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Using Accessories To Give Your Outfit A Bit Of Oomph

Don't you just love a good accessory. Jewellery, scarves, belts, handbags and shoes (yes I include shoes in this category) all feature heavily in my wardrobe. You know, sometimes I look in the mirror and think ugh, rubbish outfit. And then just by adding a belt or a bag, it's suddenly transformed.

Take this dress for example. I bought it a while ago but in hindsight felt it was a bit frumpy. But I liked the length and the v-neck and the colour. Oh and it has pockets (life is good with pockets especially for blogger photos - make you look really cool!).

Ichi Dress (now reduced to 27.48€

We had a hot spell a couple of weeks ago (yes really, it lasted about 3 days) and I wanted to make the most of every moment and wear dresses. So I added tan shoes, bag and belt (not shown).

And voila, I think it works. Well anyway, I felt very grown-up for once.

Dress - Ichi
Bag - See By Chloe
Sandals - Top Shop (similar)
Hat - Accessorize (similar)

So, let's have a think about why accessories are our friend.


1. Pull an outfit together
2. Give a polished look
3. Add interest to an outfit
4. Add colour to an outfit
5. Useful (hats for keeping warm, bags for junk, you get the idea)
6. Can dress an outfit up or down
7. Instantly update an old outfit
8. Embrace a current trend

Lots of reasons actually.

Here's how I've accessorised recently:

A blue and white outfit is lifted with a pop of pink and cobalt shoes.

A fairly chilled outfit is pulled together with a yellow bag.

White jeans and a classic shirt is given an injection of red.

Add a leopard print bag to neutrals for a bit of texture

Got to admit, I'm not a big scarf wearer in the summer. In fact, I prefer a thicker wool scarf to the thinner cotton ones so they're obviously kept for chilly Nov-Jan. I wear jewellery EVERY day but tend to stick to smaller necklaces of late so I guess they don't really provide as much impact anymore. Although I do like to layer up a few bracelets

Anyway, here's a few bits to get your teeth into.

Top Shop Navajo Strappy Sandals (reduced to £30)

Top Shop Lucy Snaffle Loafer £29

Mango Restructured Leather Sandals (now £24.99)

ASOS Dynamo Suede Trainer £22

ASOS Yaz Cross Body Bag With Lock Detail £45

Mango Cross Body Bag (now £6.99 - yes you read that right)

Mango Double Compartment Cross Body Bag (now £8.99)

Massimo Dutti Split Suede Maroon Tote (now £59.95) (this is a stunner)

East Vera Pelle Cross Body Bag £49

It's been another busy one over here, the weather hasn't helped. Gave up counting after the fourth drenching. Dogs have to be walked, shopping has to be shopped, you know the drill.

Husband and I had a very in-depth chat about......mouse mats last night. He popped his head around the door and asked, 'black or white.?'
'Black or white what' I replied.
'Mouse mat, what colour shall I order?'
'Oh I prefer grey'
Nope, not doing grey'
'Oh, I like grey'
'So what's it to be, black or white?'
'Why do we need a mouse mat anyway, we never use them?'
'Because the Mac mouse won't work on the new desk'
'Oh right. White then, let's do white'

God help us when we have major decisions to make. And I realised this morning why the mouse won't work - because it's a white desk and the beam under the mouse doesn't like white. That'll be going back then. Told him we should have had grey.

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  1. I love the outfits you've put together - white dress, tan accessories - bring it on I say. I'm also really partial to the Mango gold loafers, absolutely gorgeous.