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Sales Shopping: Items To Buy & Items To Avoid

Following on from my last post, I thought it might be fun / useful / different / totally useless (cross out as appropriate) to look at what we could buy in the sale and what we should possibly avoid.

So here goes.


See by Chloe Vicki Tassel Cross Body Bag
Was £295
Now £177

I bought this bag at the beginning of the season, it's sold out in most places but Very Exclusive still have stock (and now with a good discount). I think it's a bag that I'll be very happy to pull out each summer for a few years. So, it passes the longevity test. The leather is buttery soft and it sits really well as a cross body bag or just on one shoulder.


Was £49.99
Now £39.99

I do actually love this bag, the different tones of brown and tan but honestly, I think fringe has had it's day for now. Put your £40 towards something that you'll get more use out of because I'll bet my last dollar, you'll be fed up of it by the end of August. 


Was £59.99
Now £39.99

A timeless jacket yes? So, so useful to wear with everything; jeans, trousers, jumpsuits, skirts and dresses. Ok this isn't leather but it's is a good option if you're on a budget. And let's face it, pleather has come a long way over the last couple of years (ie. you don't squeak when you walk). 


Was £29.99
Now £22.99

Couple of points. Firstly Zara couldn't shift these at the relatively cheap full price of £29.99 and secondly, how many wears will you get out of it? It's quite a statement piece and, the pattern limits what it will go with. Definitely a summer jacket and probably won't be in fashion next year. Price per wear is likely to be pretty high.


Was £22.99
Now £15.99

A cute little top that you'll reach for year on year (well subject to quality, we are talking Zara here). It's certainly a high summer piece and will I'm sure, be packed away after August but that's ok because you'll get it out again next year. Lovely with shorts on holiday, jeans and a little blazer in the UK. The colours are really easy to work with too. Team with tan or metallic accessories for example. 

No (Or Maybe)

Wallis Floral Cold Shoulder Top 
Was £35
Now £20

Difficult one this because if it were up to me, I'd make cold shoulder tops compulsory for every woman's wardrobe. Thing is, our shoulders are lovely (regardless of our size and shape) so we should show them off. But are they a one season wonder? Hope not. I can only tell you what I would do and that is, if I see one that I absolutely adore in the sale that's a really good price and, I'm likely to wear it at least 6 times before the end of the summer, I would probably buy it. 


Was £56
Now £30

I think we can all agree that Top Shop shoe buyers have been on fire this year. Can't wait to see what they have in store for us next season. These slingbacks have got a lot going for them. Metallics are likely to be around next season (so we're told). They'll take you well into autumn and the rounded fronts aren't dissimilar to the Gucci Lillians. Might give these a whirl myself. 


Was £39
Now £20

 Are we over these yet? How many seasons have they been around now? At least 4 since the Aquazurra Christie took the world by storm. I've got a couple of pairs of Bodens that are past their best. They won't be replaced.


Was £69.95
Now £34.95

Gosh I could do so much with this dress. I am a stripe magnet!! Navy blazer, a pair of white loafers. Sorted. Let's face it, the weather isn't kind to us and as much as I'd like to wear strappy dresses all summer long, one that can be layered is so much more practical. And it will look just as fresh next spring and the next one and the next one.


Was £68
Now £35

Boho yawn. Although I do quite like this (oh fickle me). It's no holiday dress though, those long polyester sleeves. Stick-eeeeee!! It would work in the UK though. But next year...would it be as fresh and exciting to wear as the one above? Probably not. That'll be a no then. 


Was £140
Now £98

I have this and adore it. 

Perfect for spring and autumn and those warmer winter days (or cooler summer ones she says, sat here with the heating on). This is a beautiful timeless twist on the classic trench. And pale grey goes with everything (wear warmer tones underneath if you have a warm skin tone). 

A cheaper alternative here or a more traditional version here, both great prices. A trench coat is a perfect wardrobe staple that you'll reach for time and time again. 


Was £49.99
Now £29.99

Mango are awash with sleeveless jackets, there's no coincidence that they're in the sale. I have a khaki one that I thought would be so useful when I bought it. 

Truth is, I've worn it once. It's too warm to wear on sunny days (and I have other things I'd prioritise over and above this) and on cooler days, it's difficult to style. It really needs a close fitting top - volume doesn't work with these jackets. Lots of my tops are loose at the bottom and don't really work. So, I'm saying a big fat no (from experience). It was a bad buy!


 H&M Crinkled Dress
Was £29.99
Now £17.99

 A simple black day dress that can be worn with strappy sandals on holiday and layered in this country. You know, we're not talking a boring number here, it has enough detail to give it interest and is easily updated each season with the 'it' shoes (whatever they may be).


Massimo Dutti Pinstripe Dress
Was £29.95
Now £19.95

Ok, lots to talk about here. First of all, it's bloody cheap for Massimo Dutti even at full price. Why hasn't it sold???? Well, imagine unpacking this from your summer box next year. Is it going to fill you with joy and excitement? Errrrrrrrr no. What a boring dismal colour. I know the black one above is well, black but it's a cute dress. I'd be excited to wear it again. And my all time pet hate, the pattern match at the seams. Seriously, how bad is this? I genuinely couldn't wear it if someone paid me. A.Big.Fat.No.

So there you have it, an inside view of how my brain works! Hopefully it makes sense.

Want to know what I've ordered in the sales? 

Coconut Sling Back Shoes for the reasons stated above!

Hendon Strappy Sandal I need a pair of strappy sandals for the hols in a neutral colour. Metallics are really versatile and can be worn with almost any colour. These caught my eye in Top Shop, sadly not leather but they'll be a great addition to my summer wardrobe. I'll give them a whirl. 

 H&M Crinkled Dress another holiday purchase but will also be suitable to wear in the UK. We've got a week of sightseeing and I prefer to be covered in the sun when we're out and about so this will be perfect. I'll also look forward to wearing it with the sling back gold shoes and a white boucle jacket back home. 

Joseph Jean Double Breasted Jacket  Certainly an investment purchase but honestly, I don't mind paying more for items that will be in my wardrobe for years to come. I'm a bit iffy with double breasted jackets though as think they look far nicer fastened than undone. Hoping that the longer length will somehow balance out the double breast. 

So 4 items. I looked through my wardrobe and Instagram feed for gaps in my wardrobe and these are the result. Can we call them informed purchases??

How are you getting on. Are you in full throttle or abstaining from sales shopping this season? 

It's been a quiet Father's Day at this end. We decided not to eat out so bottle of wine and takeaway it was. I need to get my head around the holiday which is creeping up on me at a rate of knots. Less than 3 weeks to be precise. Realised that our U.S. ESTA forms had expired so sat down to reapply - I honestly can't remember each one being 6 pages long last time. It's not a 5 minute job when you have to do it for the whole family! And we have a depressed dog - he's just come back from my mother-in-laws and sis-in-laws (shared custody) after a 3 week holiday. I think he might hate us. No other doggies to keep him company, no titbits and big sloppy cuddles. Kinda get where he's coming from. Nay mind, he'll be back down there again in a few weeks. Except, when I try to explain, he looks at me blankly with those big doggy eyes.  

Right, off to sort out school uniform and praying I don't need to cut the arm of the son's shirts to accommodate his cast.

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