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A Bit Of A Daft Purchase & A High Street Store That Seems To Have Got It All

I bought this rose gold metallic skirt way way back at the beginning of July. It must have been a late summer drop or even an early autumn one because it's still available now.

Rose Gold Pleated Skirt £46

Let's have a look at it in more detail;

1. It's metallic (big tick for this season)
2. It's rose gold (ditto)
3. It's pleated (pleats aren't going anywhere)
4. It's midi length (longer than it looks on the stock photos)
5. It fit's lovely (**tip size up so that the waist band sits lower and the pleats flatter)

And yet, it remains in my wardrobe, unworn. How sad is that? If true be known, I bought it with the vague plan of wearing it to travel in on our long haul flight. It didn't happen. And why? Because I have absolutely nothing in my wardrobe to wear with it. Now that's a bit of a daft purchase. Yep, I broke the rules by buying something that doesn't go with at least a couple of things that I already own. Let me explain why.

For my shape, I need to wear this particular style with a fitted top, not only fitted but slightly shorter as well. We're not talking cropped, more sitting on the waist. Because I tend to wear skinny jeans and trousers, most of my tops are looser to give a bit of balance. Tight top/tight bottoms is a no-go for me, it all seems a bit wrong somehow.

Now, you could find dozens and dozens of Pinterest images showing metallic skirts with billowing tops (and sometimes they even tuck chunky jumpers in to their skirts - how do they do that??). Oh believe you me, I have tried and tried the tuck and pouch-over look dozens of times. I just end up looking like a jolly housemaid from a Catherine Cookson novel. TOO MUCH FABRIC IN THE PROBLEM AREA!!

So now I have to build a small wardrobe around the skirt to be able to wear it. I'm looking for black and grey fitted sweaters (possibly polo necks) that are slightly shorter than normal. Knits are much better at disguising the odd bit of back fat (and front) than thinner t-shirts as well. And let's not get on to shoes. My head hurts event thinking about it.

By the way, it isn't as shiny in real life as it looks in the photos. Poor quality picture, but think you get the idea.

It's now available in the pewter which I think I prefer actually for autumn. Maybe I'll exchange it.

Pewter Pleated Skirt £46

And last time, I promised to mention a High Street shop that seems to have got most trends covered. Well that'll be Next again (first trend covered above). I've got to say that over the last couple of weeks I've been backwards and forwards to my local store to pick up parcels more times than is healthy. I'm sure they drip feed to make you visit more often. The shop stock bares absolutely no resemblance to what's available online. It all looks pretty 'safe' in store.

Anyway, here are the best bits.

1. Those Coated Leggings

Woohoo, my favourite, favourite leggings from last year are available again. In black and a lovely dark green. I challenge anyone to find these via a search. No matter what term you put in they just can't be found; legging/jegging/coated/leather look/pleather. I found them by searching for 360 jeans (see below).

Anyway, they're here

Pull On Coated Leggings £24

Can't recommend these highly enough. They are simply brilliant. My ones from last year are on their last legs (ha ha ha see what I did there, legs.....) but we are talking pence per wear.

I have worn them loads!

They're true to size (I'm wearing a 10R in the pictures above), but I've gone for a 10L this time. Think I might have to get those green ones too. There's no point in me putting a picture up as they look almost black online.

By the way, don't get these ones, Black Leather Look Leggings £28. I ordered these too and the material is a bit rubbery, not half as nice as the ones above.

Crikey, how giddy can a girl get over a pair of pull on leggings? Must get out more.

2. Sporty Stripes (as opposed to Breton Stripes) £30

We're seeing stripes everywhere this season, on trousers, on bomber jackets, on dresses. Very 90s, I swear Robbie Williams had a jumper similar to this one.

Quite liked the jumpers but hated them with skinny jeans. Now the bootcut above, that's a different matter. Both colours really nice on and look as if they will keep their shape. I was rather drawn to the stripe down the arms too!!

In the end, they both went back because my head was hurting thinking about jean cuts. And that ruddy skirt came out of the wardrobe (spot it chucked on the bed) to see if it would work with the many tops I'd ordered (they all went back, not worthy of discussing here).

3. The Pyjama Top

Ooooh this caused a bit of a rumpus on Instagram today. This is the top in question.

Ecru Floral Pyjama Shirt £36

And this is the photo I posted.

Nothing was said that I hadn't already thought myself, well other than the fact that I loved it on. But sensible head will probably rule and it will be returned. Mainly because of the collar, it's going to be so difficult to layer up come next week when I'm certain we'll be in the throes of autumn. And you know, it'll end up sat in the wardrobe unworn. I also tire of pattern very quickly.

4. Victoriana and Ruffles

Now this is right up my street. Love a good blouse I do. Here are the two that I ordered.

Ecru Victoriana Blouse £28

To be honest, this only arrived on Friday and by this time, I'd already seen it in the shop. It's nice, a bit see through but nothing special. I have better in my wardrobe already, so back it went without even trying. The pale blue colour way is a bit different though (I have an overload of pale blue shirts and blouses so will give it a miss).

Black Spot Ruffle Shirt £36

This is lovely though.

Not the best photo but here you go.

I can do so much with this. Black cropped trousers with red shoes, distressed jeans, boots and black blazer, the spots are so tiny they can pass as navy too, lots and lots of possibilities. It's a keeper. This is a 10 and fits perfectly. It's now available in store although when I looked for it, to swap a size, it was tucked away. Get it up front Next, it's worthy of a window shot. Also available in a lovely pale blue stripe.

