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California Tourist Part 2: LA Baby

After 3 nights in San Diego, we jumped in the car and headed back to L.A. taking in the sites that were offered along the coast as we went. I so wanted to stop at the vineyards that we passed to sample their wares. Alas it was not to be.

Originally we were staying in a really cool 1970s Kitch boutique hotel but putting the holiday back by a couple of weeks but paid to that idea. We ended up in the Loews Hotel in Hollywood. For the hustle and bustle of LA, you couldn't beat it. Right next to a shopping mall and the Walk of Fame. Believe me two nights in Hollywood is enough (it hasn't changed since last time I visited).

We had a lovely suite with a flippin good view.

I found my favourite star! Love a bit of '30s nostalgia.

And this one is mine.

Tired, hot and hungry. The son does not do hunger very well. This boy needs feeding regularly.

Not my usual attire, a Macclesfield Town football cap in the middle of a city but it really was that hot.

An hour on Hollywood Boulevard gave me headache (think Blackpool on speed) and I got all mardy so we jumped on to a tour bus. The best way to find out about a city in my books. I mean how else are you able to find out that the roads off Santa Monica were designed with a bend so that they look more rural (and exclusive) and, that every road has a different species of tree planted on it. Oh and the alleyways between the backs of the houses are disguised to hide the bins. Made my holiday finding that information out!

Rodeo Drive was a must for the daughter. Got to say, it's looking very smart these days. Not a beggar in sight.

Daughter certainly looked the part. Can't tell you how much I love this outfit.

The kids are there somewhere looking particularly interested in the Salvadore Dali bronze statue. In reality, they're waiting (impatiently) for the lights to change so that I can cross the road. And they say the camera never lies.

Santa Monica is somewhere I haven't been before and was really rather good. Busy. Busy. Busy especially the restaurants but drop back one block and there are some lovely little delis.

We couldn't not visit Muscle Beach. Could we? Gosh we are such tourists!

Looks as if someone has used a bit of muscle on the sign.

And then back inland to Fairfax Avenue, a delight for any 15 year old boy. The son had been dreaming about this moment for months, Flight Club....

Personally can't see the attraction. Hundreds of sneakers, all shrink wrapped to keep them pristine. Can't see that catching on in Sports Direct somehow. We left husband and son to it and went in search of iced coffee. To be fair, Fairfax Avenue is a must stop destination for any fashion conscious teenage boy. But be warned, it's a very long road.

And our time was done in L.A. Two nights were enough thank you very much. It's hot, busy and very noisy if you're staying in the thick of it. I think I'd choose to stay further out and take things at a steadier pace next time.

Back in the car and on to our next destination...

6 comments on "California Tourist Part 2: LA Baby"
  1. Brilliant - you crack me up...I want a IWWSB travel guide for every holiday I go on! Ax PS you daughter looks stunning in that outfit....just beautiful x

    1. She does doesn't she but then I'm bias Avril x

  2. I like you in the cap but then I had to wear one of Robin's golf hats in France last week to stop my forehead keep getting burnt. Mine was navy too, easy to pull of with denim ;-)

    1. It's normally saved for the beach Lou but boy was it hot that day x

  3. I was in LA last year and there was a tramp sitting on a bench in Rodeo Drive...I had to get creative with the camera angles!

    1. Hmmmm I bet they didn't look out of place at all!!! x