket as I am yet to invest in one of these !
    And loving the way you organise your Insta ...I have just realised how you lay it out brilliant !!! Mine is a random mess 😂

    1. Hi Donna, yes try sizing up (just one size mind you otherwise the bottom won't ruche properly). Another alternative would be the skirt and t-shirt option from Kettlewell, I have it in brown on my Insta account. If you tuck the t-shirt in, it looks just like the Daria dress (and comes in other colours). My family think I'm barking mad with my little idiosyncrasies - instagram to name but one lol x