More ruffles by way of a jumper this time, which I only picked up today.

Grey Ruffle Sweater £30

This surprised me actually. I was fully expecting it to be totally unflattering as my top half is bigger than my bottom. As we know, ruffles add bulk but because they're higher up on the jumper, it kind of worked. A quick try on earlier (and yes, daughter's mirror needs a clean). Might even try it with the skirt!

Also available in ecru and blush.

And love this one as well.

Black Long Sleeve Ruffle Shirt £32

Really versatile too. Jeans, flats and blazer during the day and then switch to heels in the evening. Sure I saw this in a silver or gold in store as well.

4. Embroidery

I haven't tried these but saw them in store. They looked much shorter than they do in the photo below.  In fact, I thought they were cropped. Obviously not. Nice but the fabric was a big puckered around the embroidery.

Embroidered Cargo Trousers £38

Ok bit of a cheat this one as it's not really embroidered but looks as if it is. Read post about pj tops above because it's from the same family.

Blue Print Pyjama Top £36

Embroidered Flower Jeans £35

Oh dear, now my head really hurts. Jeans are my certainty. I can fling them on knowing that they'll work with whatever top I'm wearing. Now I've got to plan around this embellishment too. Might give this whole trend a swerve. For no other reason that I'm too lazy to think!

5. Velvet

Let me have a rant first of all. So I had this gorgeous navy blue velvet military jacket. It was pouring it down and we were on a night out in Wilmslow. And I had to share my brolly with the hubby. Cue: left arm soggy wet through, velvet ruined. Jacket binned. End of story.

That happened 7 years ago and I still haven't got over it. Let's take a moment to mourn velvet and navy and military. Ohhhhhhhh!!!!!

Haven't seen this one in real life, and can't decide whether I love or loath it. It's a bit floppy isn't it. Hate the styling too. I think come Christmas though I'll love it. And come Christmas it will have sold out.

Grey Velvet Jacket £28 (wow cheap)

Mink Lace Up Dolly Shoe £35

How cute? Could do a lot with these. Shoes are perfect for breathing new life into last years outfits. Do you know what I'd be tempted to do as well, replace the laces with ribbon!

Multi Spot Jacquard Velvet Trim Jacket £68

And if you didn't want to go down the whole velvet route, go for a trim.

6. Gucci Inspired

Floral Trim Top £26

Love love love. Of course, I'm not cool enough to style this way but jeans and blazer with trainers/boots/loafers.

Yas Floral Blouse £45

As a Soft, I struggle with heavy black print. It's too powerful for my colouring (Lights may also find this too). Doesn't stop me admiring it on others though. And it has a pussy bow so double win.

This is far more suitable for lighter palettes.

Warehouse Spaced Floral Print Top £35

Floral Metalic Jacquard Jacket £65

This has been styled in a pretty tame way considering some of the Gucci inspired pictures I've seen. But it does have potential to go all the way if you wanted to mix it with pleats and texture and pattern on pattern. Me? I prefer a cleaner line...

Oh and I must mention the 360 skinny jeans which I didn't keep but will probably reorder. These ones.

360 Super Skinny Jeans £46

I had them on for about half an hour when I was doing a big try on. Happy to report that they are brilliant. Super comfy and they don't budge. True to size, I tried 10L and they were a perfect fit. The only reason why they went back is because I'm not sure how much longer we'll be wearing skinnies and I don't want to be left with a wardrobe full of them. I shall sit in the wings, watching and waiting for the fashion world to make up it's mind.

Next have obviously upped their game and are back on my radar. Any thoughts?? Are you as surprised as me? Will you be shopping there this season?

Anyway, confession time. I've scratched the itch and ordered a pair of leather leggings. Will report back on them next time. And they're not black! Crossing fingers and toes that they fit, they look good, the quality is amazing and I love the colour. If all my planets are aligned, they'll turn out to be a bit of a bargain.

Happy to report that the daughter has had a great first day at Sky (she has a years internship). It all sounds incredible including the social side, very Google. So different to my first day in a sleepy village, bank where my most important job was making 22 milky coffees and then carrying them down 13 rickety stairs on a tray that buckled in the middle. That was pressure!

4 comments on "A Bit Of A Daft Purchase & A High Street Store That Seems To Have Got It All"
  1. Brilliant post as I've not had a chance to properly look at Next this AW season so I've lots on the wish list now, not least those leather look skinnies! Also interested to hear your take on the skinny jean situation. I'm traumatised by the thought that they may disappear but I did just buy a pair of boot cuts and as I'm usually well behind the curve, that's possibly a sign that the worm is turning.......wet straggly jean hems ahoy :) x

    1. I'm trying not to peak too early Avril. Which I normally do at the start of every season!! x

  2. Thanks for this inspiring post. Have been a bit stuck for AW ideas when wandering around the high street. Love the stripe jumpers and coated leggings. Not sure on the embroidery, can look all wrong. Love the green cape in your photos. Really suits you. Where is it from?

    1. I'm with you on the embroidery trend. Not my favourite look. It's from Kettlewell, they seem to bring out different colours in the poncho each season. This one is the summer version http://www.kettlewellcolours.co.uk/products/jackets-wraps/item/city-poncho